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With the World Cup having already reached its final stages, the ongoing world cup edition saw some really great advertising campaigns especially Mauka Mauka Campaign which became the talk of the advertising world. The advertising trend has undergone a phenomenal change with consumers choosing digital platform as the most preferred medium over other traditional mediums of advertising. Marketers have already realized the significant change in advertising medium and they are keen on introducing creative ways for promoting the brand and making them go viral.

The Pepsi Challenge Commercial 2015 is an initiative by the Pepsi to market its product in a youth-oriented country like India where percentage of people consuming Pepsi is higher than percentage of people consuming Coca-Cola. However, unlike its previous advertising campaigns, Pepsi has come up with an interesting twist in the IPL campaign titled Pepsi Challenge Commercial which invites youth across the country to make their own Pepsi videos and submit it to the team.


Pepsi 2015 IPL Commercial Overview


The best videos will be aired every weekend during the IPL tournament and the best of the best will be given cash prize worth Rs 1 Lakh and will be broadcasted in the final weekend of the IPL. The Pepsi is using social media to its full advantage and will be aggressively promoting the best artwork and videos submitted by the youth across the country. They have introduced different campaigns in other countries too but India is their prime choice for the fact it boasts of the large population of youth and the target age group of Pepsi is mainly the youth only.

Pepsi IPL Edition 2015


Brands are constantly pushing the boundaries and trying to cope with the changes taking place in the digital world. Users have become social media savy and they consume huge amount of content on social media platforms on continuous basis. Hence, Pepsi wants to leverage this opportunity to the full potential and ensure people expand their interest reach across diversified platforms and not stay limited only to Cricket and Bollywood.

However, since every good opportunity comes with a challenge, this campaign is also a risk but also interesting at the same time because it is a brilliant way of taking creativity at a new level. On the other hand, Coke is also celebrating its 100 years and will be putting up the best creative works by people all over the world on social media platforms.

So, what are you waiting for, tighten your seat belts and get your creative juices flowing by making your own IPL Pepsi commercial video. Who knows you might be the lucky winner and get opportunity to get your video aired live on television during the IPL tournament.




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