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From Politics to IPL to Bollywood stars, everything is trending on twitter these days with a 140 character tweet accompanied by a hashtag. Once twitter just used to be a chatting platform until recently where it become one of the major social media marketing platform for companies. Twitter admits India is one of the most favorable markets for them though it is not economically rewarding but very active growth in terms of user database.


In the next five years, Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo is targeting substantial growth in terms of revenue generation because India is one of the major markets for them. The recent big events being IPL which turned out to be a mega event due to the presence of Bollywood stars and business tycoons saw record number of tweets throughout the season. Another instance being Lok Sabha elections which generated nearly 60 million tweets also ascertains the fact that India is a growing market for Twitter.


According to a research by eMarketer, Twitter’s user base will increase 24.4% and it may also experience double digit gains throughout 2018.  India and Indonesia are slated to lead the Twitter growth seeing the recent rise in the popularity of Twitter. Twitter’s growth was slighly better in Q2 2014 as compared to Q3 2014. The emerging market like India is expected to bring smile on the face of the investors and the Twitter market will continue to soar in the coming years.





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MailOnline, the digital version of US tabloid, The Daily Mail generated twice the amount of revenue in comparison to last year splashing from $8 million to $ 19 million.  A large part or almost entirely of US revenue comes from digital ad sales which stands at nearly $98 million and that also showcases 62% increase than the previous year.


MailOnline, whose parent company is DMGT generated whooping $98 million in the year 2014 coming mostly from the US. MailOnline’s emergence as the most visited newspaper websites in the US and around the world is the result of mix of trending stories about celebrities, trending news etc on the website. MailOnline first started its operations in US office in LA in the year 2010 and now they employ around 120 employees for their US office while they employ 250 employees for their UK office.

MailOnline newly appointed CEO Jon Steinberg for its North America’s office is the former president of BuzzFeed and played prominent role in its native-advertising strategy.  The company is on the lookout to hire more potential sales professionals in its sales team. Jon Steinley stated that the site’s less exposure to the latest happenings in advertising community is a major problem which needs to be fixed and in order to avoid any confusion regarding the brand name, he wants to change the name from MailOnline to



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