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Advertisements can be funny, advertisements can be creative and then there are some advertisements which we simply cannot resist without watching. These are the popular attention grabbing commercials because every time you watch them you love them even more either because of the melodious jingle or because of the theme of the advertisement. Some of these commercials are so outright funny that they have been banned in prominent countries meaning even if people want to watch those advertisements they cannot (you can consider yourself to be lucky here).

We have compiled some of the leading funny commercials from around the world which are insanely amusing, creative and would prompt you to watch them countless times. Again, if you are tired of watching those old and boring commercials you might just get a new favorite to watch from our collection of best commercials around the world.

1. The uber funny Durex 50 games to play commercial.

The commercial shows why making love is better than talking about love. It is funny to an extent but one of the sexiest ads of this season is a must watch because Durex has the reputation of launching it in their own style.

2. Vulture helps out the man with the data in this funny T-Mobile Commercial.

If you have not had laughter for really long then probably you have a reason to be happy because you will laugh your heart out after watching this advertisement. This advertisement has gone viral within just few days of its launch which features a man carrying a vulture on his shoulder and helping the man out in getting the data.

3.  George Clooney likes to have his Nespresso in Heaven.

George Clooney dies and goes to heaven (only in advertisement) to have his Nespresso Coffee. The commercial features Clooney and a wise man relaxing in a white-couch and talking about heaven. The funniest part about this advertisement is when George Clooney is offered to go back to heaven in exchange for his Nespresso machine.

4. McDonald’s funniest Indian ad which can cure all.

The self-explanatory ad where the sick man’s only cure is McDonald’s is hilariously funny.

5. The Super Funny China Commercial

You will get to know after watching this advertisement why you cannot cheat during exams in China.

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Sports advertising have become trendy these days with world’s best sports products manufacturing and sports equipment companies coming to front and promoting themselves through out-of-the-box print advertisements. These simply prove that people are tired of watching the old and redundant advertisements across different mediums like television, billboards, print etc. With the transition in time, advertising trend has also undergone enormous change and every advertiser should strike to adopt out-of-the-box strategies to lure the target audience.We bring to you some of the most influential and creative sports ads which you will definitely love irrespective of whether you follow sports or not.

These sports ads will not only make you watch them twice but also explore the underlying promotional message that the brand is trying to communicate. The assortment of creative print ads are a dynamic combination of influential and ingenious advertisements which happen to be more than just images because each picture has its own story.

1. What a way to illustrate the punch line- Impossible Is Nothing.

Highly Influential Adidas China Basketball Ad because Impossible Is Nothing.

2.  Amnesty International’s brilliant print ad with the underlying message ‘Stop Executions’.

Amnesty International put across brilliant message through this print ad.

3.  Mind-boggling BMW print ad showing what actually is perfect drive.

Can you drive BMW that perfect?

4. Everything is getting digital and so is the Electronic Sports World Cup.

Never before seen this kind of sports world cup ad.

5. Jog like never before.

You have got to learn jogging.

6. You can either observe the graphics, the cars or the Formula 1 GP ad.

Formula 1 dazzling sports ad.

7. Mexican Association of Pediatricians shows why its important to drink milk.

After watching this advertisement every child will drink milk.

8. Adidas does it this time with official white outfitter of NBA.

That’s not just white, that’s ultra-white

9. Nike dig ad.

Nike dig ad

10. The super strengthening baseball print ad.

What does it take to knock the ball out of the park.



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Advertisements were really never honest and if it will ever be, the consequences would be hilarious and insane. Most of the advertisements never persuade the customers much information except the benefit it provides (which is not true in most cases). We turned out to make a list of would be honest advertising slogans which are extremely funny and depicts the other side of these advertisements i.e. creative side. You can choose to like them, love them or share them but simply can’t miss to afford them.

Here are 15 honest slogans which will tell you why advertisements do not reveal everything about themselves which is also likely to be true.

1. Axe your Ex with Axe effect.

Axe Effect never affects

2. Which is the best beer you have ever tasted?

No, you can’t drink this with your mommy.

3. Who said air comes for free?

Nothing is for free, not even air.

4. One of the premium and only wearable napkins in the world.

Levi's- Wearable - Napkins
Now you too can wear the napkins.

5. Good News, McDonald’s offers food only at $4.

McDonalds- Only- $4
If you have $4, you can eat at McDonald’s.

6. The official drink for gamers, oops sports drink.

Mountain- Dew- the -sports- drink- for- gamers
Do the Dew with news sports drink- Mountain Dew.

7. First you have to buy it to do it.

Nike-Just- Buy- It
You can do lot more with it so just buy it.

8. You can do everything except pinning images on Pinterest.

Pinterest-recipes,-crafts -and- inspirational- quotes
There’s a lot more stuffs you can do on Pinterest.

9. It’s even bigger than encyclopedia for students.

Wikipedia- You're- welcome- college- students
The ultimate savior for students- Wikipedia

10. You can comment but you cannot read the comments.

YouTube- dont- read- the- comments
Subscribe, share and like but don’t comment.


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If you are being asked to define the negative side of learning arts, how many of them will you be able to escalate? We wonder if an agency or an institute can advertise negatively about themselves to persuade people but an art school named The College for Creative Studies pulled it off quite brilliantly. The genius advertisement is the brain-child of the Detroit Advertisement agency to help the institute draw the students for art course. The advertisement is apparently the parody of the popular anti-drug campaign from the 1990’s and the right example of drawing attention through unconventional advertisement approach.

These are the 10 extremely fascinating art school advertisements which will make you re-consider the decision of not joining the art school:

1. Do you love to draw? I dare you say yes, I double dare you.

Do you love to draw? I dare you say yes, I double dare you.

2. Mom made you learn arts but not to get you admission in art school.

Mom made you learn arts but not to get you admission in art school.

3. Child, you parents are strictly against arts. Better find a new hobby or new parents.

Child, you parents are strictly against arts. Better find a new hobby or new parents.

4. Girl, dare to do something different, your sister is already into arts.

Girl, dare to do something different, your sister is already into arts.


5. Sounds more of a threat than a suggestion, isn’t it?

Sounds more of a threat than a suggestion, isn’t it?

6. Look son, how disgusted your parents are.

Look son, how disgusted your parents are.

7. But mom, your daughter’s already more than 21.




8. Trust it mom because probably her friend is not as good in arts as your daughter.

Trust it mom because probably is not as good in arts as your daughter.

9. Illustration is bad because your dad is way more logical.

Illustration is bad because your dad is way more logical.

10. Is this brain on art or art on brain?














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Some experts say that there is nothing called bad/negative publicity, however the case has just gone reverse with the epic ad placement failures you will get to see. We have come across funny advertisements but not as hilarious as these ones turning out to be a complete ad placement failure. These are just the few examples which we thought would make you laugh really hard apart from the fact you will get to see several other wrongly placed advertisements in newspaper, internet and different other advertising mediums. So, if you have not had laughter for really long don’t worry because in no time you will be laughing your heart out. These are some of the most unfortunate and out-of-the-place advertisement placement failures you will ever experience in your life.

1. Looking for daddy at Gentlemens Club, no point groaning.

Daddy won’t be coming soon anytime.

2. Have you ever noticed anyone feeling so thirsty?

Girl, why so thirsty?

3. This advertisement got horribly misplaced.

This advertisement got horribly misplaced.


4. The little kid just got shot.

The little kid just got shot.

5. The closer it gets, the riskier it gets.

How close can you actually go?

6. Jesus, please spare the advertiser.

Jesus, please spare the advertiser.

7. Laughing hard, really hard.

Laughing hard, really hard.

8. Never thought Nestle would be so yummy.

Never thought Nestle would be so funny.

9. Please fix it, Mitchell’s Wholesale or Mitchell’s Whore.

Please fix it, Mitchell’s Wholesale or Mitchell’s Whores.

10. Probably the best way to teach about safety.

Probably the best way to teach people about safety.

11. Proud American or Straw Dogs?

Proud American or Straw Dogs.

12. Whoa, quitting school because smoking not our future.

Whoa, quitting school because smoking our future

13. Show them the real you boy.

Show them the real you boy.

14. McDonald’s shows why it’s worthy to be messy.

McDonald’s shows why its worthy to be messy.

15. People are gonna watch the match or Yahoo! 404 error.






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What is the first thing which strikes your mind when you watch an advertisement? An advertisement is conceptualized and created based on the product’s USP and for a particular target audience. Did you ever felt while watching AXE commercial that you can really get laid or do you feel like dancing while watching Evian baby commercial? If yes, then these advertisements actually managed to lure you with their key objectives and probably created the impact they actually wanted to amongst the target audience.

While watching the advertisements, people experience different moods depending upon the nature of the advertisements which can be emotional, persuasive, funny, creative or heart-touching. We get to see various kinds of advertisements on daily basis in the form of different advertising mediums like magazine ads, television commercials, newspaper ads, banner advertisements etc. Here are the 12 kinds of advertisements you will ever see:

1. The Demo Format Advertisement.


2.  The “Show the Need” Ad.cingular-ad

3.  The overemphasized Graphic Problem Ad.


4.  The Comparison Advertisement.comparison ads


5. The typical story advertisement.

6. The benefit causes story advertisement.

7. The “tell it or talking head” advertisement.

8. The “ongoing characters and celebrities” advertisement.

9. The “symbol/overemphasized graphic benefit” ad

10. The “associated user imagery” advertisement.

11. The “Unique Personality Property” Advertisement.

12. The Parody Ad.

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A picture and a few lines have enough potential to build a brand image in the consumer’s eye.An effective print advertising design is directed at outshining potential competitors while attracting new potential customers or clients.Your business’s print advertisements need to give readers a reason to be interested in your business; they must be clear, succinct, informative, and inviting. Your print ad has just a split second to attract attention and quickly explain why your product or service has some lasting benefit to those who read about it.If you’re creating an advertisement in a magazine or newspaper, here’s what you need to know to create a good advertisement that stands out:

  1. Construct the right headline

    Example: Reebok

    In practically all cases, the headline constitutes the  most-important element of a print ad. Headlines should be clear and precise. Don’t get so drowned in the temptation of making it so “creative” that your meaning or brand message is lost or obscured in the process.                                                                               As important is the content of the headline,so is its placing. The headline should dominate the ad and be quickly understood. It should not get lost in a muddle of too many type fonts, graphics, and other elements.

  2. Hammer out your subheads

    Mercedes-Benz just knows how to make its advertisements click.

    In addition to the main headline, a subhead can impart secondary information and explain the deal further. Attention should be paid to the fact that the ad doesnt end up looking too cluttered.

  3. Lay out your body copy

    McDonald’s frames it right,with a precise yet arresting body copy.

    Like everything else in a good print ad,the body copy should be kept brief.

  4. Decide your graphics

    Excellent use of graphics by Mentos.

    The graphic element of your ad is there to attract the readers’ eyes and generate enough interest to make them read your body copy. The graphic element should successfully call attention to your headline and should be relevant to what you’re selling.

  5. Test your Print Ad

    A clever print ad by Adidas.

    Print advertising should be recognisable at a hundred paces.A successful print ad is one where the lookers get to know whose ad it is without even seeing the brand name.

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A catchy and enticing advertising slogan is the lifeblood of any campaign since it serves as the deciding factor for any advertisement. Some slogans are so captivating that they become part of your everyday conversation. In fact, the most astounding way to keep the target audience hooked to your brand is through good slogans. We would like to list down best slogan ever which inspires us even more every time we speak or see them.

1. Red Bull- “It Gives You Wiiiings”!

“It Gives You Wiiiings”!



2. Apple- “Think Different”


3. McDonalds – “I’m Lovin’ It”


4. Nike – Just do it.


5. Surf :Daag Acche hain



6.  Carlsberg- “Probably the best beer in the world”.



7.  HSBC- “The World’s Local Bank”.


8. Coca Cola  : Thanda Matlab Coca Cola

coca cola


9. Tata Sky: Isko laga dala to life jingalala.

tata sky


10. Lays: No one can eat just one




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The social-media savy Indian users have now turned into social savings bank account customers and two of the leading private banks in India- ICICI bank and Kotak bank capitalized brilliantly on this opportunity. Brand wars on twitter just got even more aggressive with Kotak’s Jifi saver twitter campaign #Hashtagbanking receiving a tough competition from newly launched ICICI bank campaign #icicibankpay. Kotak has initiated this campaign in association with facebook and twitter while ICICI bank has made associated with Twitter India to introduce their newly initiated social media savings account.


Kotak Jifi campaign


Is it a wake up call for other banks to speed-up in the social media savy generation and mark their digital presence too soon in the near future? ICICI bank is one of the first banks in India to introduce mobile banking where the users could make easy transactions through their mobile phones and now icicibankpay campaign seems to be another great instance of digitally smart move. ICICI Bank has always maintained their reputation of being one of the most active banks in India to promote its services and products through digital mediums like Facebook and Twitter.



This campaign is initiated keeping in mind the large pool of banking customers who use social media platforms to make easy transactions and this campaign will even enable the users to make mobile recharge and bill payments. However, there is a transaction limit of Rs 10,000 per day besides the fact that the user needs to have a mandatory Facebook account to make use of this feature. Brand Wars competition was only limited to Pepsi Vs Coca-Cola or Audi Vs BMW but the likes of two biggest banking jargons coming to front is the sign of changing trend in the advertising industry.

ICICI Bank icicibankpay campaign


Kotak’s Jifi Saver Campaign is also an admirable shift in digital sphere which offers bill payments and recharge options via twitter. The company kicked-off this campaign keeping in mind the number of users who use social media for daily transaction purposes. The social media trend which was only limited to running contests and giving free giveaways on facebook and twitter has emerged as the bigger medium which will now allow people to do the entire banking at just the push of a button.







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Europe is extremely popular for its artistic creations and have created some of the boldest and creatively influential advertisements of all time. These commercials are so amusing that they are banned in various countries making it difficult for the native people to enjoy the commercials. However, we managed to get hold of some of the funniest European commercials which will make you love European commercials like never more.

1. This happens to be one of the most amusing commercials you will ever see and it happens to be of Durex.

2. Zazoo, what did you do? One of the funniest condom ads to have been made.

3. The Volkswagen tv commercial is so amusing that it had to be banned.

4. You will regret if you overlook this epic Hyundai video commercial.

5. Ikea, What an idea. Purely genius.

6. Wanna learn English? Watch the world’s funniest commercial to learn.


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