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Once you watch these 10 uber creative McDonalds Ads, you will truly experience the official McDonald’s punch-line which stands at ‘I’m lovin it’. McDonalds have been extremely creative with their advertisements  since their innovation has taken creativity altogether to a new level. Creativity is not as easy as it seems to be though there are several brands who want to make their ads creative but only few are able to explore the creativity. One of them is McDonald’s who are insanely creative and has used the right blend of emotion and wittiness which will connect with the target audience

Whenever we talk about creativity and particularly creative ads, McDonald’s surely comes in the list. While advertising is purely art and requires creative muscles to be stretched to the maximum, the biggest goal which remains to be achieved is to connect to the target audience and make them buy the product. These are the 12 purely genius McDonald’s creative ads which you need to see now:

1. McDonald’s uber cool Rock ‘n’ Fries ad- The new menu ready to rock.

McDonald’s Rock ‘n’ Fries ad.


2. McDonald’s objects in the mirrors are closer than they appear ad- Close enough?

McDonald’s objects in the mirror are closer than they appear ad.

3. McDonald’s Sundial Breakfast menu ad- What did you had for breakfast?

Mcdonald Sundial ad.

4.  McDonald’s uber creative outdoor ad- How can you overlook that ad?

McDonmald's- yass-ad
McDonald’s Breakfast menu ad.

5. McDonald’s Olympics Ad- Can you manage it?

McDonald’s Olympic Ad

6. McDonald’s-Merry-Christmas-Ad- This is how McDonald’s celebrate Christmas.

McDonald’s merry christmas ad.

7.  McDonald’s giant towels ad- How giant is that towel.

McDonald’s giant towels ad.

8. McDonald’s broadest menu ever- Can it get any more broader?

McDonald’s broadest menu ever

9. McDonald’s 2006 winter olympics ad- The breeziest ride ever.

McDonald’s 2006 winter olympics

10. McDonald’s 24/7 drive through nighttime ad- Is it visible?

McDonald’s drive through ad.



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Advertisements can be funny, advertisements can be creative and then there are some advertisements which we simply cannot resist without watching. These are the popular attention grabbing commercials because every time you watch them you love them even more either because of the melodious jingle or because of the theme of the advertisement. Some of these commercials are so outright funny that they have been banned in prominent countries meaning even if people want to watch those advertisements they cannot (you can consider yourself to be lucky here).

We have compiled some of the leading funny commercials from around the world which are insanely amusing, creative and would prompt you to watch them countless times. Again, if you are tired of watching those old and boring commercials you might just get a new favorite to watch from our collection of best commercials around the world.

1. The uber funny Durex 50 games to play commercial.

The commercial shows why making love is better than talking about love. It is funny to an extent but one of the sexiest ads of this season is a must watch because Durex has the reputation of launching it in their own style.

2. Vulture helps out the man with the data in this funny T-Mobile Commercial.

If you have not had laughter for really long then probably you have a reason to be happy because you will laugh your heart out after watching this advertisement. This advertisement has gone viral within just few days of its launch which features a man carrying a vulture on his shoulder and helping the man out in getting the data.

3.  George Clooney likes to have his Nespresso in Heaven.

George Clooney dies and goes to heaven (only in advertisement) to have his Nespresso Coffee. The commercial features Clooney and a wise man relaxing in a white-couch and talking about heaven. The funniest part about this advertisement is when George Clooney is offered to go back to heaven in exchange for his Nespresso machine.

4. McDonald’s funniest Indian ad which can cure all.

The self-explanatory ad where the sick man’s only cure is McDonald’s is hilariously funny.

5. The Super Funny China Commercial

You will get to know after watching this advertisement why you cannot cheat during exams in China.


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