Want to work with big names like Pepsico? You cannot miss this.

Want to work with big names like Pepsico? You cannot miss this.

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If Marketing is your passion, you should definitely be passionate about marketing stories. We bring to you a very inspiring story on how to pave your way into Marketing.
Unveil the challenges and set your journey straight.


Please give us a brief introduction about current job role?

Coming to my current job I am working as a Marketing Research Analyst at F&V Agro LLP, Mohali. Coming to my project in the company, I am working on the strategy for enhancing market share of PEPSICO beverages – penetration and visibility in outer territories ( our company is an intensive distributor of Pepsi ) so I am working on the strategies to increase market share and determine the strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, I also look after the fleet management of the company as I am very good at logistics. For fleet management, we have installed black box device in our cars to maintain their daily status

Can you walk us through your career journey?

My journey started on 5th September 1995 when I was born in a business family in a small town Yamunanagar, Haryana. Coming to my primary education I did it from Sacred Heart Convent Senior Secondary School Jagadhri. This was the best phase of my life – full of fun. I was always an average guy in studies but very good at organizing events and sports, I have been a state level football player as well but my life took a drastic turn because I changed my medical line to management line. I was a science student and I did my undergraduate from DAV College, Chandigarh in Biotechnology ( quite interesting was my journey from Biotech to MBA). The love for MBA started when I was 19 years old and I met Bulls Eye director Mr. Hirdesh Madaan. It was that time he suggested me to open a venture and in the next month, as I was very good at sports and gymming so coming from a business family, I started my own business THOR NUTRITION this deals in all the supplements and dietician services. This was the time when I realized that I have to learn a lot about management to become a great person, so after this step, I decided to enter into MBA and I got admission into Thapar School of Management with 50% scholarship. The college was located in outskirts; I have seen myself struggling and other students struggling with the diet so I came up with a fruit and shake parlor in college called FRUIT COCKTAIL. My life has been an interesting story and I would always say that never stop learning and please take risks to succeed.

What are the skills required if one needs to master, to lead a marketing job in our organization?

 For me, there are various things which are required to do a marketing job in not only my organization but in every organization:

  • Good communication skills ( most important, one must invest time in it )
  • Be patient
  • Great team worker
  • Grab ideas from everywhere
  • Creative
  • Ambition to succeed

Given your experience, how have you been leveraging traditional mass media advertising over digital marketing? What has worked and why?

In my view, I find digital marketing far better than traditional mass media advertising because traditional mass media advertising has various negative effects

  • Hard to target customers
  • Not data friendly
  • Expensive
  • Non- sustainable

So in my view, Digital Marketing is increasing day by day and you have to go with the latest technology to succeed because the competition in the marketing is growing at an enormous rate so to make any organization market share grow one has to focus on digital marketing because it has a better outreach.

For leveraging traditional advertisement of your brand, can you share best practices?

First of all, for a Marketing person, you need to have the traction(quantitative evidence of market demand). Coming to my latest company , I am working on project withPepsii,  so as we all know Pepsi spent a lot on traditional mass advertisement because in such a high population to maintain penetration and visibility in each and every market is a difficult task, that’s why digital marketing has come as a powerful tool because it helps to grow on a wider scale and is cheaper also, the best practices which anyone can follow ( that is who don’t have money for brand ambassador)

  • Post ur post on social sites
  • Boost up and share your post
  • Tie up with digital marketing companies

It was nice stating some part of my life and at last I want to say that one must follow these steps to succeed

  • Be visionary; see beyond
  • Invest time in communication skills
  • Perform with a purpose
  • Develop a perspective
  • Grab ideas from everywhere


F&V Agro LLP is focused on Food and Beverages distribution. By optimizing operations using IT solutions to connect people and processes to achieve Sales Targets in competitive business environment. Our business approach is to retail quality goods at competitive prices. We endeavor to minimize our operating costs in several ways such as employing an efficient logistics and distribution system and maintaining a strong focus on product assortment to minimize inventory build-up, supported by efficient store operations.


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