If its not humor, it's not advertising.

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Advertisements are created with the intention to attract the attention of target audience and win-over their fans hearts. While most brands fail miserably to put forward their advertisements in the prospective manner, only few are able to showcase the collective brilliance of creativity and humor in their advertisements. Talking about TV commercials, some funny advertisements made us laugh our heart out turning out to to be the funniest TV commercials ever made. Here are some of the funniest TV advertisements of all time which will make you watch them again and again.

1. Cadbury 5 Star Ramesh Suresh and Tailor- Ek Bilang Chhoti Kar Do.

2. Naukri.Com S for Shameless Advertisement.

3. Camlin White Board Marker Hilarious Commercial

4. Center Shock Chewing Gum Extremely Funny Ad.

5. Kitkat Dancing Babies Funny Commercial.

6. BookMyShow Mood Kiya Book Kiya sensational slapstick commercial.

7. Kapil Sharma’s comic timing doing the wonders in Honda Mobilio commercial.

8. Do you still remember the Parle Musst Bites Funny Advertisement?

9. Chlor-Mint Ice Funny Indian Ad- Yes It’s Really Funny

10. Funny Fevicol Advertisement- Pidilite never fails to make us laugh out loud.

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For some people advertising is Science, for some people advertising is Art while for some people advertising is fun. The right element of fun and creativity produces the funny print advertisements which makes the advertising even more enticing and attracts the target people to a large extent. The striking print advertisements are a blend of contentious and inspiring images which will make you look twice since they happen to be the best example of funny advertisements. There was a time when advertisement was used only for brand promotion but with the evolvement in time, advertising trend has undergone a tremendous change and creative advertisements has become the need of the hour.  How2releaseMyAd compiles some of the awesome print advertisements which are creatively humorous and luxury to the eyes.

1. Bose Headphone

Bose Headphone
Bose Headphone


2. Bose does it again with ultra-creative noise reduction advertisement.

Bose Noise reduction Headphones
Bose Noise reduction Headphones


3. EPHONE 900 SNAKEBITE Creative Ad.



4. Erdal Shoe Polish Ad

erdal shoe polish


5. ESPN All Day, Everyday Creative Ad.

ESPN All Day, Everyday Creative Ad.
ESPN All Day, Everyday Creative Ad.

6. The Hard-Hitting German Olympic Sport Federation David Print Ad.

German Olympic Sport Federation David
German Olympic Sport Federation David


7. Listerine-Mouthwash-Sermon Advertisement.

Listerine Mouthwash Sermon
Listerine Mouthwash Sermon Ad.




8. Playground Wonderbra Ad- It’s truly wonderful.



9. Softlan Ultra Wrestling Extra Soft Ad.

softlan ultra wrestling
9. Softlan Ultra Wrestling Extra Soft Ad.


10. Ambulance Listermint Mouthwash Print Advertisement.

ambulance listermint mouthwash
ambulance listermint mouthwash





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The Most Creative Advertisements Around The World

There’s a way to do everything and even if you wish to advertise, it has to be creative. Some brands have done it brilliantly with creative outlook in the form of billboard, hoardings and banners. They might induce you to look twice but you simply can’t afford to ignore them. Here’s some of the most creative advertisements around the world.

  1. Panasonic Indonesia Creative Outdoor Advertisement.

Panasonic Indonesia Creative Outdoor Advertisement



  1. Berlitz Language Center Advertisement


Berlitz Language Center Advertisement

  1. The Brilliant and Clever Internet Fraud Advertisement.

Brilliant Internet Fraud Advertisement.

 4. Eyelab Optometrist Creative Advertisement.


Eyelab Optometrist Creative Advertisement.




  1. Don’t Swallow Other People’s Smoke Hard-Hitting Advertisement.
Effects Of Second-Hand Smoking Advertisement.


6. The Ever-Creative Volkswagen Car Advertisement.

Volkswagen Car Creative Advertisement.


7.Don’t Drink And Drive Consequences Advertisement

Consequences Stay With You Forever.



  1. Axe Deo Creative Advertisement.


9.  Eye Hospital-Test Creative Advertisement.


10. Kitkat Take A Break From The Usual Creative Advertisement.

Kitkat-take-a-break creative advertisement.





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Some advertisements are clever, some are emotional, some are daring while some are insanely insane. We couldn’t resist but compile some of the wittiest and probably most awful advertisements. This are accidentally funny advertisements but witty in the truest sense.

1. Frying Nemo, yes you got it right.



2. Ever heard of palace? We mean Scissors Palace.



3. One of the cleverest ways to advertise Ariel



4.  Mind you, it’s accident prone area.



5. Please bare, it’s ‘Chilled Beer’



6. Want to buy ‘Bed-sheet’ ?



7. Don’t dare drinking this water.



8. You only got high after drinking alcohol?



9. Tired of the same old job?




10. The right way to say JUST DO IT.





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We digged deep and compiled the collection of funniest Indian advertisements. Have a great laughter session.

1. Sometimes employees can be smarter than their bosses.

2.  This epic funny Kitkat commercial is nothing less than epic.


3. This is undoubtedly one of the funniest advertisement commercials youmwill

4. The funniest pepsi commercial you will probably ever see.

5. Funny Fevicol commercial- No chipchip, no jhikjhik


6. Do you remember that funny Glycodin ad?

7. McDonald’s cute yet funny commercial ad.


8. McDonald’s does it again this time in different style.

9. Greenply ‘sikh boy’ funny Indian commercial.

10. Airtel facebook funny Indian commercial

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We all must have come across advertisements which are funny, which are creative and then they are influential in true sense. There are some quintessential and clever advertisements in the form of billboards, newspapers, television advertisements which deeply captures our attention. Here’s some of the unconventional advertisements featuring Indian brands which will prove why creative madness is essential in advertisement:

1. Looking for a cold ice-cream? McDonald’s Creative Ice-Cream Billboard

img_1 img_1

2. Get gripped with Coca-Cola Grip Ad



3. McDonald’s rivalry with Burger KingLogos of McDonalds and Burger King


4. IBM is way too smart with its think smart campaign.



5. The ever-creative Martial Arts School advertisement



6. The uber cool escalator: KitKat creative advertisement



7. This billboard creates the exact influence: Ariel keep-it-white billboard campaign



8. Friends of the Earth- Creative Advertisement



9. Terrific manifestation of a natural hair: Kolestron Naturals Creative Ad



10. Das-Auto creative and dominating road safety advertisement

48107- Text and Drive Eagles50.indd



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In the latest IndiaMart’S advertisement, Irrfan Khan with his unusual and effective style of communication conducts to the target audience sellers how IndiaMart fulfils the personal/business requirements. The campaign has been conceptualized with a motive to target new-age audience who demand hassle-free buying to fulfil their respective requirements. In the advertisement, Irrfan Khan talks about the luxury one can get by ordering furniture for office, buttons for shirts and the most interesting one where he starts talking about the buying threads, his boss instructs him to order new ACs for the office.

The McCann group has chosen the right blend of media mix channels and Irfan Khan’s style of speaking worked in the favor of the brand. Since IndiaMart’s TVC is targeted at those buyers who are looking for extremely reliable and effective solutions for buying purposes, Anish Jaisinghani, ECD, McCann group wanted to ensure IndiaMart turns out to be exactly the same brand.

Sumit Bedi, Vice-President, IndiaMart quotes he is extremely excited at having been rolled out their first successful multimedia campaign and serving the core purpose of the brand which is to connect with the right audience. IndiaMart was pretty smart in putting forward its TVC campaign because they identified the gap and created its impact. According to a research, businesses spend almost 52% of their time in just identifying the prospective business partner and that’s where IndiaMart wanted to capture the target people attention.



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Virat Kohli’s love for Munch seems to be never ending since he loves every bit of it. Check out the newest munch advertisement where Virat Kohli has double role, both vowing for a bite of munch.

Special mention: The overly Munch addict South-Indian Virat Kohli avatar who makes crunchy sound after taking a bite and just cant resist eating one.


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When we were browsing online, we came up with the amazing compilation of desi versions of these brand logos. The Wow-Makers churned out the logos brilliantly their way and made the world’s biggest brands look really ‘desi’.

1. Nike


2. Adidas


3. KFC


4. Starbucks


5. Android


6. Ferrari


7. Nissan


8. Red Bull


9. Skoda


10. Walt “Disnep”


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The DVD Player sound commercial from early 2000s is incredibly funny and is also one of the most funniest advertisements to have been made. This TVC shows the products capacity to suddenly make everybody’s voice louder during embarrassing situations. Those embarassing situations turn out to be awfully humorous and will surely get you rolling on the floor.


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