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We are all aware what Google search is capable of doing but no one would have ever wondered that it has the capability to unite two long lost friends living across different corners of the world. The Google India ad which is the brain child of Ogilvy & Mather depicts a heart throbbing story of how it two hearts get connected and they get rejuvenated seeing each other.


Long-lost friends meeting after 66 years.


The advertisement went viral within just few hours of it going live with staggering million hits. The advertisement depicts the story of two long lost friends around 66 years back and how their grand children helps them unite again through the clever use of Google search. This re-union advertisement is one of the most gratifying ads you will ever see because it will not only move you to tears but also make you think deep if you happen to have one such friend too.


Google India Reunion ad


The story tracks the lives of childhood friends who used to fly kites together and also steal candies from the Yousaf’s family run candy shop. The two friends Baldev and Yousaf almost became hopeless about their chances of ever being able to meet again after the partition.  The advertisement is high on emotions and has the magic element makes it an even more fascinating affair.


Google India ad


The advertisement has been depicted in the storytelling format and is tremendously influential without being too lousy at any point. Since the majority of people in India are acquainted to using Google in some or the other format, the Google India advertisement will relate pretty well with the target audience. The philosophy used in the advertisement is to strike a smart and emotional conversation with the audience which Google managed to did.


The ad also showcased the importance of Google being more than just a search engine. Google served itself as an extremely emotional brand and since it wanted to use the same tone in its advertisement, they conceptualized the entire advertisement in the storytelling format. The audience in general have given overwhelming response to the Google’s endeavor and experts have also given thumps up because of the advertisement’s ability to connect with the people.

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With Cricket World Cup 2015 officially coming to an end, the cash-rich league IPL 8 is all set to commence from April 8. The mega cricketing event is one of the biggest platforms for advertisers to create an impact and make it big in terms of revenue as well as interaction with target audience.  The opening IPL ad titled India ka tyohaar has been released and it has received excellent response from the fans composed by the superstar duo Salim and Suleman Merchant.

Pepsi India ka Tyohar


Talking from the fans point of view, IPL has been a tremendous success with world class players coming and showcasing their talent in the cash-rich league. The tournament has been equally productive for advertisers because they have been intelligently inculcated the creativity in their advertisements and that has worked for them.

Pepsi IPL teams


With the recent success of Mauka Mauka ads, it wouldn’t be wrong to predict that IPL too will bring in soaring success to the advertisers. Advertisements with the element of creativity are the ones which actually persuade people to watch them and the cola advertisements have always lived up to the reputation of being creative and influential at the same time.

Pepsi’s new initiative for the IPL 8 edition will be seen asking consumers to get their creative juices flowing and come up with an innovative 30 seconds ad. The best ads will be featured during the  IPL and amongst them the finalist entries will be given a cash prize of Rs 1,00,000. The recent Pepsi IPL advertisement has created the buzz showcasing the heartthrob of younger generation Ranbir Kapoor and star cricketer Virat Kohli.

Pepsi IPL 8 players


The way people view the advertisements has undergone massive change with audience craving for creativity in the commercials by the big brands. While crowd will cheer for their favourite players inside the ground, brand freaks will want to see the series of creative ads in the upcoming IPL edition similar to those of Mauka Mauka ads.





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Leo Burnett’s creative and Aamir Khan’s powerful screen presence has notched it up for Snapdeal’s newly launched campaign ‘Dil ki Deal’. The campaign is aimed at building emotional connect with the customers since they focused on emotion as the USP in the advertisement. Snapdeal is one of the popular online marketing e-commerce platform which earlier came up with the concept of showing value that consumer derives through shopping from snapdeal. The earlier campaign worked in the favour of Snapdeal and this time too it did the wonders wih Aamir Khan pulling it off brilliantly in these commercial.

Snapdeal’s brand positioning has always targeted towards building relation with consumers in the either way and that just shows the creativity Snapdeal puts in their commercials which is a major reason why Snapdeal TVCs are such a huge success. Snapdeal has changed the way people experience the shopping adding a surprise delight to their lives.

Snapdeal dil ki deal campaign

Aamir Khan has portrayed the diversified role of being an observer as well as a consumer and amply justifies the role by communicating the precise message to the consumers. The commercial shows Aamir Khan observing how Snapdeal has served as the good-luck charm to the people around him by fulfilling their wishes. He witnesses how wishes of people around him are being fulfilled through Snapdeal. The core message has been brilliantly communicated with the punch line ‘Dil ki Deal’ and especially the end part where Aamir Khan receives a gift himself with it being the Snapdeal product.

Snapdeal dil ki deal campaign


Snapdeal dil ki deal campaign

Snapdeal strongly believes that emotion is the strongest form of love and if it is being rightly communicated with the consumer, it can directly influence them to buy the products. Snapdeal offers wide variety of products for all categories of buyers and through its campaign it wants to show how beautiful a shopping experience can get. Since Aamir Khan has done it on number of occasions, they wanted to get Aamir Khan on-board and it directly impacted the target audience in the desired way.

The strongest part about shopping on Snapdeal is that it offers wide variety of products and buying those products to gift someone is one beautiful experience which provides warmth of joy to an individual. The entire campaign has been launched in different regional languages including Tamil, Kannada, Bihari, Telugu and Bengali which is available on-air lasting for nearly 60 seconds.

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Ogilvy and Mather is one of the leading advertising agencies with several accolades to its name and are known for creating advertisement master-pieces. It has a strong market presence with over 450 offices in 120 countries and nearly 18000 employees handling its operation. The London based agency is setup by the father of advertising David Ogilvy which was later acquired by WPP in 1989 for whooping $864 million and has several prestigious clients to its name like Vodafone, Johnson & Johnson. The India operations is presently headed by Piyush Pandey who happens to be the executive chairman as well as creative director of India and South Asia operations since nearly 3 decades.

Since Ogilvy and Mather has created so many wonderful ads over the years and made people go gaga with their catchy punch-lines, awe-inspiring concepts and nerve-wrecking commercials, it’s difficult to list down the Ogilvy and Mather best ads India. The Cadbury Dairy Milk which was conceptualized in 2000 and another one being the Fevikwik TVC have been tagged as commercial of the century by Abbys which are also the Ogilvy and Mather best ads. Since we celebrate the best practices of advertising and bring to you the latest insights in the advertising industry, here are some of the best Ogilvy and Mather ads which will make your day:


1. Philips- The Silent Couple Ad by Ogilvy and Mather India.

The Silent Couple ad which was highly appreciated

The breast awareness campaign by Philips was probably one of the most hard-hitting ads and influenced people to consider the cause seriously. Ogilvy and Mather conceptualized this ad brilliantly and justified the title ‘The Silent Couple’ completely in the end.

2. Khaike-Paan-Center-fresh-wala-ad


The Center fresh effect is still going strong

Center Fresh ads have always been hilarious to watch and this time too Ogilvy and Mather pulled it off quite brilliantly with the punch-line ‘khaike paan center fresh wala’ ad.


3. The Gujarat Tourism Ad

The Gujarat Tourism ad which is one of the best ads in the recent times.

Can you remember the best tourism ad you recently came across? The Gujarat Tourism ad is probably one of the best ads of the passing year with the incredible Amitabh Bachchan in special appearance. This ad is again the masterpiece created by Ogilvy and Mather.

4. The Vodafone ZooZoo Ad


How can we forget the Zoozoos from the Vodafone ad

We love Zoozoos and the brains behind them Ogilvy and Mather are solely responsible for our unending love towards Vodafone ads.

5.  Kamasutra speed bumps ad

See those bumpers carefully

Words are too less to speak about this ad with Ogilvy and Mather taking creativity to a new level.

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With the World Cup having already reached its final stages, the ongoing world cup edition saw some really great advertising campaigns especially Mauka Mauka Campaign which became the talk of the advertising world. The advertising trend has undergone a phenomenal change with consumers choosing digital platform as the most preferred medium over other traditional mediums of advertising. Marketers have already realized the significant change in advertising medium and they are keen on introducing creative ways for promoting the brand and making them go viral.

The Pepsi Challenge Commercial 2015 is an initiative by the Pepsi to market its product in a youth-oriented country like India where percentage of people consuming Pepsi is higher than percentage of people consuming Coca-Cola. However, unlike its previous advertising campaigns, Pepsi has come up with an interesting twist in the IPL campaign titled Pepsi Challenge Commercial which invites youth across the country to make their own Pepsi videos and submit it to the team.


Pepsi 2015 IPL Commercial Overview


The best videos will be aired every weekend during the IPL tournament and the best of the best will be given cash prize worth Rs 1 Lakh and will be broadcasted in the final weekend of the IPL. The Pepsi is using social media to its full advantage and will be aggressively promoting the best artwork and videos submitted by the youth across the country. They have introduced different campaigns in other countries too but India is their prime choice for the fact it boasts of the large population of youth and the target age group of Pepsi is mainly the youth only.

Pepsi IPL Edition 2015


Brands are constantly pushing the boundaries and trying to cope with the changes taking place in the digital world. Users have become social media savy and they consume huge amount of content on social media platforms on continuous basis. Hence, Pepsi wants to leverage this opportunity to the full potential and ensure people expand their interest reach across diversified platforms and not stay limited only to Cricket and Bollywood.

However, since every good opportunity comes with a challenge, this campaign is also a risk but also interesting at the same time because it is a brilliant way of taking creativity at a new level. On the other hand, Coke is also celebrating its 100 years and will be putting up the best creative works by people all over the world on social media platforms.

So, what are you waiting for, tighten your seat belts and get your creative juices flowing by making your own IPL Pepsi commercial video. Who knows you might be the lucky winner and get opportunity to get your video aired live on television during the IPL tournament.



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This year women’s day was tad different than usual as the iconic brands did something truly special by creating advertisements dedicated to all the women. While Star Sports talked about women empowerment in its powerful short ad and encouraged men to check out women but with a twist in the tale, Amazon talked about the special women partnership in its women’s day campaign. Horlicks created another beautiful women’s day special ad which showed the everlasting bond between a mother and her daughter.

If simply put, these brands have taken their own initiative to celebrate the women’s day by paying the tribute to those women who have succeeded in different walks of life. The message was influential with the brand’s core message being beautifully portrayed in the different Women’s day advertisement campaigns, for instance Horlicks women’s day ad which showed a mother determined to make her daughter succeed in all walks of life also highlighted the USP of Horlicks drink. Let’s give a look at how these brands celebrated women’s day and kept people glued to their short but ecstatic advertisements:


1. Star Sports highlighted how powerful a women can get #CheckOutMyGame.

The strength, the perseverance, the endurance to succeed is what drives these successful women to achieve the heights which most women can only desire. Star Sports came up with a vigilant women’s day advertisement which makes it a must watch.

2. According to Amazon, these women have something in common which binds them together #EmpoweredByHer.

When we talk about women empowerment, lot of different aspects strikes our mind but Amazon has described exactly what women empowerment means in its women’s day special ad. The ad emphasizes on the strength of successful women entrepreneurs and notifies people that the women too is capable of making it big their life.

3. The heart-warming video portraying the unbreakable bond of a mother-daughter relationship #LoveYouMaa.

Horlicks came up with a beautiful ad on the eve of Mother’s day and hit the right spot by showcasing the unbreakable mother-daughter bond. This ad shows how mother sacrifices everything just to make her daughter grow successful in all walks of life. The heart-touching advertisement will strike your emotional chord and make you wonder about your mom at least for a a while.






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This World Cup advertisement has done more favor than the rest of the cricket world cup edition which only shows the dramatic increase in change of advertising trend. People are seemingly more excited about the launch of new world cup ads than watching their favorite teams play matches. The ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 has been the perfect platform for advertisers to promote their brands with estimated world cup advertising revenue likely to be around Rs 1200 crore. The advertising rates have gone on all time high while cricket experts, celebrities and fans from all over the world are busy tweeting and putting updates on social media platforms. There have been numerous attention-grabbing world cup commercials over the years but we decided to feature some of the best world cup ads that have won the hearts of fans all over the world. The Mauka Mauka commercials have particularly paved the way for creativity and showed exactly how an advertising campaign should be in this world cup.

India quickly emerged as the favourites in no time by defeating the rival teams one after another and putting brilliant performances on the board. India being the defending champions have started the cup exactly the way it should have been and the series of brilliant advertisements has uplifted the mood by a notch higher this world cup season. Here are some of the most talked about world cup advertising commercials which created maximum curiosity in the cricketing world.


1. The colors of Indian fans brilliantly displayed in this Gillette ad.

The advertising genius by Gillette with punchline ‘The Best A Fan Can Get’ shows a retired man talking about his love for cricket and how how he had never missed a single match since 1983 world cup.

2.  The popular ‘India vs Pakistan‘ fevikwik ad for the cricket world cup 2015.

This is one hilarious ad which was launched before ‘India vs Pakistan’ match in World Cup 2015 showing Indian army and Pakistan army marching against each other. Hilarity ensues when the Indian commander diligently fixes the broken part of his rival’s shoe which is also an excellent illustration of brand positioning by Fevikwik.

3. Deepika Padukone’s Nike #BleedBlue Campaign which quickly became the talk of the social media world.

Nike World Cup Ad

Nike ads has always been amongst the most prominent advertisements when it comes to sports  and this time too it has hit the right spot with Nike #BleedBlue campaign which went viral within no time on twitter.




4. The dynamic collaboration of Amitabh Bachchan and Kapil Dev popularly called #WontGiveItBack & Shamitabh Ad

The voice of the nation lends his voice to the match of the world cup 2015 in this elegantly conceptualized #WontGiveItBack World Cup Ad. Kapil Dev and Amitabh Bachchan have come together for the very first time in an ad which makes it a must watch commercial.

5. ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Countdown Ad.

Back in 2011 when 14 teams participated, this was the countdown ad which drew everybody’s attention with out-of-the-box concept showing all the participating teams.




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The ongoing world cup is fascinating to watch with India bashing out some of the best teams in the world cup 2015 but there’s something even more interesting which are funny mauka mauka ads. Be it the funny spoof of India vs South Africa ad featuring Virat Kohli or India taunting West Indies in another WC2015 Mauka Mauka ad, the ads have taken element of fun altogether to a new level.

Though, India’s performance in the ongoing world cup only proves West Indies will have a tough time facing men in blue but Star Sports has ensured that the ongoing Mauka Mauka ads turns out to be the best world cup advertisement of all time.

The hilarious twists in the ads of the ongoing world cup advertising campaign by Star Sports are a treat to watch. Team India’s mauka mauka style of taking a dig at the rival teams has surely won the hearts of millions of fans with the motto #wewontgiveitback.







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The Mauka Mauka Ads are undoubtedly the ads of the season and Star Sports has ensured the Mauka to win the world cup stays only with defending champions team India. The latest advertisement by TVC with the slogan #WontGiveItBack is even better than the original one and yes this video shows all the teams facing India getting grilled all at one go.

This video is the brain-child of creative genius TheViralFever who are known to make hilarious parodies on wide range of topics ranging from Bollywood to Politics. Team India has been undefeated so far who have been against some big teams like South Africa, arch rival Pakistan and recently being UAE. It’s time India repeat their stellar performance in all the remaining matches and remain the champions for the 2015 World Cup.



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