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Once you watch these 10 uber creative McDonalds Ads, you will truly experience the official McDonald’s punch-line which stands at ‘I’m lovin it’. McDonalds have been extremely creative with their advertisements  since their innovation has taken creativity altogether to a new level. Creativity is not as easy as it seems to be though there are several brands who want to make their ads creative but only few are able to explore the creativity. One of them is McDonald’s who are insanely creative and has used the right blend of emotion and wittiness which will connect with the target audience

Whenever we talk about creativity and particularly creative ads, McDonald’s surely comes in the list. While advertising is purely art and requires creative muscles to be stretched to the maximum, the biggest goal which remains to be achieved is to connect to the target audience and make them buy the product. These are the 12 purely genius McDonald’s creative ads which you need to see now:

1. McDonald’s uber cool Rock ‘n’ Fries ad- The new menu ready to rock.

McDonald’s Rock ‘n’ Fries ad.


2. McDonald’s objects in the mirrors are closer than they appear ad- Close enough?

McDonald’s objects in the mirror are closer than they appear ad.

3. McDonald’s Sundial Breakfast menu ad- What did you had for breakfast?

Mcdonald Sundial ad.

4.  McDonald’s uber creative outdoor ad- How can you overlook that ad?

McDonmald's- yass-ad
McDonald’s Breakfast menu ad.

5. McDonald’s Olympics Ad- Can you manage it?

McDonald’s Olympic Ad

6. McDonald’s-Merry-Christmas-Ad- This is how McDonald’s celebrate Christmas.

McDonald’s merry christmas ad.

7.  McDonald’s giant towels ad- How giant is that towel.

McDonald’s giant towels ad.

8. McDonald’s broadest menu ever- Can it get any more broader?

McDonald’s broadest menu ever

9. McDonald’s 2006 winter olympics ad- The breeziest ride ever.

McDonald’s 2006 winter olympics

10. McDonald’s 24/7 drive through nighttime ad- Is it visible?

McDonald’s drive through ad.



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Creative advertisements are extremely influential medium of advertising which instantly catches your attention and makes the advertisement stand-out among the crowd. When it comes to saying ‘first impression is last impression’, extremely creative advertisements are the perfect recipe to create that impression. The out-of the-box creative advertisement ideas will either make you laugh hard or think about it for quite a sometime. The innovation and creativity is all that matters the most when it comes to advertising. These are some of the brilliantly conceptualized and best creative advertisement ideas which you’ll ever see.

The tremendous and highly creative Audi Ad.
The Aquafresh 3 creative ad


Audi S4 Quattro extremely powerful ad
Audi S4 Quattro extremely powerful ad
The most undistinguished  Ballet Classes Ad.
The most undistinguished Ballet Classes Ad.
Exceeding Colorful Coops-Paints Ad
Exceeding Colorful Coops-Paints Ad
3M Security Glass Money-Power Advertisement.
3M Security Glass Money-Power Advertisement.
Denver Water Use Only What You Need Ad.
Denver Water Use Only What You Need Ad.
New York Lottery's Power Ad
New York Lottery’s Power Ad
okuma kiwi for fishing
Okuma Kiwi Born To Fish Ad.
Product Demo Break The Glass Ad.
Product Demo Break The Glass Ad.
Mcfries grab yours rock-n-fries ad.
Mcfries grab yours rock-n-fries ad.
Sanzer hand gel what you really touch ad.
Sanzer hand gel what you really touch ad.
Strategy lab ca highly creative ad.
Strategy lab ca highly creative ad.
TEDex Ideas change this world ad.
TEDex Ideas change this world ad.


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    We had noticed some incredible advertisements in the year 2014 which was the year of creative advertisements. The creativity was at its peak with some of the most creative advertisements, emotional campaigns, print campaigns and Television campaigns conceptualized in the year 2014. Some advertisements were seamless amalgamation of the articulate typography, eye-grabbing images and attractive design. We throw-in some of the best and most significant creative advertisements 2014:

    1. Ikea Chairs splendid Valentine Advertisement by BBH Singapore


    Ikea Chairs advertisement was brilliantly ideated and executed on the eve of Valentine’s Day  by BBH Singapore grabbing the eyeballs of lakhs of people. The splendid campaign for Ikea furniture made people seamlessly look and smile instantly.

    Ikea Chairs splendid Valentine’s Day advertisement.


    1. Lego “Show, Don’t Tell” Print Advertising Campaign



    The uber creative Lego advertisement which involves series of witty images conceptualized by the French agency Grey Paris is a win-win situation which gives distinct meaning to life. This print advertising campaign is one of the superlative examples of most superficial creative advertisements ever produced with the slogan ‘Creativity forgives everything’.

    Lego ‘Show, Don’t Tell’ Print Advertisement.


    1. OLED-TV World’s Slimmest Print Advertisement



    M & C Saatchi Stockholm smartly conceptualized the advertisement campaign of LG Electronics new curved OLED-TV. Since the thickness of the TV was similar to the widely read tech magazine in the Nordics, Sound and Vision, the agency cleverly positioned the LG’s latest release making it one of the most distinct media placement examples.

    OLED-TV World’s Slimmest Print Advertisement.


    1. Oreo brilliant print advertisement immediately inducing the taste of delicious biscuit.


    Oreo brilliantly strategizes and puts forward its advertisements which make it nearly impossible for the audience to not watch such adverts. The remarkable Oreo ad campaigns in different forms like print, outdoor and television have managed to emerge victorious every time. This excellent print advertisement is a straightforward example of how mouth-watering Oreo biscuit tastes when you grab it.

    Oreo brilliant print advertisement.


    1. Origin Coffee ‘Instantly Awake’ tagline


    The ‘Instantly Awake’ tagline was brilliantly conceptualized in this advertisement created by South African advertising agency Joe Public.

    Origin Coffee Instantly Awake Advertisement.


    1. American Greetings World’s toughest job


    The year’s best feel-good advertisement which was also popularly called the ‘Best Mom and Best Prank’ advertisement of the year. 24 individuals are seen getting interviewed for the world’s toughest job in this video with a whooping salary of $0. The video received record 12 million views and mammoth appreciation from the people around the world.


    1. The Powerful Sports Advertisement- The Game Before The Game.


    What is coined as one of the last summer’s best World Cup ad featuring star Brazillian footballer Neymar and other footballers gearing up for the final battle makes it the must watch advertisement.


    1. The Totino Boy Pizza Rolls Creative Advertisement.


    This is one such advertisement which you just need to watch to get to know what it is all about.


    1. There is a drink which helps you to get sleep called ‘Good Night’ drink.


    Saatchi & Saatchi UAE creative which involves sleepy stunts in the stores is extremely creative way of increasing brand awareness amongst the people.


    1. Reebok Skyscape TVC Creative Ad


    Adidas AG creative featuring Miranda Kerr is one of the breathtaking creative advertisements of the year with excellent background score. You can choose to watch it later but you simply cannot afford it.




     Source: http://www.creativebloq.com/


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