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It seems like the ongoing World Cup is more of India vs Rest of the World than individual nations playing against each other because one after another Star Sports is creating quintessentially hilarious mauka mauka ads. First it was India’s world cup opener against Pakistan, second TVC was for the big one India vs. South Africa and the third one was launched ahead of India vs UAE match. However, India has managed to win all the world cup matches and looks pretty strong side to be defeated in the upcoming matches but Star Sports has managed to keep the audience tickling with their uber creative funny mauka mauka ads. Here’s the 4th Mauka Mauka TVC which was released ahead of the India vs West Indies match and believe it or not but the intensity of sarcasm is only increasing one after another epic Mauka Mauka TVC advertisements.


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The Mauka Mauka advertisements have been the talk of the season with Star Sports launching series of advertisements one after another. The idea of taking dig on teams which started with Pakistan cricket team who have not been able to win even a single world cup match against India has started off on a commanding situation. The series of Mauka Mauka advertisements started with India Vs Pakistan match which featured a man going frustrated each time he lost the opportunity to burn crackers.

Moving further, the advertisement which revolved around India-South Africa with India being at the other side is another hilarious advertisement. The theme of the advertisement is India being on the losing streak because of their back to back defeats in World Cup against South Africa. The advertisement showcases two guys dressed in South African jersey doing Mauka Mauka and handing over the pile of crackers to Indian fans.

Then came the series of advertisements amongst which one had spoof by Virat Kohli bashing South African fans doing Mauka Mauka and another advertisement which showed India had won the World Cup in 2011. The recent advertisement which revolves around upcoming India vs UAE match shows that now India’s turn is to win the match against UAE.

The Mauka Mauka advertisements have made World Cup 2015 even more fun affair with the #MaukaPeChauka trending everywhere.We are also severely bitten by the World Cup bug just like you fans and went on to compile the series of Mauka Mauka advertisements doing rounds this season:

1. The very first Mauka Mauka advertisement of ICC World Cup 2015: India vs Pakistan

2.  Pakistan replied to the Indians with this hilarious advertisement.

3. Here comes the India Vs South Africa advertisement.

4. India replied to South Africa in style in this India vs South Africa ad.

5. The Virat Kohli’s spoof ad is hilarious, simply hilarious.

6. #MaukePeChauka! is going viral with India vs UAE match approaching.


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