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Sports advertising have become trendy these days with world’s best sports products manufacturing and sports equipment companies coming to front and promoting themselves through out-of-the-box print advertisements. These simply prove that people are tired of watching the old and redundant advertisements across different mediums like television, billboards, print etc. With the transition in time, advertising trend has also undergone enormous change and every advertiser should strike to adopt out-of-the-box strategies to lure the target audience.We bring to you some of the most influential and creative sports ads which you will definitely love irrespective of whether you follow sports or not.

These sports ads will not only make you watch them twice but also explore the underlying promotional message that the brand is trying to communicate. The assortment of creative print ads are a dynamic combination of influential and ingenious advertisements which happen to be more than just images because each picture has its own story.

1. What a way to illustrate the punch line- Impossible Is Nothing.

Highly Influential Adidas China Basketball Ad because Impossible Is Nothing.

2.  Amnesty International’s brilliant print ad with the underlying message ‘Stop Executions’.

Amnesty International put across brilliant message through this print ad.

3.  Mind-boggling BMW print ad showing what actually is perfect drive.

Can you drive BMW that perfect?

4. Everything is getting digital and so is the Electronic Sports World Cup.

Never before seen this kind of sports world cup ad.

5. Jog like never before.

You have got to learn jogging.

6. You can either observe the graphics, the cars or the Formula 1 GP ad.

Formula 1 dazzling sports ad.

7. Mexican Association of Pediatricians shows why its important to drink milk.

After watching this advertisement every child will drink milk.

8. Adidas does it this time with official white outfitter of NBA.

That’s not just white, that’s ultra-white

9. Nike dig ad.

Nike dig ad

10. The super strengthening baseball print ad.

What does it take to knock the ball out of the park.



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A picture and a few lines have enough potential to build a brand image in the consumer’s eye.An effective print advertising design is directed at outshining potential competitors while attracting new potential customers or clients.Your business’s print advertisements need to give readers a reason to be interested in your business; they must be clear, succinct, informative, and inviting. Your print ad has just a split second to attract attention and quickly explain why your product or service has some lasting benefit to those who read about it.If you’re creating an advertisement in a magazine or newspaper, here’s what you need to know to create a good advertisement that stands out:

  1. Construct the right headline

    Example: Reebok

    In practically all cases, the headline constitutes the  most-important element of a print ad. Headlines should be clear and precise. Don’t get so drowned in the temptation of making it so “creative” that your meaning or brand message is lost or obscured in the process.                                                                               As important is the content of the headline,so is its placing. The headline should dominate the ad and be quickly understood. It should not get lost in a muddle of too many type fonts, graphics, and other elements.

  2. Hammer out your subheads

    Mercedes-Benz just knows how to make its advertisements click.

    In addition to the main headline, a subhead can impart secondary information and explain the deal further. Attention should be paid to the fact that the ad doesnt end up looking too cluttered.

  3. Lay out your body copy

    McDonald’s frames it right,with a precise yet arresting body copy.

    Like everything else in a good print ad,the body copy should be kept brief.

  4. Decide your graphics

    Excellent use of graphics by Mentos.

    The graphic element of your ad is there to attract the readers’ eyes and generate enough interest to make them read your body copy. The graphic element should successfully call attention to your headline and should be relevant to what you’re selling.

  5. Test your Print Ad

    A clever print ad by Adidas.

    Print advertising should be recognisable at a hundred paces.A successful print ad is one where the lookers get to know whose ad it is without even seeing the brand name.

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There are very rare magazine print advertisements which will surprise you since it requires extreme imagination and creativity to hit the right pitch. However, there are handful of creative magazine ads which truly surprised us and made it to the list of top 10 magazine advertisements. The core message has been beautifully conveyed through these advertisements which happen to be some of the best example of magazine ads:

The coolest air-bad ad ever created.


Ever seen the talking ad?


One of the smartest bubble-gum magazine ads.
Now that’s what we call the effective magazine ad.
intel magazine ad
Intel shows what it takes to remain clean.
Volkswagen Comemrcial Vehicles Fencing
Volkswagen is truly genius.
dogs would lead fuller lives
Asics nailed it with the right words at the right place.
Playboy Magazine ad, simply brilliant.
Leroy Merlin Kitchen Dog Poster
Leroy Merlin hit the right chord.
Canal+ HD quality magazine print ad.

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Newspaper Advertisements are pretty influential and sometimes humorous too especially the classifieds section wherein hoards of  advertisements spanning different categories are published. The marriage is believed to be a very serious priority in India and we don’t want to come across as offensive.We would like to share the funniest matrimonial advertisements ever published on Indian newspapers which will make you laugh your heart out.

Here’s the compilation of some of the funniest matrimonial ads and yes there’s a lots for you to learn from these mistakes.  




1. That’s like being anti-social.


2. When it comes to marriage, software engineers are the last choice.



3. He does not want any dowry because he is a multi-millionaire.




4.  Innocent Divorcee and homely girl, yes you heard it right.



5.  Mark Zuckerberg should definitely check out this advertisement.



6.  Seriously, Visa No Bar



7. Everything mentioned in just one ad.



8. Graduate from SRCC looking for a beautiful convented girl.



9. This father looks really desperate on wanting to get his son married.



10. This guy is in real hurry to get married.




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Most people believe that print advertisements has reached in its declining stages and will soon have no existence in the advertisement industry. However, Amul has continued to mesmserize people with the bold and highly infleuntial print advertisements in the past 47 years and it still continues to do so. Amul has also faced severe criticism several times from various brands and political parties for created whacky advertisements, but they do not seem to conflict public opinion with their creativity. The satire is very diligently used in the Amul advertisements as the humor is one of the most potent advertising tool these days. The highly influential Amul print advertisements proves that though newspaper media is considered to be the oldest forms of advertising but still the fictitious character combined with the daily happenings continues to impact wide mass of people deeply.

Let’s have a sneak-peek into the most influential Amul print advertisements which us people never get tired of watching.

1. The slapstick scandal: Bhajji on the ground and Amul girl off the ground.



2. 3 Idiots: Divided by ranks, united by Amul.



3. Yoga guru Ramdeo Baba and social activist Anna Hazare’s revamped look by Amul



4.The Amul girl magic wand turned Pranab Mukherji to Pranab Makhan ji.img_4


5. Since Ghajini is suffering from short-term memory less, he eats Amul better every 15 minutes.img_5


6. Mamata Di needs to calmofy because Amul tastes rail-ly good.img_6


7. Gold medals are outdated, from now on-wards there will be gold Amul butter.




8. If you are angry nobody cares but if you are hungry you can always have Amul Butter.



9. Vicky Donor has officially started donating yummilicous butter to kids.



10.  Our Amul girl hates working out alone, he got Yuvraj as her new workout partner.










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Barclays, ‘sound da big ting’ stands out as the most popular radio advertisement campaign. It is listened by wide variety of demographics and brought smile on the faces of each one of them.

Barclays Advert Audio

Barclays radio ad is basically aimed at students works well because of its humorous and it has more than enough credentials to grab the target audiences attention. Another major part of this advertisement is it works well as it has highlighted the fact that students are often patronized in adverts for banks.



Newsreader voiceover: Sound da big ting. Barclays Student Account has been voted number one by students in the Moneyfacts Awards. And because students helped to make the account, and did a fabberdazzer job B-T-W, the peeps at Barclays asked them to help write this radio commercial too. Skillimanjaro. The account is bad-boy ballistic, so, totes, check it out on Barclays’ website. The Barclays Student Current Account. Awesome sauce. Ciaoabunga dude roosters.

Creative Team: Mat Joiner, Matt Powell-Perry, Adam Oppenheimer & Joe Oppenheimer





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