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The Media industry is continuously evolving and developing newer techniques to give brands the maximum exposure. Every agency works in to create and execute campaigns for their clients that inspire awe and generate desired results. What separates each campaign from the milieu is the understanding of how each media functions and leveraging its advantages to your benefit. The crux of this knowledge is formed by the understanding of the workings of the industry, media tricks and identifying the key aspects of any campaign. A media buying agency displays its ingenuity by negotiating prices of any property and sealing a deal at the lowest rates. We at releaseMyAd believe media buying to be an art that can be mastered only by the understanding of the dynamics of the process and amalgamating the insights gathered over the years.

Applying these media buying tricks we have been able to crack some great deals across the country for our clients like Craftsvilla, PepperTap, PharmEasy, Nykaa, Voonik, among others.

In this article, we talk about our First media buying technique, that should be the ideal starter before you think of kickstarting your campaign across media-

Never Negotiate with Media Houses without proper research

There is a prevailing tendency among marketers to negotiate only until a point till where they can fit the campaign within the stipulated budget. This practice not only makes them lose precious money but also is bad for future ad campaigns. A marketer should have proper knowledge of the medium and credible research data to back his arguments with media salesperson. When venturing out, one might not have an idea about the best rate for an ad space. This is a critical data which acts as your armor against media houses. Information on what space has been sold to which advertiser at what rate is critical to steer the negotiation process. Not only will you appear knowledgeable to the sales lead but also drive home the winner deal. Remember that to get the lowest market rates awareness of the prevailing historic rate pricing is of critical importance. Therefore, do your research and proceed accordingly.

Plan before you act. Only then can you achieve your desired metrics out of each campaign.

Want to share your insights regarding media buying activity? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!



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Just decided to foray into advertising for promoting your products/services?

Have a champion creative but cannot find competitive prices for premium slots?

Contemplating whether your brand can explore the unchartered territories on its own or not?

If not explored properly, these questions can turn out to make or break your campaign & this is exactly where a media planning and buying agency steps in. But unfortunately, there are many myths associated with hiring a media buying agency and a lot of brands see it as a waste of financial resources. But on the contrary, an agency can end up saving you valuable money on each deal along with providing a strong foothold in the industry. They bring their expertise and experience to the table which is of immense value.

Media buying refers to the act of purchasing media across various platforms to promote your products. There are various perks of using the services of media-buying agency-

They cut costs. Period.

Agencies have a better understanding of the ongoing market scenario and stand a better chance of negotiating with media houses. They have knowledge about ad-space pricing, well-placed media sources and contrary to popular belief help you save largely on each campaign.


Agencies know the trade tricks.

Media buying agencies are equipped with the knowledge of the functioning of the industry. They have considerable tricks under their sleeve which can make your every deal pocket-friendly. The agency suggests the best media options depending upon your TG and marketing budget that eventually saves money.



As stated earlier, media buying agencies bring much more expertise to the table gathered through experience. Knowing the tricks of the job give them insights to negotiate better for your business. They are well versed with deadlines, material requirements, circulation nos, media details, etc. If treading on your own, you might often be delusional about these details which are otherwise taken care of.


With an agency onboard, you don’t have to deal with unnecessary hassles. All the minute details are taken care of and the headache of execution of the campaign is no longer yours.


Few deals are hard to crack and you might be robbed of your budget without getting any ROI. With every brand vying for consumer attention, it is important to stand out. Getting a good ad space at an enviable price can make your campaign a champion among competing brands. Media buying agencies are indeed a boon to marketing your product that can end up adding immense value in the long run.

Looking for a media planning & buying agency for your business? Fret not, for we at releaseMyAd are India’s largest online advertising platform serving 1.5 lakhs+ customers annually. Our online platform has helped serve local businesses, startups and individuals to successfully plan and buy their ATL campaigns. We have managed clients like Swiggy, Craftsvilla, Voonik, Housejoy, Peppertap, Nykaa, PharmEasy, Treebo among others.


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Fynd is an upcoming Mumbai-based e-comm retailer in the category of Fashion Apparel. The firm currently boasts of onboarding 200+ live brands under its ambit and targets audience within the age demographic of 18-35. They recently forayed into the world of Print advertising and on-boarded releaseMyAd for its media buying mandate.

Fynd had already used social media like Instagram, ad push from mobile and many such digital channels for its brand promotion. This time the brand decided to proceed with Print Media to reach the untapped territories. While the presence of a brand online is always a great thing to go ahead with, newspapers also open up the market to a wide range of audiences otherwise imperceptible online. Though online media helps in reaching out to people on a one-on-one basis, offline media especially print reaches out to the entire audience of a region. When targeting geographically, there is no effective alternative than print to spread the buzz. The campaign kickstarted in the selected cities with different sized ads placed in premium positions of the leading dailies highlighting the core USP’s of the brand.


After the conclusion of the campaign, we spoke to Harsh Shah, Co-Founder, Fynd to learn about his experiences and hear his insights about the campaign.



1. Given that Fynd has already leveraged online media for brand promotion, how has offline media helped in reaching a new set of users?

Online helps you reach out to your customers on a one to one basis and that is why has been a preferred medium for us for a long time since we are able to precisely reach our target audience and communicate our core message. But then offline mediums, especially print has its own advantages. In a country like India, the print ad is a big thing, and culturally it helps a customer to trust a brand even more if they are investing in traditional mediums like print and TV. Apart from this, no other medium other than print is helpful in activating a whole region at once. These were the two reasons which motivated us to try our hands on print advertising.

We chose a set of zones where we wanted to activate our customers and went ahead with a print ad in these cities.This helped us greatly in establishing our brand in the name of the people for whom we were either new or for the people who knew us but didn’t know the core USPs of Fynd. This ultimately created a buzz in those regions which was clearly reflected in our region wise analytics board.

2. How impactful did you find offline media vs. digital media?

One key problem with digital media is that every rupee spent on the medium though gets you immediate effect, but then it fails to register any brand recall in the mind of your customer. What that means is, you will again have to re-activate the customer after some time and then you will have to keep on repeating this activity to get registered in the customer’s mind (most popularly known as the top of the mind recall). Whereas in any of the offline medium, top of the mind recall builds up at a much faster rate, and then the customer remembers your brand. For example: When was the last time you saw a Parle-G or a Dhara ad? They never spent a considerable amount on digital as well, but then you still remember those brands for the offline activities they carried out way back. Yes, the message does play an important role here for a brand recall, but then the medium is an equally important aspect while building up any brand.

3. As a brand, what were your key learnings from the campaign?

This being our first campaign, definitely was not the perfect one. But then we had our own learnings. Firstly, same message (or same language for that matter) won’t work in all regions of the country. Each part of the country has its own cultural significance and our message needs to be drafted according to it. Secondly, there were a couple of regions which were more impactful than others (despite circulation numbers being close to each other). This is probably because of the reading habits in different regions of the country. This again ties back to the cultural significance of the region. Our key learning, therefore, was to understand whom we are speaking to before adapting to any offline media especially print.

At releaseMyAd, Fynd is one of our many clients leveraging traditional media for their digital brand and chartering a success story. We have done similar campaigns for Swiggy, Housejoy, Craftsvilla, Voonik, Nykaa, PepperTap, among others. Want us to work magic with your brand for its media buying activities too? Let us know in the comments section below!

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To motivate those interested in marketing, releaseMyAd through its Intern App Programme – interviewed marketing heads across premium brands. We got to pick their brain in this interactive session and learned how they established and transformed their brand among their target demographic. Not only do they share industry trends, but also give away core secrets behind the marketing success of their brand.

We bring to you Chumbak’s Somanna Muthanna to share his journey with the brand.

About the Brand- Chumbak is a lifestyle brand boasting of merchandise in different categories of crockery, dining accessories, lamps, wall art, clothing, etc.


Somanna Muthanna


Chumbak Design Pvt Ltd

What They Said- “Don’t get bucketed, don’t get compartmentalised.. Be very clear as early as you can what in marketing you are interested in”

Since its inception, Somanna has been steering the Marketing department of Chumbak. Tasked with generating buzz around the company, he is the brains behind all the cheeky and quirky campaigns we see of the brand. Primarily starting out as a souvenir brand, Chumbak has gradually progressed into a core lifestyle brand with a dedicated online platform and physical stores across the country. Somanna shared with us his marketing journey with Chumbak and the key insights he learned along the way. He opined that content should be the extension of the personality of a brand. Their main objective was to establish Chumbak as a place where you come for greatly designed products. They aimed at audience-engagement to move beyond the realms of traditional marketing by organizing cocktail-mixing, cake baking sessions where customers would walk into the store for fun activities. Another factor that Somanna stressed upon was identifying the core platforms for brand-promotion.

To view the entire interview of what message Somanna shared with us, watch here-

Did you associate your brand’s predicaments and achievements with this? Let us know your views in the Comments section.

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This time we bring to you the maverick Meera Iyer- Head of Marketing, BigBasket to unravel the story behind the brand’s success. We had a very informative and interactive session with Meera where she shed light on the key aspects of brand positioning, customer acquisition, etc.

About The Brand- BigBasket Is India’s largest online supermarket that lets consumers break away from the laborious work associated with grocery shopping and instead browse for vegetables and groceries in a relaxed manner. Believing in quality assurance-BigBasket aims to provide a seamless shopping experience to all its customers. BigBasket currently operates in six cities including Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai and Delhi-NCR.


Meera Iyer

Head of Marketing


What They Said– “Fundamentally you need to be good in understanding your customers”

In a Nutshell- Meera has been majorly responsible for planning, developing and executing marketing campaigns at BigBasket. Through this session, she acquainted us with all the behind-the-scene activities of major campaigns of the brand. She opined that the major fundamental task of marketing should be customer acquisition. She further stressed upon the two core metrics of each campaign firstly, to acquire/retain customers and secondly how much each acquisition costs. Understanding the demographic of your customer base, it is important to feed very relevant messages to each segment so that it is contextual to them. The allocated marketing budget needs to be effectively segregated to each medium and wisely utilized. Meera further shared the story of onboarding Shahrukh Khan as the Brand Ambassador and the objectives behind it.

To know how BigBasket delivers each time with its campaigns, view here Meera Iyer’s interview with releaseMyAd

Let us know your views in the Comments section below!

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As part of our Industry Leader Series for releaseMyAd’s Intern App endeavor, this week we bring to you Coverfox’s VP- Marketing, Aniket Thakkar. Aniket takes us through this session by familiarizing us with Coverfox’s journey, speaking in depth about inbound marketing and highlighting the differences between inbound and traditional media.

About The Brand- Coverfox is an online platform to search, manage, compare and buy insurance policies. They have a dedicated support team to ensure the customers understand the policies fairly, claims team with licenses that can act as an official intermediary between customers filing claims.


Aniket Thakkar




What They Said- “Content is the King”

Being the very first employee of Coverfox, Aniket gives us the insider view of the beginning days of the brand and how it eventually grew up to be a name to reckon with in such a competitive market. He gives us a detailed idea about Inbound Marketing, how it’s not just about closing a sale but fostering relationships to convert your customers to brand ambassadors. Aniket views content to be the champion ingredient in turning any campaign successful and the key factor in channeling consumers. He further goes on to highlight the chief differences that demarcate traditional from inbound marketing practices. He opines that many new tools and techniques have arrived in marketing and a single person being simultaneously logged on to so many devices has created a stage where traditional practices might no longer work. It is important to know the interconnection that exists between each channel, its working and which tool to use at what part of the campaign. Aniket has true wisdom for our interns which is symbolic of his years of profound industry knowledge. He advises our interns not to have any preconceived notions and to learn as much as they can and find their niche which can be polished in the later years.

Catch here Aniket Thakkar talking about All Things Marketing in this interview with us

Enjoyed reading about our Industry Leader series as much we liked sharing with you? Do let us know your thoughts, views, and ideas in the comments section below!

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Continuing further on our Industry Leader Series for releaseMyAd Intern App Programme, this time we have Vishal Khanna, VP-Sales and Strategy- 9X Media. Vishal takes us through his professional journey and enlightens us with the learnings he gathered at each company. Vishal’s session was full of sales anecdotes, strategy, the art of pitching to your prospective consumers and much more.

About The Brand- 9XM is one of India’s premier entertainment channels. Along with playing current Bollywood top hits, it also airs industry news, movie trailers, music videos and much more. The channel has interesting animated characters like Bade and Chote, Bheegi Billi, Betel Nuts to keep the audience entertained in a jovial and light manner.


Vishal Khanna

VP-Sales & Strategy

9XM Media



What They Said – “Marketing is a subset of sales”

In a Nutshell- Having previously worked with Coca Cola and Amagi Media, Vishal has gathered significant sales experience and spills a few pearls of wisdom in this interview. He has a very interesting take on marketing where he opines that experience in sales is necessary for doing marketing because it teaches you the ground reality and also to detect consumer behaviour. Knowing your audience is a primary factor in reaching out to them through marketing techniques. From selling to B2B or B2C companies, Vishal says that the key differentiator is the decision maker, which varies for each set. On being asked how one identifies prospects from an array of businesses, he educates us about the process of elimination while selecting sales prospects and the importance of the 6W’s in identifying important consumers. Vishal’s message to our interns is to keep looking, keep loving the job..everything else is just a cakewalk!

Watch here Vishal Khanna’s interview with releaseMyAd for our Intern App Programme



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  The Media industry is continuously evolving and developing newer techniques to give brands the maximum exposure. Every agency works in to create and execute...