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With the World Cup having already reached its final stages, the ongoing world cup edition saw some really great advertising campaigns especially Mauka Mauka Campaign which became the talk of the advertising world. The advertising trend has undergone a phenomenal change with consumers choosing digital platform as the most preferred medium over other traditional mediums of advertising. Marketers have already realized the significant change in advertising medium and they are keen on introducing creative ways for promoting the brand and making them go viral.

The Pepsi Challenge Commercial 2015 is an initiative by the Pepsi to market its product in a youth-oriented country like India where percentage of people consuming Pepsi is higher than percentage of people consuming Coca-Cola. However, unlike its previous advertising campaigns, Pepsi has come up with an interesting twist in the IPL campaign titled Pepsi Challenge Commercial which invites youth across the country to make their own Pepsi videos and submit it to the team.


Pepsi 2015 IPL Commercial Overview


The best videos will be aired every weekend during the IPL tournament and the best of the best will be given cash prize worth Rs 1 Lakh and will be broadcasted in the final weekend of the IPL. The Pepsi is using social media to its full advantage and will be aggressively promoting the best artwork and videos submitted by the youth across the country. They have introduced different campaigns in other countries too but India is their prime choice for the fact it boasts of the large population of youth and the target age group of Pepsi is mainly the youth only.

Pepsi IPL Edition 2015


Brands are constantly pushing the boundaries and trying to cope with the changes taking place in the digital world. Users have become social media savy and they consume huge amount of content on social media platforms on continuous basis. Hence, Pepsi wants to leverage this opportunity to the full potential and ensure people expand their interest reach across diversified platforms and not stay limited only to Cricket and Bollywood.

However, since every good opportunity comes with a challenge, this campaign is also a risk but also interesting at the same time because it is a brilliant way of taking creativity at a new level. On the other hand, Coke is also celebrating its 100 years and will be putting up the best creative works by people all over the world on social media platforms.

So, what are you waiting for, tighten your seat belts and get your creative juices flowing by making your own IPL Pepsi commercial video. Who knows you might be the lucky winner and get opportunity to get your video aired live on television during the IPL tournament.



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The digital age has taken the advertising world by storm because majority of the people nowadays like to get things done digitally and also prefer to read online. The advertising agencies around the world also have to adapt to the fast changing trend and in order to cope with the changing trend almost all the ad agencies had decided to establish a strong digital presence through their own blogs. These blogs are a great source of learning for all the aspiring professionals who want to become a part of advertising and even for those who are already into this profession. From most trending campaigns to upcoming market trends, you will probably find every piece of information relating to advertising and marketing on these blogs. Here are the 10 most influential ad agency blogs which you should read right away:

1. DDB Blog

DDB ad blog

DDB is one of the leading ad agencies which covers articles on various topics related to social media strategies, branding news and everything else related to the world of advertising.


Draft FCB ad blog

One of the largest ad agencies in the world covers various advertising and technology related news in their in-house blog.


3. Emerging Experiences Blog

Emerging Experiences ad blog

The Emerging Experiences blog showcases some of the most creative ad campaigns which also happens to be the official Razorfish blog.


4. The Marketing Arm blog

The Marketing Arm Ad Blog

Everything you ever wanted to know about promotional strategies and their impact on advertisements, you will discover them in The Marketing Arm blog. This blog mostly brings news from sports and entertainment industry and is also responsible for the “Twitterview” which is popular for being a very interesting concept.


5. Merkle blog

Merkle ad blog

If you are deeply enthusiastic reading about mobile strategies and customer relationship management then Merkle is the hotspot for you as it covers various news and analysis related to big data and analytics.

6. MindShare blog

Mindshare ad blog

This is one another giant agency which focuses on news catering to brand media strategies, consumer insights and communications planning

7. Mullen blog

Mullen ad blog

Mullen is another largest ad agency which mainly covers opinion articles, insights and highlights about the campaigns from different ad agencies and much more.


8. Wieden+Kennedy blog


Wieden+Kennedy ad blog

This agency has offices in multiple continents and employees from respective continents publish their thoughts and ideas on advertising campaigns, advertising insights and much more.


9. Acquity group blog


Acquity group blog


Acquity group is a spot for marketing and IT professionals but it also covers information about new technologies and also covers some deep insights through uber cool infographics.

10. 360i blog


360i ad blog

The agency offers 360o solutions like search engine marketing, media planning services and also creative services. The blog covers insights and news catering to latest marketing trends, case studies and also excellent video content.









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The Alpino ad which showcases a husband and a wife engaged in an conversation is emotionally touching and also showcases the brilliant use of the phrase ‘sharing’ in the entire ad. Nestle’s products have always been much talked about and quarter of their success credit goes to their creative advertisements which manages to surprise us every time. The Nestle ALPINO ad campaign which was launched few years back was an endeavor to enhance Nestle confectionery premium products among which one is Nestle Alpino. The TVCs are conceptualized towards the mutual theme ‘sharing’ with the core idea being ‘To love is to share’.


Nestle Alpino Ad

The creative team behind the TVC is JWT who have managed to communicate the entire message with the audience in entertaining and influential way. The theme based on the married couples in both the TVCs has worked in the favor of the Nestle with the ad commercials serving as the pleasant experience. The story highlights the Nestle’s central idea for the ad ‘Ye bhi koi share karne ki cheez hai’ in enchanting manner and it rightly connects with the audience.

Both the TVCs are created towards a centrally themed idea where the couples are engaged in the conversation. It was a challenging task for JWT who were ideating the ALPINO campaign because they had to make the ad interactive and commercially appealing without sounding sluggish at the same time.


Nestle ALPINO ad


Nestle Alpino TVCs

The first TVC starts with a couple going though their old pictures in a photo album and reviving the memories associated with them. The husband describes his feelings seeing the picture that he is glad his wife does not resemble her parents. Later the husband realizes he should not have spoken such words as his wife looks over with disappointing expression. The voice-over appears from the background with the punch line “Ye bhi koi share karne ki cheez hain” and then his wife rolls out the yummy chocolate bonbon. When she unwraps the chocolate, she finds a sweet romantic message written which shows her husband’s love. They both share an emotional moment and it amply justifies the central theme of the ad with sharing being the major idea.


Another Nestle ALPINO TVC revolves around a married couple where husband expresses his happiness over getting promotion to his wife. His wife gets accentuated on hearing this and asks her husband if he has communicated the same message to her father. Since he has not yet told her father about the promotion, she asks him to do it as it will raise his reputation in front of his father-in-law’s eyes because he considers him as loser. The voice-over with the message ‘Ye bhi koi share karne ki cheez hain’ again comes from the background with the focus being Nestle ALPINO and it again shows how beautifully the brand’s message is centralized and communicated with the audience.

The entire campaign has been initiated with the motive to make the advertisement interactive and ensure the central theme is appropriately communicated with the audience. The creative team behind the campaign have undone the herculean task with utmost perfection and came up with an advertisement which is capable of being shortlisted among the most appealing advertisements in the recent times.











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Brand wars have always been fascinating affair be it the two biggest soft drink giants Pepsi Vs Coca-Cola or toothpaste companies Pepsodent vs. Colgate. However, the situation has taken completely different turn with the most epic chocolate ad battle raged between Cadbury Perk and Nestle Munch striking the right chord. The day advertisement was launched which showed Cadbury Perk mocking the Nestle Munch for being the lighter weight, it took the internet by storm and became the most talked about topic on social media platforms.


Cadbury Perk Vs Nestle Munch brand-war is not as nasty as other brand wars but is surely humorous and one of the much anticipated brand wars in recent times. The entire brand war has been themed around two brothers Monu and Sonu where Monu is seen expressing his grief because he is being given the Nestle Munch (which is light in weight) as compared to his brother Sonu who gets Cadbury Perk chocolate (heavier chocolate). The advertisement shows Cadbury Perk taking a dig at Nestle Munch and mocking it by calling it the lighter-weight chocolate because it weighs only 11.5 grams and includes just 3 chocolate wafers.



Cadbury Perk mocking Nestle Munch



Cadbury Perk used the edge to its advantage brilliantly and came up with an approach to launch its new chocolate. It weighs around 17 grams including 4 wafers which is heavier than Nestle Munch and also trolled Nestle Munch in the surprising way. The chocolaty brand war began on an astounding note and took everyone by surprise but the excitement was short lived because Munch came with a thunderous response  ‘Munch ka Punch’ and made things too difficult for Cadbury Perk to handle.


Based on the similar theme, Cadbury perk came up with their own advertisement where Sonu (brother or Monu) expressed his concern and used phrases like ‘“Chocolate hum taste ke liye khate hai, weight ke liye nahi” and “Before eating a parantha, do you ask mom about its weight?” They were quick, efficient and really outweighed the Perk with #MUNCHkaPunch and also used another efficient strategy to prove themselves superior by calling the mockery ad of Cadbury Perk as simply ‘wait’ and ‘watch’ affair.




Munch responds brilliantly with #MUNCHkaPunch


The chocolate brand war campaign not only connected extremely well with the target audience but also used the phrases brilliantly throughout the advertisement. While advertisers and digital marketers do the daunting task of curating advertising campaigns and make it relevant enough to connect with the people, consumers can enjoy the epic battle and expect more of such humor-packed ads in the future.






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The way advertising is been done has undergone enormous change these days with advertisements being placed in the most unusual places. If being asked about the most unusual advertisements you have ever come across, which are the ones you would consider the most? From billboards to buses and cars to swimming pools, these brands have ensured people catch attention of their advertisements of their advertisements wherever they go. Some of them are insanely creative while some will make you think deep about the unusual ways of advertisement affecting the people. In the recent years, advertising has become smart and people smarter because they are bored of tried and tested traditional advertising medium.

Advertisements have become eminent part of our lives and it’s nearly impossible to get away without getting acknowledged to at least quite a few creative advertisements on day to day basis. The most elegant way to advertise is to strike when people least expect that they would come across an advertisement and that is where several brands have hit the right target. These are some of the hard hitting as well as unusual advertisements you will probably come across in the next few years down the line:


1.  The idea was brilliantly conceptualized in Dubai for the male deodorant Axe.

Axe- fantasy
Axe fantasy mouse pad ad

2. The interactive billboard magazine ad which was placed so that people could make music while peeing.


The uber creative billboard magazine guitar pee



3. One of the best examples of ad positioning with BMW hitting the exact spot.


BMW reminding don’t forget to wash your hands.



4. Fedex diligently placed its ad about whitewash.

Fedex innovative whitewash ad


5. The best and most smartest way to advertise about global warming by HSBC.

HSBC raising awareness about the dangers of global warming.


6. Life’s really too short to do a wrong job.

The classic illustration showcasing how wrong job can affect your life



7. Next time keep a watch if you come across any such advertisement.

The over stylish Magnum car ad


8.  You probably wouldn’t have imagined you will ever get to see this kind of pasta ad.


Mondo- pasta-advertisement
Ever tried the Mondo pasta?



9. Don’t be confused, it’s a self defence ad.

The creative self defence ad

10. One of the finest sports ads you will ever see.


Peculiar yet influential urinal wrap sports advertising ad.



















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The brand logos have evolved over the years and these famous brand logos evolutions has taken us all by surprise. These brand logos continue to rule our hearts with some of the prominent brand names being Apple, Xerox, IBM, Microsoft etc. You may call it a surprise or a transition over the years but some of these brand logos have definitely managed to woo us and catch our attention. You can talk about the Apple logo’s iconic revolution or IBM logo’s historical transition, each logo has a different story and is perhaps the more interesting one than the other.

For these brands, the brand logo evolution is a regular affair because it reflects the company’s ethics and also deeply relates to the products and services it offers. Whenever we see an advertisement of these brands the first thing that strikes our mind is the brand logo. Here are 10 corporate brand logo evolution of popular brands with a popular logo which you definitely need to see:


1. Apple

Apple iconic logo change

The Apple rainbow logo first created by Rob Janoff was the official Apple logo till 1998 and then it was changed into a present logo which officially looks like Apple fruit. The official Apple logo is now the most sought after logo in the tech world with almost every other company recognizing the logo as the most iconic brand symbol.

2. Ford

Ford logo iconic change

The different logo shapes of one of the leading automobile companies Ford founded by Henry Ford has changed several times since its inception. The present logo which was officially released in the year 2003 happens to be the last change among all the Ford logos.


3. Google

Google iconic logo change

The search engine giant Google’s logo has been changed 3 times till date with the present logo being designed by Ruth Kedar. The first logo was created by Sergey Brin himself after he learnt about a designing software and then it was changed to another logo in the same year with an exclamation mark which resembles the Yahoo logo.


4. IBM

IBM iconic logo change.

The present logo which has been the company’s identity since 1972 is designed by Paul Rand. The striped logo is the symbol of ‘speed and dynamism’ which is widely recognized by people all over the world.


5. Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes iconic logo change

The symbol which is identified as the symbol of luxury and  posh cars has been the company’s official logo since 1926 with a vast improvement in design over the years.


6. Microsoft

Microsoft iconic logo change

The tech giant with a punch-line ‘Your potential. Our Passion’has been the company’s official logo since 2008 and connects extremely well with the present day generation.


7. Nike

Nike iconic logo change

Nike logo happens to be one of the cheapest logos in the history since it’s first logo in the year 1971 was designed for just $35 by a designer named Caroline Davidson. The company had quite a few changes over the years till the time it finally came up with the present logo which is immensely popular worldwide.


8. Nokia

Nokia iconic logo change

The finnish company with a punch-line “Connecting People” has been into numerous businesses over the years namely television, shoes. The transition in the brand’s logo happened because of the company entering the new businesses in every few years of time.


9. Pepsi

Pepsi iconic logo change

The leading soft-drinks company has had numerous logo changes over the years with the first breakthrough coming in the late 1940s with the Pepsi CEO initiating the idea of a new bottle design with a pepsi logo on it.  The present logo has been created keeping in view the the idea of global mechanism which happens to be the 11th logo spanning more than a century.



10. Xerox

Xerox iconic logo change

Earlier known as the Haloid company had a similar logo from 1961 to 2004. After 2004 the company decided to re-invent a new logo with which the people associate today.






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Once you watch these 10 uber creative McDonalds Ads, you will truly experience the official McDonald’s punch-line which stands at ‘I’m lovin it’. McDonalds have been extremely creative with their advertisements  since their innovation has taken creativity altogether to a new level. Creativity is not as easy as it seems to be though there are several brands who want to make their ads creative but only few are able to explore the creativity. One of them is McDonald’s who are insanely creative and has used the right blend of emotion and wittiness which will connect with the target audience

Whenever we talk about creativity and particularly creative ads, McDonald’s surely comes in the list. While advertising is purely art and requires creative muscles to be stretched to the maximum, the biggest goal which remains to be achieved is to connect to the target audience and make them buy the product. These are the 12 purely genius McDonald’s creative ads which you need to see now:

1. McDonald’s uber cool Rock ‘n’ Fries ad- The new menu ready to rock.

McDonald’s Rock ‘n’ Fries ad.


2. McDonald’s objects in the mirrors are closer than they appear ad- Close enough?

McDonald’s objects in the mirror are closer than they appear ad.

3. McDonald’s Sundial Breakfast menu ad- What did you had for breakfast?

Mcdonald Sundial ad.

4.  McDonald’s uber creative outdoor ad- How can you overlook that ad?

McDonmald's- yass-ad
McDonald’s Breakfast menu ad.

5. McDonald’s Olympics Ad- Can you manage it?

McDonald’s Olympic Ad

6. McDonald’s-Merry-Christmas-Ad- This is how McDonald’s celebrate Christmas.

McDonald’s merry christmas ad.

7.  McDonald’s giant towels ad- How giant is that towel.

McDonald’s giant towels ad.

8. McDonald’s broadest menu ever- Can it get any more broader?

McDonald’s broadest menu ever

9. McDonald’s 2006 winter olympics ad- The breeziest ride ever.

McDonald’s 2006 winter olympics

10. McDonald’s 24/7 drive through nighttime ad- Is it visible?

McDonald’s drive through ad.



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This year women’s day was tad different than usual as the iconic brands did something truly special by creating advertisements dedicated to all the women. While Star Sports talked about women empowerment in its powerful short ad and encouraged men to check out women but with a twist in the tale, Amazon talked about the special women partnership in its women’s day campaign. Horlicks created another beautiful women’s day special ad which showed the everlasting bond between a mother and her daughter.

If simply put, these brands have taken their own initiative to celebrate the women’s day by paying the tribute to those women who have succeeded in different walks of life. The message was influential with the brand’s core message being beautifully portrayed in the different Women’s day advertisement campaigns, for instance Horlicks women’s day ad which showed a mother determined to make her daughter succeed in all walks of life also highlighted the USP of Horlicks drink. Let’s give a look at how these brands celebrated women’s day and kept people glued to their short but ecstatic advertisements:


1. Star Sports highlighted how powerful a women can get #CheckOutMyGame.

The strength, the perseverance, the endurance to succeed is what drives these successful women to achieve the heights which most women can only desire. Star Sports came up with a vigilant women’s day advertisement which makes it a must watch.

2. According to Amazon, these women have something in common which binds them together #EmpoweredByHer.

When we talk about women empowerment, lot of different aspects strikes our mind but Amazon has described exactly what women empowerment means in its women’s day special ad. The ad emphasizes on the strength of successful women entrepreneurs and notifies people that the women too is capable of making it big their life.

3. The heart-warming video portraying the unbreakable bond of a mother-daughter relationship #LoveYouMaa.

Horlicks came up with a beautiful ad on the eve of Mother’s day and hit the right spot by showcasing the unbreakable mother-daughter bond. This ad shows how mother sacrifices everything just to make her daughter grow successful in all walks of life. The heart-touching advertisement will strike your emotional chord and make you wonder about your mom at least for a a while.







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