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Some people don’t need hair to look beautiful because inner beauty is all that matters. The Dabur Vatika brave and beautiful advertisement magnificiently portrays the story of a cancer affected woman. The heartwarming and magnificient creative by Lowe Lintas is truly captivating.

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275FoodPanda’s new advertisement commercials conceptualized by Cheil India is a must watch TV advertisement which shows Panda personally evaluating the quality and satisfaction level before delivering the food. There are two sets of advertisements in the TV commercial wherein the first advertisement features Panda testing the ordered food with the thermometer before it getting delivered to the customer. As soon as the delivery boy sets out to enter inside the house, Panda suddenly gives a shocking behind him and takes out the thermometer to check the temperature of the food. When it shows hot, then he lets the delivery boy get inside the house to deliver the food.


The second advertisement shows Panda’s dissatisfaction with the way the chef has put toppings on pizza and signalling the chef to make the quality better. The chef is in a state of shock at seeing the Panda’s appearance as he instructs the chef to put proper amount of toppings on Pizza. The panda finally gives the approval after he is satisfied with the chef’s work.

Both the commercials are very well executed and delivers the strong message that they do not compromise with the quality and satisfaction at the time of delivery.

This commercial is bound to be enjoyed by those individuals who happen to have even a little knowledge about FoodPanda and there could not have been any better way to deliver the message. The FoodPanda’s recent advertisement campaigns will entice you to watch the commercial till the end.



Source: http://www.thinkalytic.com/2014/panda-is-testing-every-order-before-delivering-in-foodpandas-new-commercials/








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