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This World Cup advertisement has done more favor than the rest of the cricket world cup edition which only shows the dramatic increase in change of advertising trend. People are seemingly more excited about the launch of new world cup ads than watching their favorite teams play matches. The ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 has been the perfect platform for advertisers to promote their brands with estimated world cup advertising revenue likely to be around Rs 1200 crore. The advertising rates have gone on all time high while cricket experts, celebrities and fans from all over the world are busy tweeting and putting updates on social media platforms. There have been numerous attention-grabbing world cup commercials over the years but we decided to feature some of the best world cup ads that have won the hearts of fans all over the world. The Mauka Mauka commercials have particularly paved the way for creativity and showed exactly how an advertising campaign should be in this world cup.

India quickly emerged as the favourites in no time by defeating the rival teams one after another and putting brilliant performances on the board. India being the defending champions have started the cup exactly the way it should have been and the series of brilliant advertisements has uplifted the mood by a notch higher this world cup season. Here are some of the most talked about world cup advertising commercials which created maximum curiosity in the cricketing world.


1. The colors of Indian fans brilliantly displayed in this Gillette ad.

The advertising genius by Gillette with punchline ‘The Best A Fan Can Get’ shows a retired man talking about his love for cricket and how how he had never missed a single match since 1983 world cup.

2.  The popular ‘India vs Pakistan‘ fevikwik ad for the cricket world cup 2015.

This is one hilarious ad which was launched before ‘India vs Pakistan’ match in World Cup 2015 showing Indian army and Pakistan army marching against each other. Hilarity ensues when the Indian commander diligently fixes the broken part of his rival’s shoe which is also an excellent illustration of brand positioning by Fevikwik.

3. Deepika Padukone’s Nike #BleedBlue Campaign which quickly became the talk of the social media world.

Nike World Cup Ad

Nike ads has always been amongst the most prominent advertisements when it comes to sports  and this time too it has hit the right spot with Nike #BleedBlue campaign which went viral within no time on twitter.




4. The dynamic collaboration of Amitabh Bachchan and Kapil Dev popularly called #WontGiveItBack & Shamitabh Ad

The voice of the nation lends his voice to the match of the world cup 2015 in this elegantly conceptualized #WontGiveItBack World Cup Ad. Kapil Dev and Amitabh Bachchan have come together for the very first time in an ad which makes it a must watch commercial.

5. ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Countdown Ad.

Back in 2011 when 14 teams participated, this was the countdown ad which drew everybody’s attention with out-of-the-box concept showing all the participating teams.




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The ongoing world cup is fascinating to watch with India bashing out some of the best teams in the world cup 2015 but there’s something even more interesting which are funny mauka mauka ads. Be it the funny spoof of India vs South Africa ad featuring Virat Kohli or India taunting West Indies in another WC2015 Mauka Mauka ad, the ads have taken element of fun altogether to a new level.

Though, India’s performance in the ongoing world cup only proves West Indies will have a tough time facing men in blue but Star Sports has ensured that the ongoing Mauka Mauka ads turns out to be the best world cup advertisement of all time.

The hilarious twists in the ads of the ongoing world cup advertising campaign by Star Sports are a treat to watch. Team India’s mauka mauka style of taking a dig at the rival teams has surely won the hearts of millions of fans with the motto #wewontgiveitback.







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Cricket-World-Cup-2015-Logo-hd           Saturday, 14TH February… Well for those thinking about Valentine’s Day, let me tell you 14TH February, 2015 has brought to the table something as exciting and anticipated, especially for the billions of Cricket Fans. Am sure, you must be able to guess it by now. Yes, “World Cup 2015” is here and all set to take the fans for a roller coaster ride again! The buzz is on. And it’s all been “scheduled” so perfectly that even a businessman would applaud this whole set up!

Kick-starting the tournament was the epic clash between arch rivals Australia and England at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) with a massive crowd of almost 90000 cheering for the home team, a tussle which revived many Ashes memories at this colossal stadium. On the other side was co-host New Zealand locking horns with the Asian Lions, Sri Lanka.  As scripted, the home teams won, stamping their authority and presenting a sweet delicacy for the crowds to raise expectations and pile up in support of their superheroes for the tournament ahead. This was just the beginning, as rollicking Saturday was followed by Blockbuster Sunday booked for the India v/s Pakistan encounter! Rated as the “Mother of all games”, the stage was set for a pure spectacle of a game in a sold out Adelaide Stadium which was drenched in Sub-Continent flavours with a sea of blue and a tinge of green and the chants were so loud that the entire city came alive with cricket-crazy fans rooting for their nations. The atmosphere was electrifying and commentators were quoted saying that- “Indian crowd had marched on and taken over the city of Adelaide that day”. They sure did “take over” after an emphatic win over Pakistan and the country of billions were up on their feet and celebrating as the ever so out-of-form team India had pulled out a magical performance from their hat, especially after such a dismal series in Australia for the past two months! The match was viewed by 288 million viewers, the most watched television event in India in the past four years, since the finals of World Cup 2011.

Uday Shankar, CEO, Star India, says, “Nothing is bigger than the ICC Cricket World Cup, and Indian fans have shown their unflinching faith and passionate following for team India as they began their World Cup campaign with a bang”. The social media platform went berserk with 324,000 consumers speaking 500,000 times about the clash, generating a potential three billion impressions! The match dominated conversations on Twitter, with 10/10 trends on Twitter Web, and 15/15 trends on Twitter Mobile!

The big question here is, doesn’t it all seem like a Bollywood movie with so much of drama, so many emotions, with the heroes performing right when the hopes are high?  Is it a coincidence that all Indian matches are on weekends and in the best stadiums of Australia, gathering the biggest crowds while the other teams’ battle on smaller and less attractive stadiums having low TRP’s? Well, the spotlight is already focusing on who we want to see and where we want to see! I would rate this as a very skilful piece of marketing of the sport.

Marketing has gained such huge proportions that businesses are totally focused on how to lure the customers. Focus has been shifted to making what is ‘desired’ rather than what is ‘required’. India being the defending champions as well as the pulse of the tournament pulling huge crowds is the trump card for the organisers and India’s fixtures has been strategically designed for revenue generation. World Cup chief executive John Harnden was quoted saying “All up, we have sold more than 825,000 tickets to date, well on our way to having more than a million fans ­attend the World Cup’’.

Everyone knows that the only time India and Pakistan compete against each other on a cricket field is during major ICC events. So what better than putting them in the same World Cup group and ensuring a face-off! Moreover, it brings the bookies to the equation with betting being done virtually on every run and every wicket! Crores of rupees are put on the line and the game never fails to surprise with the minnows beating some of the seasoned teams! The 1st major upset this World Cup was the mighty Irish beating Jamaican powerhouse West Indies. But this match didn’t get the footage or hype because it was not supposed to be a “popular” match and was held in front of a meagre audience of 5000 at Saxton Oval, New Zealand. Similarly, a semi-empty stadium of Canberra witnessed a blistering knock by Chris Gayle, scoring a mammoth 215 runs, the highest ever in World Cup history which went unnoticed. Compare this to Rohit Sharma’s 264 at the packed Eden Gardens which basked in fame and is well remembered by all! It’s more of marketing talent these days than actually recognising it.

When it comes to TV viewership, Star Cricket has played a master stroke by going ahead of all its competitors and becoming the official broadcasters of ICC World Cup’15 after paying a whooping sum of US$ 2 billion. Bolstered by high-quality graphics and multi-lingual feed, the channel has cut across demographic boundaries and captured the imagination of a diverse fan-base. Their HD channels though priced at a premium are being subscribed in hordes as the cricket crazy fans want to witness this World Cup extravaganza in big screens as well as great pixel quality.

If this wasn’t enough, the Star Cricket advertisements have added more spice to the whole tournament with innovative ads that are going viral on social media and adding up to the entertainment, best example being the “Mauka (Opportunity)” AD campaign showing a Pakistani fan unable to burst fire crackers because Pakistan always fails to win against India in World Cup games. The ad made specifically for the Indo-Pak clash had over 17 million views online and now has three sequels for it and we are eagerly waiting for more as the series progresses! There is so much media planning going on that Ads are already made before the result of the match is out. The big matches have Ads going on since a week before, while the lesser teams don’t even get a bit of notice. Ad rates have increased by 50 per cent since the last World Cup to an estimated Rs 5 lakh per 10 second spot.

Much hype is created with already one objective in mind-Profits. 92.7 Big FM, the official radio partner of World Cup has launched a special show “Cricket Ka BIG Headquarter” with Virendra Sehwag and Harsha Bhogle airing on 45 stations, while Reliance Games, developer and publisher of mobile games globally, has launched four games namely Mobile Cricket Quiz, Mobile Stick Cricket, Mobile Cricket Fantasy and Mobile Cricket Fever to get the fans ticking. Even clubs, restaurants and pubs don’t miss this chance and adorn world cup themes to rope in more people. It’s a great property to connect with people at an emotional and thematic level.


World Cup offers a great platform to communicate with their existing and prospective customers and has become home for brands like Raymond going all out to launch their new product offerings. Gionee India is exploiting this opportunity digitally, by feeding live scores on web portals.World Cup, being a global event, is a huge euphoria with extreme emotions of fans attached to it and marketers are betting on this. According to market reports, the World Cup is expected to fetch approximately Rs 1,200 crore in terms of advertising revenue.


But sadly, the sport is moving more towards a money-making mechanism. The charm of this “gentleman’s game” is fading away. Tournaments like the IPL have further exaggerated this misery as now players have a price tag to their names and feature in club transfers and auctions. The sport is being stained with more of glamour and showbiz than skill and sportsmanship. The need of the hour is for someone to rise up and save the sport. Test cricket, which once used to be the essence of cricket, is going extinct with the advent and popularity of T20 cricket. Players prefer playing for the clubs than their country. They are being targeted by media not for their on-field performance but for their off-field controversies. The greats of the game have to come forward and save the true spirit of Cricket. Talent should be promoted and not money-making. Only then can Cricket prosper.


Well, the atmosphere of excitement and jubilance is still engraved in my mind when Dhoni’s Six towering over the long-on fence made India, “the World Champions”. Hope this time we can pull off some magic again! But more than anything else, I want the game to win; not its masterminds. Marketing is a strong driving force for any commodity, product or service, but it should be channelled in the right direction. Folks, the World Cup has just begun and stay tuned for more to unravel.




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The Mauka Mauka Ads are undoubtedly the ads of the season and Star Sports has ensured the Mauka to win the world cup stays only with defending champions team India. The latest advertisement by TVC with the slogan #WontGiveItBack is even better than the original one and yes this video shows all the teams facing India getting grilled all at one go.

This video is the brain-child of creative genius TheViralFever who are known to make hilarious parodies on wide range of topics ranging from Bollywood to Politics. Team India has been undefeated so far who have been against some big teams like South Africa, arch rival Pakistan and recently being UAE. It’s time India repeat their stellar performance in all the remaining matches and remain the champions for the 2015 World Cup.


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Sports advertising have become trendy these days with world’s best sports products manufacturing and sports equipment companies coming to front and promoting themselves through out-of-the-box print advertisements. These simply prove that people are tired of watching the old and redundant advertisements across different mediums like television, billboards, print etc. With the transition in time, advertising trend has also undergone enormous change and every advertiser should strike to adopt out-of-the-box strategies to lure the target audience.We bring to you some of the most influential and creative sports ads which you will definitely love irrespective of whether you follow sports or not.

These sports ads will not only make you watch them twice but also explore the underlying promotional message that the brand is trying to communicate. The assortment of creative print ads are a dynamic combination of influential and ingenious advertisements which happen to be more than just images because each picture has its own story.

1. What a way to illustrate the punch line- Impossible Is Nothing.

Highly Influential Adidas China Basketball Ad because Impossible Is Nothing.

2.  Amnesty International’s brilliant print ad with the underlying message ‘Stop Executions’.

Amnesty International put across brilliant message through this print ad.

3.  Mind-boggling BMW print ad showing what actually is perfect drive.

Can you drive BMW that perfect?

4. Everything is getting digital and so is the Electronic Sports World Cup.

Never before seen this kind of sports world cup ad.

5. Jog like never before.

You have got to learn jogging.

6. You can either observe the graphics, the cars or the Formula 1 GP ad.

Formula 1 dazzling sports ad.

7. Mexican Association of Pediatricians shows why its important to drink milk.

After watching this advertisement every child will drink milk.

8. Adidas does it this time with official white outfitter of NBA.

That’s not just white, that’s ultra-white

9. Nike dig ad.

Nike dig ad

10. The super strengthening baseball print ad.

What does it take to knock the ball out of the park.



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A catchy and enticing advertising slogan is the lifeblood of any campaign since it serves as the deciding factor for any advertisement. Some slogans are so captivating that they become part of your everyday conversation. In fact, the most astounding way to keep the target audience hooked to your brand is through good slogans. We would like to list down best slogan ever which inspires us even more every time we speak or see them.

1. Red Bull- “It Gives You Wiiiings”!

“It Gives You Wiiiings”!



2. Apple- “Think Different”


3. McDonalds – “I’m Lovin’ It”


4. Nike – Just do it.


5. Surf :Daag Acche hain



6.  Carlsberg- “Probably the best beer in the world”.



7.  HSBC- “The World’s Local Bank”.


8. Coca Cola  : Thanda Matlab Coca Cola

coca cola


9. Tata Sky: Isko laga dala to life jingalala.

tata sky


10. Lays: No one can eat just one




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1. Best Helicopter advertisement.

best airplane ad


2. The uber-cool elevator advertisement.

cool elevator ad

3. The best truck advertisement.

creative truck ads


4. Don’t Dri____

dont drink n drive


5.  Duracell batteryduracell 6. Durex advertisement sums it up with perfect equation.


durex make your own 7. Another whacky advertisement.elevator ad

8. Garnier hide yesterday advertisement.garnier hide yesterday 9. Gold’s gym's gym 10.  Heinz hot ketchup because it’s really hot.heinz hot ketchup 11. iRun iPod shuffle.ipod-shuffle 12. The lost puppy advertisement.lost puppy 13. A sandwich for 14. McDonald’s free Wi-Fi restaurants advertisement.McD_Wi_Fi.preview 15. Nutella do not lick the pagenutrella do not lick here 16. The Halloween Oreo advertisement.oreo ad 17. Pepsi with a twist because it’s Pepsi twist.PEPSI 18. Radio 2 Music 2 19. Samsung Optical 2x optical zoom20. Another Brilliant WWF Campaign.WWF wildllife




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The year 2014 was the year of innovation and saw some revolutionary changes in the social media world with LinkedIn and Pinterest emerging as the potential business serving social media platforms. The initiatives taken by the different brands to do something different actually made us uncover the most culminating social media campaigns ever. We brought out the best ones for you and you can actually learn how these brands made it big in the social media sphere through their innovative campaigns:

1. Togetherness is Awesomeness.

Bitwell’s social media campaign to encourage fans on regular basis to submit fan helmets proved to be an excellent endeavor and it also celebrated the feeling of togetherness. The ongoing campaign of Bitwell highlights some of the best art designs submitted by the fans on routine basis and this has surely brought-in lot of likes in their page.



2. The instagram video of Tiffany.

The new Tiffany signature color video on Instagram packed with 22,000+ items has garnered nearly 18000+ likes and is still going strong.

tiffany blue


3. The stellar Microsoft’s company page on LinkedIn.

When it comes to Social Media, LinkedIn is overlooked many a times but it has turned out to be the 3rd most potential social media channel after Facebook and Twitter. Microsoft’s brilliant campaign on LinkedIn is talked about at large scale and it is worth the time checking out the company’s page.



4. Rotten Tomatoes Google+ Campaign.

Most of us have spent our time wondering what to do on Google+ but Rotten Tomatoes have pulled it off brilliantly with posts on regular basis.  The ‘Tomatometers’ and entertainment reviews on regular basis keeps the users engaged with fresh updates.

rotten tomatoes


5. The tasty Domino’s tweet for cheap Pizza campaign.

Put the hashtag #letsdolunch and the price of the pizza goes down from ­£15.99 to £7.74, that is the power of twitter promotion. The cheap and tasty Domino’s pizza campaign got huge number of fans interacting with them in the time span of just 2 hours turning out to be an extremely effective campaign.

Pizza campaign


6. Cadbury garnered Facebook likes through giant chocolate thumb.

The Cadbury’s idea of giant facebook chocolate thumb got 40,000 followers within very short period of time and it was also watched by nearly 3,50,000 people around the world.





7. Quikr’s shop and blog Diwali campaign.

On the joyous occassion of Diwali, #1 online classifieds website of India launched a campaign with an activity which was revolved around shopping and blogging. The initiative brought the huge traffic to the website and the customers also talked extensively about their shopping experience.







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Facebook never fails to formulate the strategy to stay ahead of its competitors and its latest innovation ‘Facebook at Work’ is being readied to encounter competition from LinkedIn. This is Facebook’s secret project which is designed as traditional facebook page and will allow users to do much more important tasks than just chatting. The users will be able to connect with their professional contacts and also collaborate over documents.



According to the news, Facebook employees are already using this platform to explore the possibilities while its testing phase is also under scrutiny with few of the companies. The facebook is also on the lookout to reduce the promotional posts content that appears in the newsfeed as stated in a blog post.



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The last decade has noticed tremendous growth in he Indian blogging scenario since story-tellers from diverse backgrounds have taken up blogging to share their experiences and stories with the world.

From food, to fashion, to travel, the Indian blogosphere is as diverse as the nation itself. But it has all been fragmented till date. People are churning out stories and articles but it has majorly been in isolation.

BlogAdda seems to have brought a considerable change by getting all the bloggers together to connect & create stories as a community with their #CelebrateBlogging initiative for the month of September.

The campaign was all about cherishing the concept of blogging and bringing all the bloggers on one page so that they can work together and, as a result, grow together. It’s an avenue for the blogging community to showcase their prowess and garner fame while working as a tight knit team.


Game for Storytellers

As a part of #CelebrateBlogging, “Game of Blogs” allowed bloggers to come together and create stories every week based on the characters that were announced at BlogAdda.

The bloggers were paired with other bloggers to form a team and they competed with other teams to curate stories that were interesting and showcased the team’s creative skills.

The key here was to work together as a team and create great stories every week.

The jury, comprised of very promising authors from India, include Ashwin Sanghi, Natasha Badhwar, Ravi Subramanian, Meghna Pant, Raksha Bharadia and Kiran Manral who went through each story and shortlisted the winning teams who progressed to the next round.

One never knew who they will partner with which actually turned out to be a good thing since the main idea was to get out of the comfort zone and come across team members who might add a different perspective to the blogging style.

It was all about connecting with fellow bloggers and creating remarkable stories to compete with others.

In the final round, one would have seen top teams standing tall with their stories and the best ones out of them will get published in a book by BlogAdda in association with the publishing partners for #CelebrateBlogging – LeadStart Publishing.

What’s in it for the Bloggers?

Nirav Sanghavi, CEO BlogAdda, says that “The Team at BlogAdda endeavors to bring new and innovative opportunities for bloggers and brands. #CelebrateBlogging was an attempt to empower the bloggers of our country and gratify them with much deserved accolades and appreciation. And to do justice towards the immense creativity of bloggers, we had a highly talented Jury Panel for “Game of Blogs”. There are a lot of celebrations and excitement in store for bloggers in the upcoming months at BlogAdda”

Well, as the name suggests, #CelebrateBlogging is for bloggers who are passionate about their craft and love telling stories. If you want to connect with fellow bloggers and showcase your storytelling skills to the world, this is the most apt platform for you.

Not only will you achieve fame, you will also get to interact with influencers who can help you grow as a blogger and become successful.

Moreover, the campaign will see gift vouchers from worth 2.5 lakhs given out to bloggers at different levels of activities.

All in all, BlogAdda’s #CelebrateBlogging was a great platform for the Indian blogging community to showcase its creative skills.



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