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ogilvy and mather best ads in india

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Ogilvy and Mather is one of the leading advertising agencies with several accolades to its name and are known for creating advertisement master-pieces. It has a strong market presence with over 450 offices in 120 countries and nearly 18000 employees handling its operation. The London based agency is setup by the father of advertising David Ogilvy which was later acquired by WPP in 1989 for whooping $864 million and has several prestigious clients to its name like Vodafone, Johnson & Johnson. The India operations is presently headed by Piyush Pandey who happens to be the executive chairman as well as creative director of India and South Asia operations since nearly 3 decades.

Since Ogilvy and Mather has created so many wonderful ads over the years and made people go gaga with their catchy punch-lines, awe-inspiring concepts and nerve-wrecking commercials, it’s difficult to list down the Ogilvy and Mather best ads India. The Cadbury Dairy Milk which was conceptualized in 2000 and another one being the Fevikwik TVC have been tagged as commercial of the century by Abbys which are also the Ogilvy and Mather best ads. Since we celebrate the best practices of advertising and bring to you the latest insights in the advertising industry, here are some of the best Ogilvy and Mather ads which will make your day:


1. Philips- The Silent Couple Ad by Ogilvy and Mather India.

The Silent Couple ad which was highly appreciated

The breast awareness campaign by Philips was probably one of the most hard-hitting ads and influenced people to consider the cause seriously. Ogilvy and Mather conceptualized this ad brilliantly and justified the title ‘The Silent Couple’ completely in the end.

2. Khaike-Paan-Center-fresh-wala-ad


The Center fresh effect is still going strong

Center Fresh ads have always been hilarious to watch and this time too Ogilvy and Mather pulled it off quite brilliantly with the punch-line ‘khaike paan center fresh wala’ ad.


3. The Gujarat Tourism Ad

The Gujarat Tourism ad which is one of the best ads in the recent times.

Can you remember the best tourism ad you recently came across? The Gujarat Tourism ad is probably one of the best ads of the passing year with the incredible Amitabh Bachchan in special appearance. This ad is again the masterpiece created by Ogilvy and Mather.

4. The Vodafone ZooZoo Ad


How can we forget the Zoozoos from the Vodafone ad

We love Zoozoos and the brains behind them Ogilvy and Mather are solely responsible for our unending love towards Vodafone ads.

5.  Kamasutra speed bumps ad

See those bumpers carefully

Words are too less to speak about this ad with Ogilvy and Mather taking creativity to a new level.


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