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The brand logos have evolved over the years and these famous brand logos evolutions has taken us all by surprise. These brand logos continue to rule our hearts with some of the prominent brand names being Apple, Xerox, IBM, Microsoft etc. You may call it a surprise or a transition over the years but some of these brand logos have definitely managed to woo us and catch our attention. You can talk about the Apple logo’s iconic revolution or IBM logo’s historical transition, each logo has a different story and is perhaps the more interesting one than the other.

For these brands, the brand logo evolution is a regular affair because it reflects the company’s ethics and also deeply relates to the products and services it offers. Whenever we see an advertisement of these brands the first thing that strikes our mind is the brand logo. Here are 10 corporate brand logo evolution of popular brands with a popular logo which you definitely need to see:


1. Apple

Apple iconic logo change

The Apple rainbow logo first created by Rob Janoff was the official Apple logo till 1998 and then it was changed into a present logo which officially looks like Apple fruit. The official Apple logo is now the most sought after logo in the tech world with almost every other company recognizing the logo as the most iconic brand symbol.

2. Ford

Ford logo iconic change

The different logo shapes of one of the leading automobile companies Ford founded by Henry Ford has changed several times since its inception. The present logo which was officially released in the year 2003 happens to be the last change among all the Ford logos.


3. Google

Google iconic logo change

The search engine giant Google’s logo has been changed 3 times till date with the present logo being designed by Ruth Kedar. The first logo was created by Sergey Brin himself after he learnt about a designing software and then it was changed to another logo in the same year with an exclamation mark which resembles the Yahoo logo.


4. IBM

IBM iconic logo change.

The present logo which has been the company’s identity since 1972 is designed by Paul Rand. The striped logo is the symbol of ‘speed and dynamism’ which is widely recognized by people all over the world.


5. Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes iconic logo change

The symbol which is identified as the symbol of luxury and  posh cars has been the company’s official logo since 1926 with a vast improvement in design over the years.


6. Microsoft

Microsoft iconic logo change

The tech giant with a punch-line ‘Your potential. Our Passion’has been the company’s official logo since 2008 and connects extremely well with the present day generation.


7. Nike

Nike iconic logo change

Nike logo happens to be one of the cheapest logos in the history since it’s first logo in the year 1971 was designed for just $35 by a designer named Caroline Davidson. The company had quite a few changes over the years till the time it finally came up with the present logo which is immensely popular worldwide.


8. Nokia

Nokia iconic logo change

The finnish company with a punch-line “Connecting People” has been into numerous businesses over the years namely television, shoes. The transition in the brand’s logo happened because of the company entering the new businesses in every few years of time.


9. Pepsi

Pepsi iconic logo change

The leading soft-drinks company has had numerous logo changes over the years with the first breakthrough coming in the late 1940s with the Pepsi CEO initiating the idea of a new bottle design with a pepsi logo on it.  The present logo has been created keeping in view the the idea of global mechanism which happens to be the 11th logo spanning more than a century.



10. Xerox

Xerox iconic logo change

Earlier known as the Haloid company had a similar logo from 1961 to 2004. After 2004 the company decided to re-invent a new logo with which the people associate today.






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Once you watch these 10 uber creative McDonalds Ads, you will truly experience the official McDonald’s punch-line which stands at ‘I’m lovin it’. McDonalds have been extremely creative with their advertisements  since their innovation has taken creativity altogether to a new level. Creativity is not as easy as it seems to be though there are several brands who want to make their ads creative but only few are able to explore the creativity. One of them is McDonald’s who are insanely creative and has used the right blend of emotion and wittiness which will connect with the target audience

Whenever we talk about creativity and particularly creative ads, McDonald’s surely comes in the list. While advertising is purely art and requires creative muscles to be stretched to the maximum, the biggest goal which remains to be achieved is to connect to the target audience and make them buy the product. These are the 12 purely genius McDonald’s creative ads which you need to see now:

1. McDonald’s uber cool Rock ‘n’ Fries ad- The new menu ready to rock.

McDonald’s Rock ‘n’ Fries ad.


2. McDonald’s objects in the mirrors are closer than they appear ad- Close enough?

McDonald’s objects in the mirror are closer than they appear ad.

3. McDonald’s Sundial Breakfast menu ad- What did you had for breakfast?

Mcdonald Sundial ad.

4.  McDonald’s uber creative outdoor ad- How can you overlook that ad?

McDonmald's- yass-ad
McDonald’s Breakfast menu ad.

5. McDonald’s Olympics Ad- Can you manage it?

McDonald’s Olympic Ad

6. McDonald’s-Merry-Christmas-Ad- This is how McDonald’s celebrate Christmas.

McDonald’s merry christmas ad.

7.  McDonald’s giant towels ad- How giant is that towel.

McDonald’s giant towels ad.

8. McDonald’s broadest menu ever- Can it get any more broader?

McDonald’s broadest menu ever

9. McDonald’s 2006 winter olympics ad- The breeziest ride ever.

McDonald’s 2006 winter olympics

10. McDonald’s 24/7 drive through nighttime ad- Is it visible?

McDonald’s drive through ad.



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This year women’s day was tad different than usual as the iconic brands did something truly special by creating advertisements dedicated to all the women. While Star Sports talked about women empowerment in its powerful short ad and encouraged men to check out women but with a twist in the tale, Amazon talked about the special women partnership in its women’s day campaign. Horlicks created another beautiful women’s day special ad which showed the everlasting bond between a mother and her daughter.

If simply put, these brands have taken their own initiative to celebrate the women’s day by paying the tribute to those women who have succeeded in different walks of life. The message was influential with the brand’s core message being beautifully portrayed in the different Women’s day advertisement campaigns, for instance Horlicks women’s day ad which showed a mother determined to make her daughter succeed in all walks of life also highlighted the USP of Horlicks drink. Let’s give a look at how these brands celebrated women’s day and kept people glued to their short but ecstatic advertisements:


1. Star Sports highlighted how powerful a women can get #CheckOutMyGame.

The strength, the perseverance, the endurance to succeed is what drives these successful women to achieve the heights which most women can only desire. Star Sports came up with a vigilant women’s day advertisement which makes it a must watch.

2. According to Amazon, these women have something in common which binds them together #EmpoweredByHer.

When we talk about women empowerment, lot of different aspects strikes our mind but Amazon has described exactly what women empowerment means in its women’s day special ad. The ad emphasizes on the strength of successful women entrepreneurs and notifies people that the women too is capable of making it big their life.

3. The heart-warming video portraying the unbreakable bond of a mother-daughter relationship #LoveYouMaa.

Horlicks came up with a beautiful ad on the eve of Mother’s day and hit the right spot by showcasing the unbreakable mother-daughter bond. This ad shows how mother sacrifices everything just to make her daughter grow successful in all walks of life. The heart-touching advertisement will strike your emotional chord and make you wonder about your mom at least for a a while.






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This World Cup advertisement has done more favor than the rest of the cricket world cup edition which only shows the dramatic increase in change of advertising trend. People are seemingly more excited about the launch of new world cup ads than watching their favorite teams play matches. The ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 has been the perfect platform for advertisers to promote their brands with estimated world cup advertising revenue likely to be around Rs 1200 crore. The advertising rates have gone on all time high while cricket experts, celebrities and fans from all over the world are busy tweeting and putting updates on social media platforms. There have been numerous attention-grabbing world cup commercials over the years but we decided to feature some of the best world cup ads that have won the hearts of fans all over the world. The Mauka Mauka commercials have particularly paved the way for creativity and showed exactly how an advertising campaign should be in this world cup.

India quickly emerged as the favourites in no time by defeating the rival teams one after another and putting brilliant performances on the board. India being the defending champions have started the cup exactly the way it should have been and the series of brilliant advertisements has uplifted the mood by a notch higher this world cup season. Here are some of the most talked about world cup advertising commercials which created maximum curiosity in the cricketing world.


1. The colors of Indian fans brilliantly displayed in this Gillette ad.

The advertising genius by Gillette with punchline ‘The Best A Fan Can Get’ shows a retired man talking about his love for cricket and how how he had never missed a single match since 1983 world cup.

2.  The popular ‘India vs Pakistan‘ fevikwik ad for the cricket world cup 2015.

This is one hilarious ad which was launched before ‘India vs Pakistan’ match in World Cup 2015 showing Indian army and Pakistan army marching against each other. Hilarity ensues when the Indian commander diligently fixes the broken part of his rival’s shoe which is also an excellent illustration of brand positioning by Fevikwik.

3. Deepika Padukone’s Nike #BleedBlue Campaign which quickly became the talk of the social media world.

Nike World Cup Ad

Nike ads has always been amongst the most prominent advertisements when it comes to sports  and this time too it has hit the right spot with Nike #BleedBlue campaign which went viral within no time on twitter.




4. The dynamic collaboration of Amitabh Bachchan and Kapil Dev popularly called #WontGiveItBack & Shamitabh Ad

The voice of the nation lends his voice to the match of the world cup 2015 in this elegantly conceptualized #WontGiveItBack World Cup Ad. Kapil Dev and Amitabh Bachchan have come together for the very first time in an ad which makes it a must watch commercial.

5. ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Countdown Ad.

Back in 2011 when 14 teams participated, this was the countdown ad which drew everybody’s attention with out-of-the-box concept showing all the participating teams.




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The ongoing world cup is fascinating to watch with India bashing out some of the best teams in the world cup 2015 but there’s something even more interesting which are funny mauka mauka ads. Be it the funny spoof of India vs South Africa ad featuring Virat Kohli or India taunting West Indies in another WC2015 Mauka Mauka ad, the ads have taken element of fun altogether to a new level.

Though, India’s performance in the ongoing world cup only proves West Indies will have a tough time facing men in blue but Star Sports has ensured that the ongoing Mauka Mauka ads turns out to be the best world cup advertisement of all time.

The hilarious twists in the ads of the ongoing world cup advertising campaign by Star Sports are a treat to watch. Team India’s mauka mauka style of taking a dig at the rival teams has surely won the hearts of millions of fans with the motto #wewontgiveitback.







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The Mauka Mauka Ads are undoubtedly the ads of the season and Star Sports has ensured the Mauka to win the world cup stays only with defending champions team India. The latest advertisement by TVC with the slogan #WontGiveItBack is even better than the original one and yes this video shows all the teams facing India getting grilled all at one go.

This video is the brain-child of creative genius TheViralFever who are known to make hilarious parodies on wide range of topics ranging from Bollywood to Politics. Team India has been undefeated so far who have been against some big teams like South Africa, arch rival Pakistan and recently being UAE. It’s time India repeat their stellar performance in all the remaining matches and remain the champions for the 2015 World Cup.


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It seems like the ongoing World Cup is more of India vs Rest of the World than individual nations playing against each other because one after another Star Sports is creating quintessentially hilarious mauka mauka ads. First it was India’s world cup opener against Pakistan, second TVC was for the big one India vs. South Africa and the third one was launched ahead of India vs UAE match. However, India has managed to win all the world cup matches and looks pretty strong side to be defeated in the upcoming matches but Star Sports has managed to keep the audience tickling with their uber creative funny mauka mauka ads. Here’s the 4th Mauka Mauka TVC which was released ahead of the India vs West Indies match and believe it or not but the intensity of sarcasm is only increasing one after another epic Mauka Mauka TVC advertisements.


2 1873

The Mauka Mauka advertisements have been the talk of the season with Star Sports launching series of advertisements one after another. The idea of taking dig on teams which started with Pakistan cricket team who have not been able to win even a single world cup match against India has started off on a commanding situation. The series of Mauka Mauka advertisements started with India Vs Pakistan match which featured a man going frustrated each time he lost the opportunity to burn crackers.

Moving further, the advertisement which revolved around India-South Africa with India being at the other side is another hilarious advertisement. The theme of the advertisement is India being on the losing streak because of their back to back defeats in World Cup against South Africa. The advertisement showcases two guys dressed in South African jersey doing Mauka Mauka and handing over the pile of crackers to Indian fans.

Then came the series of advertisements amongst which one had spoof by Virat Kohli bashing South African fans doing Mauka Mauka and another advertisement which showed India had won the World Cup in 2011. The recent advertisement which revolves around upcoming India vs UAE match shows that now India’s turn is to win the match against UAE.

The Mauka Mauka advertisements have made World Cup 2015 even more fun affair with the #MaukaPeChauka trending everywhere.We are also severely bitten by the World Cup bug just like you fans and went on to compile the series of Mauka Mauka advertisements doing rounds this season:

1. The very first Mauka Mauka advertisement of ICC World Cup 2015: India vs Pakistan

2.  Pakistan replied to the Indians with this hilarious advertisement.

3. Here comes the India Vs South Africa advertisement.

4. India replied to South Africa in style in this India vs South Africa ad.

5. The Virat Kohli’s spoof ad is hilarious, simply hilarious.

6. #MaukePeChauka! is going viral with India vs UAE match approaching.





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