Meet the Marketing Manager of Indiabulls Asset Management and get some learning

Meet the Marketing Manager of Indiabulls Asset Management and get some learning

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Hello, Interns!
You expect to gain a lot from your internships. And rightly so, It takes your career to a different level altogether. Maybe to INDIABULLS..!!
If you choose so, do not give this article a skip.

Can you give us a brief introduction about your current role (current job responsibilities, describe your role)?
I currently work as an Assistant Marketing Manager – Institutional Business at Indiabulls Asset Management Company Limited, a part of the Indiabulls Group. The company has been established as a Trust with Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited as its Sponsor, and Indiabulls Trustee Company Ltd. as its Trustee.
At Indiabulls AMC, I’m responsible for the generation of marketing strategies through planning and research on various factors such as pricing, competition, market research and recent trends. Ideation and execution of marketing efforts during festive events and creation of relevant, high-quality content for marketing literature are a major part of my role.

Can you walk us through your career journey (education, internship, job)?
My journey as a Management student started off with a Bachelor of Management Studies in Marketing and Finance in 2011.
In my first year of college, I interned as a copywriter with Percept/H, an advertising agency. I was fortunate to have worked on copy ideas for Pantaloons, aLL (A Little Larger) and Ditto TV. The internship gave me an overall idea of how an ad agency functions.
During college, I volunteered at CRY (Child Rights and You) and the Akanksha Foundation. At CRY, I helped with research on the Right to Education. At Akanksha, I volunteered for an entire year, teaching Science, English, and Art to students from the 6th to the 10th standard. That year spent with the children at Akanksha was the most touching and humbling experience for me.
After my Bachelor in Management degree, I worked with Poddar Advisory and Consulting – a part of The Poddar Group as Digital Marketing Executive. I was responsible for the online brand reputation of the startup education division. My responsibilities involved developing the brand’s social platforms and influencer outreach efforts, creation and publishing of content and monitoring Social Media metrics. At Podar Advisory and Consulting, I also conceptualized and launched a quarterly newsletter series for the education division which was a success in India and overseas.
I began my Master of Business Administration at Xavier Institute of Management and Research soon after and pursued Marketing. The journey has been well worth the long hours, extensive classroom training and various assignments. For our summer training, I had the opportunity to work at Tata Motors Limited in Marketing Communications. At Tata Motors, my project was to come up with a plan for the SUV segment across various marketing medium.

What skills do you believe one needs to master, to land a marketing job in your organization?
Marketing is all about dealing with human beings. One must possess great communication skills and an understanding of how humans function, to be able to succeed in this field. People skills, coupled with the ability to consistently innovate, is important.

Given your experience, how have you been leveraging traditional mass media advertising over digital marketing? What has worked and why?
My experience has predominantly been in the digital space. Digital marketing has a wider reach. In my experience, Social Media Marketing works because everyone has a smartphone, everyone is on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram (and the plethora of other platforms) and no one wants to miss out on the next new trend.

On leveraging traditional advertising (Newspaper, Radio, TV) for your brand, can you share best practices to follow with regards to media planning & buying?
I haven’t worked in traditional advertising.


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