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The other day I met my friend, Dino he was telling me how he had become a pro in negotiating his advertising rates with the media houses. Dino has recently joined this IT start-up and for him to talk with such confidence on his media buying expertise surprised me.

He winked and said; “ I go rate shopping and ultimately get what I want.”

Sounds Simple….Right? But trust me being in the media buying industry for over a decade now I can assure you there is nothing better than creating competition to get the best rate for your Ad.

Media Sales competitions have been around for decades not only within the media houses but mostly across media houses. Most great sales professionals are naturally ambitious and incentive-driven. In fact, their desire to meet their target deadlines is a blessing for us as advertisers.But even though sales teams have an innate competitive drive, getting best rates from them is truly a challenging task.

Our recent research on a set of 1000 advertisers shows that over 55% of advertisers renegotiate — 30.5% successfully get a lower rate due to market competition quotations. However, if the environment is too intense, sales reps near the top of the performance ladder voluntarily share the lowest rate with you due to prevailing cut throat market competition.

In a competitive market, getting the best rate is a daunting task. Fortunately, these six strategies will help you deal with your media reps better:

1) Understand what you need

You need to advertise only if you think you should advertise and not simply because others are advertising. Every business has a different objective: brand awareness, sales promotion, creating buzz, etc. Based on your objective determine what are the media options available – premium to average. If you choose a premium brand justify as to why you want to advertise there.

For eg: Swiggy wants to reach the people of Baroda, Radio Mirchi being the leading radio station of India. It would still prefer to advertise in Red FM or Big FM. Your media platform should fit in well in accordance to your target audience persona.

Every large brand is not the key to campaign success nor is every average media option the solution to a cost-effective campaign. You need a smart media plan.

2) Approach preferred media house for rate

Once you have determined the media option that would work best for you, contact the media house to get the rates for your desired media plan.

Considering Swiggy as the example, Red FM quote is requested. Mr.Bhatia, Red FM (Baroda) Sales Manager quotes Rs 210 per 10 seconds for the campaign.

3) Get rates from other competing media houses too

Now once you have received rates from say Red FM as desired, you now need to contact other competing media houses of the domain for the same media plan.

Swiggy now gets rates from other competing radio stations like Radio Mirchi, Big FM and Radio City.

Rate Shopping is no crime. So, relax do not hesitate or give in to confirmation to any of them yet.

4) Evaluate and Compare

Your media evaluation process now needs to emphasize on 3 factors – your objective, budget, and competing media rates.

You cannot evaluate the rates of new and low rated channel with the largest premium brand. Choose your media competition carefully, evaluate and compare the rates of other media options.

5) Negotiate with preferred media house

Staying mum with the rep of your preferred media option might seem counterintuitive: After all, if you are willing to advertise you have to reason with the rep for the premium amount that you pay for your Ad in comparison to other options.

Here you get one of the two: a proper validation for the higher amount that you might pay or you would receive a lower rate.

So, now Swiggy is in the stage of negotiating with Red FM based on the rates received from others.

6) Get Best Rates

Discussing the competition rarely works in the salesperson’s favor. If he criticizes them, he’ll come across as just another rep happy to sling mud. And even when reps can identify a clear opportunity to provide value, doing so takes time, energy and moreover the dangers of losing you to the competition.

Media reps value customers and would do their best. Negotiating based on competition doubles your chances of getting the best market deal like Swiggy.

In media buying, knowledge of media rates is the true weapon. Knowing market rates space inside and out enables advertisers to reason and get the best out of the deal.

If you’re not sure how to create that media competition, ask your agency to help. The modern advertiser has plenty of choices. To win their business, reps would do everything in their power to have them in their clientele list.

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There are some people who just refuse to accept any flexibility.

My favorite hypothetical example is of the types advertisers that I work with; Tabong, a fashion start-up, highly flexible organization and another is Syntra, a renowned fashion brand, strict on their deadlines.

I admire Syntra for its highly strategized and structured campaigns. They never go off-beat their campaign calendar schedules. Once a campaign planned and passed by the management, all we had to do as their media buying agency was to get their Ads released on the scheduled dates by negotiating on the market rates. Everytime we released an Ad for Syntra, all I could think was, “I’m sorry I could save you only 25% ,if you allowed I could have saved more.”

You must be wondering why do I need Syntra’s permission to save on their Ad investment. That, my friends, is because I as an agency was given no flexibility on campaign release dates.

What’s the big deal about it….Tabong will explain.

Tabong launched their e-commerce fashion portal about a year ago and their primary motive with advertising was maximum returns to scale by optimizing their Ad cost to the fullest. They had campaigns planned but were open with their Ad release dates (for about a week duration) and you know what I always told them satisfactorily;  “You can never have made a better buy than this….it saved you over 65% than the current rate”.

I understand you must be wondering what magical powers was I bestowed with Ad release dates flexibility.

Media is a perishable property. Everyday crores worth of advertising inventory goes unsold, canceled and unutilised across various media platforms like newspaper, radio, cinema, tv, magazine and outdoor. The unused  Ad inventory is an opportunity loss in real terms for the media owner. Therefore, these remnant Ad inventories are sold at considerably lower rates when approached by an advertiser.

The entire system of liquidating Ad inventory at lower price works similar to the hospitality industry wherein empty hotel rooms are sold by vendors across portals at lower rates than its actual rate card.There’s been so much conflicting data around the word “Unused Ad inventory.” While it’s something that most of the advertisers should be knowing of, there has also been skepticism that advertisers take remnant inventory as waste or useless inventory. That’s not true. Just cause it was not bought doesn’t make it useless, infact it’s a blessing for an advertiser in disguise.

This remnant Ad inventory is a win-win situation for both the media owner as well as the advertiser- the advertiser gets it for a considerable lower rate and the media owner is saved from running into losses by it going unutilised.

You would be surprised to know that for some of our advertisers we have bought these Ad inventories at over 70% less than its market value. Fascinating?

But an advertiser can only leverage these unsold or canceled inventories by being flexible on their campaign dates. I understand you can’t be flexible for your every Ad campaign but for the one’s you can, you should. Ask your media buying agency to grab these opportunities for you to save you from breaking the bank.

releaseMyAd, the largest smart media buying agency of the India is trying to create that ecosystem wherein it can help advertisers optimize their cost and assist media houses to liquidate their property. With over 35+ years in the media buying industry we have access to access to all Ad inventory availability details and whenever given the opportunity we leverage these to help our advertisers “Buy Media Smartly at the Lowest Rates.”

Planning to have an Ad campaign…..get your hands on remnant Ad inventory as Tabong does and be amazed.


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COMPOSIT, The largest fest of metallurgical engineering and material sciences in the country, is back The 24th edition of the technical fest, is all set to be held at IIT Kharagpur from 10th to 12th March 2017 and promises to be bigger and better than ever.

The Congress of Metallurgical Professionals involving Students, Industry and Teachers or COMPOSIT, organized annually by the IIT Kharagpur Chapter of the Society of Metallurgical Engineers(SME) has been fostering interactions, invoking innovations and conferring the budding engineers of India with unparalleled opportunities and technical exposure in addition to great experiences and lots of fun ever since it’s first edition was held back in the year of 1994.

Prof. G.G.Roy, Head of the Metallurgical and Materials Engineering department said, “At COMPOSIT we aim to encourage the young and enthusiastic metallurgists from all over the country to showcase theirtalent. It also gives them an opportunity of a lifetime to interact with the stalwarts in the field who share their expertise.”

The major events of the fest include the two flagship events, “Technova” and “MetalloMania”, the Technical Paper and Poster Presentations which have been spearheading the fest from it’s inception. Other events includes Techincal and Business Case Study Competitions, for the strategists. For the quizzers of India from all walks of life, there is a lineup of three quizzes, the BizQuiz, MetaQuiz and EngiQuiz, with questions sure to test the mettle of even the best. The analysts are not to be left behind with Excavate, the Data Analyticsevent and neither are the detective minds, with The Sixth Sense, the detective case study.

The fest is all set to be graced with eminent guests like who will be guiding and inspiring the bright minds in the audience through the Guest Lectures as well as deliberate on the current trends and challenges through the Panel Discussion. Dignitaries from previous editions include eminent personalities such as Padma Shri Awardee and Former Director of BARC, Dr. Srikumar Banerjee, Padma Bhusan awardee and Former Vice President, TATA Steel, B Muthuraman along with other leaders and pioneers.

Apart from the on-site events, COMPOSIT holds various online events in the days following up to the fest. These include the heavily contested online quiz event Enigma and the two new ones being introduced in the newest edition, Metaclix and Metascript, the online photography and essay writing competitions, respectively. COMPOSIT also witnesses workshops of all flavors, with previous editions of the fest hosting workshops on topics ranging from 3D Printing to Wildlife Conservation, which are held by organizations of international fame like Humane Society International.

All in all, COMPOSIT has grown to be a platform for bringing out and nurturing that spark present in each one of us. COMPOSIT 2017 will carry this forward. So, buckle up and get ready, for Metal Mania is set to hit!

Website –

Facebook Page –

We have maintained excellent relationship with our sponsors who have continued to sponsor us over the last few years. Unlike other fests we provide innumerable branding opportunities as per the requirements of the concerned company. We challenge the company that the amount of branding we can provide is by far the best by any other student organized fest in the country.

This year’s fest will be organized on 10th-12th March 2017 consisting intense contests, enthralling Guest Lectures, Workshops, Panel discussion, spectacular presentations and nerve-breaking quizzes. We would like to propose XYZ for Title/Major/Event Sponsor.

Various modes of branding have been planned for our Sponsor. We will provide branding in the following ways:

  • ON-Campus Branding
  • Off- Campus Branding
  • Branding through media

Kindly do reply back and any suggestions will be welcomed by our team.

Other forms of association are also available like Title, Co-Sponsor, Major Sponsor, etc.

Contact :

Shubham Singhal
III year U.G. Student,
General Secretary,
Society of Metallurgical Engineers,
IIT Kharagpur 
Ph – +917098153060

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“Hey, Mom I bought 1 kg apples at Rs 100. Isn’t it amazing?” I was overjoyed with the thought of getting so many apples within the money that I was provided for. It was my first time that I had gone shopping all by myself. I was overjoyed.

My mom then smiles back to me saying; “I bought it for Rs 70/kg yesterday and the week before it was Rs 60/kg.”

I went pale, totally shattered on my mom’s veteran achievements.

But wait…could not I have made the right bargain if my mom had told me this earlier? Argh!…….I should have asked

“To not know what happened before you were born, is to remain a child forever.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero, Roman philosopher

That’s the same boat that every marketer of any organization sails in today. Anytime we buy media we try to fit in the rates within the budget allocated by the management. Being unaware of no defined price trends and variations.But the fact is you cannot escape the guilt of not making the right bargain at the best rate.

Its like: You might have bought a Ad space for Rs 4 lakh but I had bought the same for Rs 2.5 lakh a year ago. How disastrous and regretful? A little knowledge on how much I had purchased the Ad space would have technically saved you over 70%.

But is it ever really that simple? After all, other things become more salient when you’re working from the perspective of your budget constraint. The only solutions to making the right deal are to know of the deals before this deal. Getting to know of historic media buying deals is a true challenge but truly not an impossible one.

Past information about the specific media rates, empowers you to hit the right price targets.Historical data compilations are a valuable resource for any company. Without the right information on historic price trends across advertisers, valuable opportunities can be left hidden in the data “haystack”. Information on what prices the Ad space has been sold to different advertisers across a span of time determines a stronger negotiation power for an advertiser with the media house.

The First & Foremost of Negotiation is “Never enter negotiations without first researching, what has happened to your media supplier’s costs over the years”. Digging deeper into historical data helps you set a price target.


Looks good, Right? Imagine how much an advertiser can save if he holds on to such crisp and important data.

It’s not simple but you see it’s more definite, profitable and truly worth the effort. Companies should deploy the conventional approach on bargaining based on the budget because it’s not about how much you can pay, it’s about how much the others have been paying.

If you are buying media yourself, through an agency or through a media sales personnel, you need to leverage the historic data to make the right bids for your requisite Ad spaces smartly. Historical pricing data makes you stronger on than the other side of the media negotiation table.

Negotiating media is a skill that sways for ROI to unbelievable levels. Try smart media buying via your historical database and be amazed at the savings that you can garner.

Research. Research and Research to grow stronger & better in your media buying.

Incase you are clueless on how to get such intricate details on media buying you can drop me a mail at or call me on +91-9836068426.


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Wow, Mr.Joshi…good job!

I sat on my desk, all satisfied – patting my back… dancing with faraway daydreams of how I successfully released another Ad campaigns as the marketing head of my company.

I remember how three months back I was asked to submit my media plan on the promotion of a new product launch and I felt so apprehensive with the thought that after all the plan I make, I would be subjected to a limited Ad budget with high expectations from my management.

Today when I finally got my planned Ad campaign LIVE.

I did it! It’s over! It went well, I thought, and now I just have to wait to see the response.

As I keep humming the happy song in my head, My manager Mr.Pawar, enters my cabin beaming with a smile and then with a wink say; “ Did you get the right rates from your newspaper publication house?”

I nodded blankly as he left.

Well, no. I gasped…I expected an applaud on my effort, but my manager’s curiosity smoked my confidence into thin air.

Did I crack the right deal for my Ad campaign? I felt numb because I had no answer.

I was all overjoyed with myself at the thought that I had done well with the limitation of the budget and the tiresome task of finding the media contacts.

I had asked the Ad sales personnel to give the best rates as we publish Ads frequently and had bargained on a desired rate.

But the most depressing fact: “Was my desired rate of fitting the campaign into my budget, good enough?”

Well, marketer, you are one amongst this thousand of marketer like Mr.Joshi who celebrates the launch of every Ad campaign. Seeing it in the newspaper, magazine, television, outdoor slot, theater or listening to it on radio cheers you up, you smell the result of your hard labor.

But is an Ad aspirational effort or promotional function? Have you counted over the ROI that you garner?

You Advertise cause you expect a response.You can only enhance your ROI by optimizing your Ad Cost.But are you paying the right Ad rates?

Some will tell you not to bother, others will advise you to immediately to bombard your media sales personal/ad agency.

Regardless of what rates you have been receiving over the years, it’s proven that a verification on the right rate is important. According to RMA statistics, one in forty advertisers says they are less likely to receive the best rate because of lack of any data for negotiation. Every Time they negotiate they have no clue if it is the right rate?

The good thing is media buying is a scientific process and when certain steps are taken into consideration you make the bang-on deal.Apparently, that’s 70% higher than the best rate that you should have paid the media house.

Here are the three techniques to crack the right media deal:

# 1: Never Negotiate with Media Houses without proper research

80% of the media negotiators try to negotiate to the level till wherein they can fit the campaign within the stipulated Ad budget.Is it right? It’s like a bad dream: You arrive at a negotiation without the tools and tactics you need to produce a win-win outcome. Even if you think you have won the deal, the sad part is you carried the negotiation as per your convenience, not to the level where you could have got the best rates.

Reason being you have no clue as to what rate is the best rate. To close the negotiation on the right point, you need to have a comprehensive data on historic pricing trend.Information on what prices the Ad space has been sold to different advertisers across a span of time determines a stronger negotiation power for an advertiser with the media house.

“Never enter negotiations without first researching, what has happened to your media supplier’s costs over the years”.  Things go horribly wrong if you try to shoot in the dark with no data on your side.

Gone are the days when while negotiating, some buyers withhold information from suppliers. You need to tell the media house that you are aware of the pricing brackets.This ensures you receive what you deserve – the lowest market rate.

#2: Do not ignore Last Minute Ad Inventory

As you know, Media is a perishable commodity. Every single day crores worth of advertising inventory goes unsold and vacant across various media platforms(newspaper, radio, cinema, tv, magazine and outdoor). This vacant inventory is an opportunity loss in real terms for the media owner. This remnant inventory is sold at a considerable lower rate than the normal rate to at least get some revenue over no revenue from the unsold space.

“Last Minute Inventory is definitely not a useless space, it’s the biggest opportunity for an advertiser to hold on to”.Always ask your media buyers for last minute inventory availability.

A win-win situation arises when an advertiser gets an impressive rate for Ad inventory and the media supplier is saved from losing on the revenue of an unsold space. Every supplier craves to reach that equilibrium.So, get your contacts right to garner the last minute inventory benefits for your business. Rates are actually slashed over 70% on these remnant inventories. Try negotiating on ROS Ad inventory availability, you will be surprised on how much you could save.

#3: Choose one media but cross check with others

Remember, in the world of media buying you are the supreme bet and media houses are the bidders, who would extensively compete and give you the right deal to win the deal.

Competition is a powerful pressure tactic that would swirl your best media buying deal. It doesn’t mean you choose the media house that quotes the lowest, it’s about negotiating with the preferred media house on the basis of the lowest rate rack.

The media salespersons have jaw-dropping deadlines and every potential customer is the apple of his eye. He would do anything to avoid losing you to the competition, but you need to get your figures right to initiate the right negotiation on his behalf.

When people are clamoring for the other media options, they tend to receive a more competitive price. Always be open to getting rates from all the leading media houses before you go ahead with an Ad campaign. Go rate shopping across media houses and compare to get the best negotiated deal. Never settle for just one.

Nobody likes to be F.O.OL.E.D.So, the marketer does not be a Mr.Joshi break free from the chains of traditional media buying. Resort to Smart Media Buying – the blessing to every business that has been draining investment since years.


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The digital age has taken the advertising world by storm because majority of the people nowadays like to get things done digitally and also prefer to read online. The advertising agencies around the world also have to adapt to the fast changing trend and in order to cope with the changing trend almost all the ad agencies had decided to establish a strong digital presence through their own blogs. These blogs are a great source of learning for all the aspiring professionals who want to become a part of advertising and even for those who are already into this profession. From most trending campaigns to upcoming market trends, you will probably find every piece of information relating to advertising and marketing on these blogs. Here are the 10 most influential ad agency blogs which you should read right away:

1. DDB Blog

DDB ad blog

DDB is one of the leading ad agencies which covers articles on various topics related to social media strategies, branding news and everything else related to the world of advertising.


Draft FCB ad blog

One of the largest ad agencies in the world covers various advertising and technology related news in their in-house blog.


3. Emerging Experiences Blog

Emerging Experiences ad blog

The Emerging Experiences blog showcases some of the most creative ad campaigns which also happens to be the official Razorfish blog.


4. The Marketing Arm blog

The Marketing Arm Ad Blog

Everything you ever wanted to know about promotional strategies and their impact on advertisements, you will discover them in The Marketing Arm blog. This blog mostly brings news from sports and entertainment industry and is also responsible for the “Twitterview” which is popular for being a very interesting concept.


5. Merkle blog

Merkle ad blog

If you are deeply enthusiastic reading about mobile strategies and customer relationship management then Merkle is the hotspot for you as it covers various news and analysis related to big data and analytics.

6. MindShare blog

Mindshare ad blog

This is one another giant agency which focuses on news catering to brand media strategies, consumer insights and communications planning

7. Mullen blog

Mullen ad blog

Mullen is another largest ad agency which mainly covers opinion articles, insights and highlights about the campaigns from different ad agencies and much more.


8. Wieden+Kennedy blog


Wieden+Kennedy ad blog

This agency has offices in multiple continents and employees from respective continents publish their thoughts and ideas on advertising campaigns, advertising insights and much more.


9. Acquity group blog


Acquity group blog


Acquity group is a spot for marketing and IT professionals but it also covers information about new technologies and also covers some deep insights through uber cool infographics.

10. 360i blog


360i ad blog

The agency offers 360o solutions like search engine marketing, media planning services and also creative services. The blog covers insights and news catering to latest marketing trends, case studies and also excellent video content.









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What is the first thing which strikes your mind when you watch an advertisement? An advertisement is conceptualized and created based on the product’s USP and for a particular target audience. Did you ever felt while watching AXE commercial that you can really get laid or do you feel like dancing while watching Evian baby commercial? If yes, then these advertisements actually managed to lure you with their key objectives and probably created the impact they actually wanted to amongst the target audience.

While watching the advertisements, people experience different moods depending upon the nature of the advertisements which can be emotional, persuasive, funny, creative or heart-touching. We get to see various kinds of advertisements on daily basis in the form of different advertising mediums like magazine ads, television commercials, newspaper ads, banner advertisements etc. Here are the 12 kinds of advertisements you will ever see:

1. The Demo Format Advertisement.


2.  The “Show the Need” Ad.cingular-ad

3.  The overemphasized Graphic Problem Ad.


4.  The Comparison Advertisement.comparison ads


5. The typical story advertisement.

6. The benefit causes story advertisement.

7. The “tell it or talking head” advertisement.

8. The “ongoing characters and celebrities” advertisement.

9. The “symbol/overemphasized graphic benefit” ad

10. The “associated user imagery” advertisement.

11. The “Unique Personality Property” Advertisement.

12. The Parody Ad.

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Since advertisements are meant to communicate the brand’s core message and connect with the audience, some brands are using emotional appeal brilliantly in their advertisements. The emotions speak for the brand itself particularly in the manner they have conceptualized the entire product-line. Advertisements are funny, advertisements are creative and then there are certain advertisements which are quintessentially emotional. Below are some of the examples of the advertisements using emotional appeal to connect to their relevant audience which have created huge buzz recently and has enhanced the brand reach to quite a extent:

  1. Gulbadan Talkies brilliant tribute to Parle-G

The most admired biscuit brand of India which has served as the perfect partner for chai since years continues to be the most delightful and economical tea-time snack. Gulbadan Talkies  has paid tribute to Parle-G in the most spectacular manner and showed how being simple can really do wonders.


  1. Birla Sun Life Insurance Khud Ko Kar Buland Ad

Birla’s latest Khud Ko Kar Buland  TVC is a story about a man named Atul who finds inner strength to fight the odds of life and overcomes it through sheer determination. The ad campaign is beautifully conceptualized and scripted which ends with beautiful lines “Honi ko aap rok nahin sakte Par honi bhi aapko kahan rok sakegi.”

  1.   Thai Life Insurance Superhero Ad

The gratifying Thai Life Insurance Superhero Advertisement shows a street boy turning out to be a real-life superhero. The short advertisement is heart-warming and deeply touching where a teacher gets passionately surprised by the little boy’s sketch of a garbage man.

  1. Dabur Vatika Brave and Beautiful Advertisement.

This has to be one of the most touching and inspiring ads in the recent times. Dabur Vatika Brave and Beautiful Advertisement is a masterpiece which shows a woman suffering from cancer goes bald and is on the verge of losing hope that she will never look beautiful again. However, things take sharp turn when her loving husband and colleagues show faith and manage to bring smile on her face.



  1. Sri Lanka Eye Donation Society Advertisement.

It’s intense, it’s touching and at the same time it communicates the brilliant message to the users which is to donate the eyes for the sake of a blind person. The Leo Burnett  Sri Lanka’s creative team deserves applauds for the way they have conceptualized the entire advertisement and took the initiative to make people aware about the importance of eyes donation.





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The world’s largest video sharing service provider YouTube launched an offline viewing service which will allow users to download videos and watch them as much times they want in the next 48 hours. This service has been introduced in India, Philippines and Indonesia as of now wherein a user can enjoy the video without buffering. The company is known for its extensive collection of online videos across various genres and is in the talks to add more videos through content partnerships.

img_1It is estimated that Indian mobile users database will touch 300 million by the end of the year and the continuous growth of mobile customers is the reason why most online video sharing websites are launching offline applications. Youtube already has whooping 60 million users in the country with access to over 10,000 Indian films and 2,50,000 songs.

Some big companies say that it is illegal and would amount to content piracy.  If we go by what critics say, the low bandwidth and high data cost plans can pose several issues. But the offline service launched by the YouTube has rather created ease for large number of mobile internet users.

The advertisement would appear before the playback of the video similar to online video service which means advertiser interests have been protected. The innovation is a move to keep the video viewing services free from advertisements and let the users enjoy watching their favorite videos.




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‘Speech is Silver, Silence is Golden’ and it being rightly said, this short film is nothing short of exceptional. Silence speaks a lot for itself and sometimes silence can be really beautiful. Philips ‘innovation and you’ project which is centered around preventing women from breast cancer and raising awareness about the same shows a couple getting involved in a silent conversation. This actually turns out to be an emotional moment when the women gets to know that the husband is actually trying to explain her something else after her continuous efforts to do household chores gets ruined. This advertisement has truly justified the meaning of the phrase ‘Action speaks louder than words’ and it being rightly said, this advertisement’s sole motive is to increase awareness about the breast cancer and insist women on spending 10 minutes a day on practicing self-examination . Fight Breast Cancer for your loved ones because ‘Prevention is better than Cure’.





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  The Media industry is continuously evolving and developing newer techniques to give brands the maximum exposure. Every agency works in to create and execute...