Media buying done smartly can save half of your marketing budget. Read...

Media buying done smartly can save half of your marketing budget. Read to know how!

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The Media industry is continuously evolving and developing newer techniques to give brands the maximum exposure. Every agency works in to create and execute campaigns for their clients that inspire awe and generate desired results. What separates each campaign from the milieu is the understanding of how each media functions and leveraging its advantages to your benefit. The crux of this knowledge is formed by the understanding of the workings of the industry, media tricks and identifying the key aspects of any campaign. A media buying agency displays its ingenuity by negotiating prices of any property and sealing a deal at the lowest rates. We at releaseMyAd believe media buying to be an art that can be mastered only by the understanding of the dynamics of the process and amalgamating the insights gathered over the years.

Applying these media buying tricks we have been able to crack some great deals across the country for our clients like Craftsvilla, PepperTap, PharmEasy, Nykaa, Voonik, among others.

In this article, we talk about our First media buying technique, that should be the ideal starter before you think of kickstarting your campaign across media-

Never Negotiate with Media Houses without proper research

There is a prevailing tendency among marketers to negotiate only until a point till where they can fit the campaign within the stipulated budget. This practice not only makes them lose precious money but also is bad for future ad campaigns. A marketer should have proper knowledge of the medium and credible research data to back his arguments with media salesperson. When venturing out, one might not have an idea about the best rate for an ad space. This is a critical data which acts as your armor against media houses. Information on what space has been sold to which advertiser at what rate is critical to steer the negotiation process. Not only will you appear knowledgeable to the sales lead but also drive home the winner deal. Remember that to get the lowest market rates awareness of the prevailing historic rate pricing is of critical importance. Therefore, do your research and proceed accordingly.

Plan before you act. Only then can you achieve your desired metrics out of each campaign.

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