Drive B2B Sales effectively? Vishal Khanna, VP-9XM discusses prospecting, pitching & closing!

Drive B2B Sales effectively? Vishal Khanna, VP-9XM discusses prospecting, pitching & closing!

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Continuing further on our Industry Leader Series for releaseMyAd Intern App Programme, this time we have Vishal Khanna, VP-Sales and Strategy- 9X Media. Vishal takes us through his professional journey and enlightens us with the learnings he gathered at each company. Vishal’s session was full of sales anecdotes, strategy, the art of pitching to your prospective consumers and much more.

About The Brand- 9XM is one of India’s premier entertainment channels. Along with playing current Bollywood top hits, it also airs industry news, movie trailers, music videos and much more. The channel has interesting animated characters like Bade and Chote, Bheegi Billi, Betel Nuts to keep the audience entertained in a jovial and light manner.


Vishal Khanna

VP-Sales & Strategy

9XM Media



What They Said – “Marketing is a subset of sales”

In a Nutshell- Having previously worked with Coca Cola and Amagi Media, Vishal has gathered significant sales experience and spills a few pearls of wisdom in this interview. He has a very interesting take on marketing where he opines that experience in sales is necessary for doing marketing because it teaches you the ground reality and also to detect consumer behaviour. Knowing your audience is a primary factor in reaching out to them through marketing techniques. From selling to B2B or B2C companies, Vishal says that the key differentiator is the decision maker, which varies for each set. On being asked how one identifies prospects from an array of businesses, he educates us about the process of elimination while selecting sales prospects and the importance of the 6W’s in identifying important consumers. Vishal’s message to our interns is to keep looking, keep loving the job..everything else is just a cakewalk!

Watch here Vishal Khanna’s interview with releaseMyAd for our Intern App Programme



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