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The way advertising is been done has undergone enormous change these days with advertisements being placed in the most unusual places. If being asked about the most unusual advertisements you have ever come across, which are the ones you would consider the most? From billboards to buses and cars to swimming pools, these brands have ensured people catch attention of their advertisements of their advertisements wherever they go. Some of them are insanely creative while some will make you think deep about the unusual ways of advertisement affecting the people. In the recent years, advertising has become smart and people smarter because they are bored of tried and tested traditional advertising medium.

Advertisements have become eminent part of our lives and it’s nearly impossible to get away without getting acknowledged to at least quite a few creative advertisements on day to day basis. The most elegant way to advertise is to strike when people least expect that they would come across an advertisement and that is where several brands have hit the right target. These are some of the hard hitting as well as unusual advertisements you will probably come across in the next few years down the line:


1.  The idea was brilliantly conceptualized in Dubai for the male deodorant Axe.

Axe- fantasy
Axe fantasy mouse pad ad

2. The interactive billboard magazine ad which was placed so that people could make music while peeing.


The uber creative billboard magazine guitar pee



3. One of the best examples of ad positioning with BMW hitting the exact spot.


BMW reminding don’t forget to wash your hands.



4. Fedex diligently placed its ad about whitewash.

Fedex innovative whitewash ad


5. The best and most smartest way to advertise about global warming by HSBC.

HSBC raising awareness about the dangers of global warming.


6. Life’s really too short to do a wrong job.

The classic illustration showcasing how wrong job can affect your life



7. Next time keep a watch if you come across any such advertisement.

The over stylish Magnum car ad


8.  You probably wouldn’t have imagined you will ever get to see this kind of pasta ad.


Mondo- pasta-advertisement
Ever tried the Mondo pasta?



9. Don’t be confused, it’s a self defence ad.

The creative self defence ad

10. One of the finest sports ads you will ever see.


Peculiar yet influential urinal wrap sports advertising ad.




















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