If its not humor, it's not advertising.

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The way advertising is been done has undergone enormous change these days with advertisements being placed in the most unusual places. If being asked about the most unusual advertisements you have ever come across, which are the ones you would consider the most? From billboards to buses and cars to swimming pools, these brands have ensured people catch attention of their advertisements of their advertisements wherever they go. Some of them are insanely creative while some will make you think deep about the unusual ways of advertisement affecting the people. In the recent years, advertising has become smart and people smarter because they are bored of tried and tested traditional advertising medium.

Advertisements have become eminent part of our lives and it’s nearly impossible to get away without getting acknowledged to at least quite a few creative advertisements on day to day basis. The most elegant way to advertise is to strike when people least expect that they would come across an advertisement and that is where several brands have hit the right target. These are some of the hard hitting as well as unusual advertisements you will probably come across in the next few years down the line:


1.  The idea was brilliantly conceptualized in Dubai for the male deodorant Axe.

Axe- fantasy
Axe fantasy mouse pad ad

2. The interactive billboard magazine ad which was placed so that people could make music while peeing.


The uber creative billboard magazine guitar pee



3. One of the best examples of ad positioning with BMW hitting the exact spot.


BMW reminding don’t forget to wash your hands.



4. Fedex diligently placed its ad about whitewash.

Fedex innovative whitewash ad


5. The best and most smartest way to advertise about global warming by HSBC.

HSBC raising awareness about the dangers of global warming.


6. Life’s really too short to do a wrong job.

The classic illustration showcasing how wrong job can affect your life



7. Next time keep a watch if you come across any such advertisement.

The over stylish Magnum car ad


8.  You probably wouldn’t have imagined you will ever get to see this kind of pasta ad.


Mondo- pasta-advertisement
Ever tried the Mondo pasta?



9. Don’t be confused, it’s a self defence ad.

The creative self defence ad

10. One of the finest sports ads you will ever see.


Peculiar yet influential urinal wrap sports advertising ad.



















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It seems like the ongoing World Cup is more of India vs Rest of the World than individual nations playing against each other because one after another Star Sports is creating quintessentially hilarious mauka mauka ads. First it was India’s world cup opener against Pakistan, second TVC was for the big one India vs. South Africa and the third one was launched ahead of India vs UAE match. However, India has managed to win all the world cup matches and looks pretty strong side to be defeated in the upcoming matches but Star Sports has managed to keep the audience tickling with their uber creative funny mauka mauka ads. Here’s the 4th Mauka Mauka TVC which was released ahead of the India vs West Indies match and believe it or not but the intensity of sarcasm is only increasing one after another epic Mauka Mauka TVC advertisements.


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The Mauka Mauka advertisements have been the talk of the season with Star Sports launching series of advertisements one after another. The idea of taking dig on teams which started with Pakistan cricket team who have not been able to win even a single world cup match against India has started off on a commanding situation. The series of Mauka Mauka advertisements started with India Vs Pakistan match which featured a man going frustrated each time he lost the opportunity to burn crackers.

Moving further, the advertisement which revolved around India-South Africa with India being at the other side is another hilarious advertisement. The theme of the advertisement is India being on the losing streak because of their back to back defeats in World Cup against South Africa. The advertisement showcases two guys dressed in South African jersey doing Mauka Mauka and handing over the pile of crackers to Indian fans.

Then came the series of advertisements amongst which one had spoof by Virat Kohli bashing South African fans doing Mauka Mauka and another advertisement which showed India had won the World Cup in 2011. The recent advertisement which revolves around upcoming India vs UAE match shows that now India’s turn is to win the match against UAE.

The Mauka Mauka advertisements have made World Cup 2015 even more fun affair with the #MaukaPeChauka trending everywhere.We are also severely bitten by the World Cup bug just like you fans and went on to compile the series of Mauka Mauka advertisements doing rounds this season:

1. The very first Mauka Mauka advertisement of ICC World Cup 2015: India vs Pakistan

2.  Pakistan replied to the Indians with this hilarious advertisement.

3. Here comes the India Vs South Africa advertisement.

4. India replied to South Africa in style in this India vs South Africa ad.

5. The Virat Kohli’s spoof ad is hilarious, simply hilarious.

6. #MaukePeChauka! is going viral with India vs UAE match approaching.




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Advertisements can be funny, advertisements can be creative and then there are some advertisements which we simply cannot resist without watching. These are the popular attention grabbing commercials because every time you watch them you love them even more either because of the melodious jingle or because of the theme of the advertisement. Some of these commercials are so outright funny that they have been banned in prominent countries meaning even if people want to watch those advertisements they cannot (you can consider yourself to be lucky here).

We have compiled some of the leading funny commercials from around the world which are insanely amusing, creative and would prompt you to watch them countless times. Again, if you are tired of watching those old and boring commercials you might just get a new favorite to watch from our collection of best commercials around the world.

1. The uber funny Durex 50 games to play commercial.

The commercial shows why making love is better than talking about love. It is funny to an extent but one of the sexiest ads of this season is a must watch because Durex has the reputation of launching it in their own style.

2. Vulture helps out the man with the data in this funny T-Mobile Commercial.

If you have not had laughter for really long then probably you have a reason to be happy because you will laugh your heart out after watching this advertisement. This advertisement has gone viral within just few days of its launch which features a man carrying a vulture on his shoulder and helping the man out in getting the data.

3.  George Clooney likes to have his Nespresso in Heaven.

George Clooney dies and goes to heaven (only in advertisement) to have his Nespresso Coffee. The commercial features Clooney and a wise man relaxing in a white-couch and talking about heaven. The funniest part about this advertisement is when George Clooney is offered to go back to heaven in exchange for his Nespresso machine.

4. McDonald’s funniest Indian ad which can cure all.

The self-explanatory ad where the sick man’s only cure is McDonald’s is hilariously funny.

5. The Super Funny China Commercial

You will get to know after watching this advertisement why you cannot cheat during exams in China.

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Advertisements were really never honest and if it will ever be, the consequences would be hilarious and insane. Most of the advertisements never persuade the customers much information except the benefit it provides (which is not true in most cases). We turned out to make a list of would be honest advertising slogans which are extremely funny and depicts the other side of these advertisements i.e. creative side. You can choose to like them, love them or share them but simply can’t miss to afford them.

Here are 15 honest slogans which will tell you why advertisements do not reveal everything about themselves which is also likely to be true.

1. Axe your Ex with Axe effect.

Axe Effect never affects

2. Which is the best beer you have ever tasted?

No, you can’t drink this with your mommy.

3. Who said air comes for free?

Nothing is for free, not even air.

4. One of the premium and only wearable napkins in the world.

Levi's- Wearable - Napkins
Now you too can wear the napkins.

5. Good News, McDonald’s offers food only at $4.

McDonalds- Only- $4
If you have $4, you can eat at McDonald’s.

6. The official drink for gamers, oops sports drink.

Mountain- Dew- the -sports- drink- for- gamers
Do the Dew with news sports drink- Mountain Dew.

7. First you have to buy it to do it.

Nike-Just- Buy- It
You can do lot more with it so just buy it.

8. You can do everything except pinning images on Pinterest.

Pinterest-recipes,-crafts -and- inspirational- quotes
There’s a lot more stuffs you can do on Pinterest.

9. It’s even bigger than encyclopedia for students.

Wikipedia- You're- welcome- college- students
The ultimate savior for students- Wikipedia

10. You can comment but you cannot read the comments.

YouTube- dont- read- the- comments
Subscribe, share and like but don’t comment.


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Some experts say that there is nothing called bad/negative publicity, however the case has just gone reverse with the epic ad placement failures you will get to see. We have come across funny advertisements but not as hilarious as these ones turning out to be a complete ad placement failure. These are just the few examples which we thought would make you laugh really hard apart from the fact you will get to see several other wrongly placed advertisements in newspaper, internet and different other advertising mediums. So, if you have not had laughter for really long don’t worry because in no time you will be laughing your heart out. These are some of the most unfortunate and out-of-the-place advertisement placement failures you will ever experience in your life.

1. Looking for daddy at Gentlemens Club, no point groaning.

Daddy won’t be coming soon anytime.

2. Have you ever noticed anyone feeling so thirsty?

Girl, why so thirsty?

3. This advertisement got horribly misplaced.

This advertisement got horribly misplaced.


4. The little kid just got shot.

The little kid just got shot.

5. The closer it gets, the riskier it gets.

How close can you actually go?

6. Jesus, please spare the advertiser.

Jesus, please spare the advertiser.

7. Laughing hard, really hard.

Laughing hard, really hard.

8. Never thought Nestle would be so yummy.

Never thought Nestle would be so funny.

9. Please fix it, Mitchell’s Wholesale or Mitchell’s Whore.

Please fix it, Mitchell’s Wholesale or Mitchell’s Whores.

10. Probably the best way to teach about safety.

Probably the best way to teach people about safety.

11. Proud American or Straw Dogs?

Proud American or Straw Dogs.

12. Whoa, quitting school because smoking not our future.

Whoa, quitting school because smoking our future

13. Show them the real you boy.

Show them the real you boy.

14. McDonald’s shows why it’s worthy to be messy.

McDonald’s shows why its worthy to be messy.

15. People are gonna watch the match or Yahoo! 404 error.






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Europe is extremely popular for its artistic creations and have created some of the boldest and creatively influential advertisements of all time. These commercials are so amusing that they are banned in various countries making it difficult for the native people to enjoy the commercials. However, we managed to get hold of some of the funniest European commercials which will make you love European commercials like never more.

1. This happens to be one of the most amusing commercials you will ever see and it happens to be of Durex.

2. Zazoo, what did you do? One of the funniest condom ads to have been made.

3. The Volkswagen tv commercial is so amusing that it had to be banned.

4. You will regret if you overlook this epic Hyundai video commercial.

5. Ikea, What an idea. Purely genius.

6. Wanna learn English? Watch the world’s funniest commercial to learn.

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We take out some precious moments from tedious schedule to applaud some of the funny newspaper ads which are not just comical but hilariously humorous. It’s really difficult to make people laugh especially with the job advertisement but there are quite a few folks on earth who have managed to make it possible. Next time you will surely dig deep to find that witty piece of newspaper ad amongst the several newspaper job ads after reading the anthology of these funny classified ads.

1. Waitress needed. Anyone willing to apply?

restaurant waitress needed
funny newspaper ad

2. Company is recruiting staff in accountant.

recruit staff in accountant
funny newspaper ad


3. Can you grind hay for horse with bad teeth?

grind or chew hay
funny newspaper ad

4. This is most epic newspaper job advertisement.

go back in time with weapons
funny newspaper ad

5. Only those female candidates are eligible who can disappear when other female candidates show.female companion


6. Looking for energetic individuals to replace lazy individuals.energetic people replacing lazy people


7. Only cab drivers with criminal record can


8. Air traffic control job, are you the one?air traffic control


9. Vacancy in advertisement firm.advertising company special staff recruitment


10.  TV Repairman, yes you heard it right. 
surgeons wanted

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There are some really funny commercials which can make you laugh your heart out and then there are some really bad television commercials which will make you laugh or cry either.  The advertisers behind these bad-vertisements either do not know the meaning of creativity or they have intentionally tried to fool themselves. The bad commercials will really make you swap the channels because it’s simply next to impossible to tolerate them for more than few seconds. They are low-budget, they are absolutely non-sense and then they are really bad tv ads.

1. Is this a thumbs-up ad or a martial arts ad?

2. This Colgate ad will put you to doubt.

3. The raining Chocolate Fountain Cadbury Eclairs Ad.

4. The advertisement is bad as hell.

5. Hyundai Eon TVC is probably the most haphazardly shot car advertisement.

6. Watch this epic Economic Times advertisement (epic in other way round).

7. Rupa Xing: Rupa’s Worst Ad

8. You can only find the girl twirling in this JK Super Cement Super Miserable ad.

9. The only good thing about this ad is the background music.

10. Watch it to know it.


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