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World’s leading social media news site BuzzFeed has partnered with International chat-messaging platform WeChat to enhance its distribution system and increase its user database. This partnership is considered to be the company’s first main collaboration with an International company as BuzzFeed International’s president believes it will engage more people to read the online content. BuzzFeed is a major company in social media space while WeChat is the leader in chat-messaging platform.

This content partnership will allow users to enjoy and share content with the users who would enjoy reading and also share them with their friends. WeChat believes in creating interactive experiences and BuzzFeed seeks to grow its user database which now stands at 175 million. WeChat is a part of the international business group Tencent while BuzzFeed has recently also started its operations in India.

WeChat has been growing at a rapid speed with content collaborations with the prominent media firm like ScoopWhoop and also e-commerce website like Flipkart.



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The penetration of smart phones in the country has led to the tremendous growth of Mobile advertising in the recent years.  There are many first time users who are using internet on their phones and never used laptop or other screens.

The recent report by Opera Mediaworks quotes that India has seen a record growth at 260 per cent since July 213. The rapid country-wide shift from feature phones to smart devices is the primary reason, which is dominated almost entirely by the Android platform (41.7% share vs. 0.4% for iOS).

Asia Pacific was the fastest growing region in mobile advertising with 70 per cent growth in ad impression year over year. The growth in this region is largely driven by India.

Ambrish Bajaj, Head of Mobile, Jabong feels mobile advertising in India is the next big thing and it is expected to grow at nearly 70 percent.

“Internet penetration is extremely fast in India. Mobile marketing should try to mirror the rise of smartphone sales in India. There may be some technical challenges that may prevent the growth from being 100-150% but still it will be anywhere around 60 to 70% growth in mobile marketing business,” said Bajaj.

On the sectors that will drive mobile marketing, Bajaj said e-commerce will be the key customer of mobile advertising.


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Sprite’s newly launched campaign #SpriteTillIdie, is a mad take on artists where they are taking away instruments from musicians, the stage from dancers, and canvas from artists, and asking them to impress.

The youth of India’s successful digital campaign has not only managed to impress but it is equally mesmerizing. This campaign is a creative take on artists which shows how passionate they are about their talent.





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