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Leo Burnett’s creative and Aamir Khan’s powerful screen presence has notched it up for Snapdeal’s newly launched campaign ‘Dil ki Deal’. The campaign is aimed at building emotional connect with the customers since they focused on emotion as the USP in the advertisement. Snapdeal is one of the popular online marketing e-commerce platform which earlier came up with the concept of showing value that consumer derives through shopping from snapdeal. The earlier campaign worked in the favour of Snapdeal and this time too it did the wonders wih Aamir Khan pulling it off brilliantly in these commercial.

Snapdeal’s brand positioning has always targeted towards building relation with consumers in the either way and that just shows the creativity Snapdeal puts in their commercials which is a major reason why Snapdeal TVCs are such a huge success. Snapdeal has changed the way people experience the shopping adding a surprise delight to their lives.

Snapdeal dil ki deal campaign

Aamir Khan has portrayed the diversified role of being an observer as well as a consumer and amply justifies the role by communicating the precise message to the consumers. The commercial shows Aamir Khan observing how Snapdeal has served as the good-luck charm to the people around him by fulfilling their wishes. He witnesses how wishes of people around him are being fulfilled through Snapdeal. The core message has been brilliantly communicated with the punch line ‘Dil ki Deal’ and especially the end part where Aamir Khan receives a gift himself with it being the Snapdeal product.

Snapdeal dil ki deal campaign


Snapdeal dil ki deal campaign

Snapdeal strongly believes that emotion is the strongest form of love and if it is being rightly communicated with the consumer, it can directly influence them to buy the products. Snapdeal offers wide variety of products for all categories of buyers and through its campaign it wants to show how beautiful a shopping experience can get. Since Aamir Khan has done it on number of occasions, they wanted to get Aamir Khan on-board and it directly impacted the target audience in the desired way.

The strongest part about shopping on Snapdeal is that it offers wide variety of products and buying those products to gift someone is one beautiful experience which provides warmth of joy to an individual. The entire campaign has been launched in different regional languages including Tamil, Kannada, Bihari, Telugu and Bengali which is available on-air lasting for nearly 60 seconds.

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Since the announcement of ‘Big Billion Day’, Flipkart was running extremely high with a move to sideline all other e-commerce websites. This was a move to establish who had been the Big Daddy in the Indian Ecommerce Space, but things got wild as the competitors set out with a different motive.

Snapdeal,  trolled them, profoundly with a full size advertisement in TOI saying that “For other’s it’s a big day, for us, today is no different. Check Snapdeal.com before you buy”. Masterstroke!


Another evening, Amazon pulled out brilliantly with a tongue-in-cheek humor. If you want to check out the same, just visit bigbillionday.com

This war has set a new benchmark in the ambush marketing genre with the biggest players in the e-commerce trolling each other like anything.

This war is really personal making it one of the most eventful day in ecommerce domain.

The online billion sale which was supposed to publicize the Flipkart brand ended up in getting trolled like anything by Snapdeal and Amazon. The online e-commerce war seems to have attained a completely new level and it will be interesting to hear more of such stories in the near future.






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