Chumbak’s VP Marketing, Sommanna shares the secrets on how to build and...

Chumbak’s VP Marketing, Sommanna shares the secrets on how to build and nurture a community online.

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To motivate those interested in marketing, releaseMyAd through its Intern App Programme – interviewed marketing heads across premium brands. We got to pick their brain in this interactive session and learned how they established and transformed their brand among their target demographic. Not only do they share industry trends, but also give away core secrets behind the marketing success of their brand.

We bring to you Chumbak’s Somanna Muthanna to share his journey with the brand.

About the Brand- Chumbak is a lifestyle brand boasting of merchandise in different categories of crockery, dining accessories, lamps, wall art, clothing, etc.


Somanna Muthanna


Chumbak Design Pvt Ltd

What They Said- “Don’t get bucketed, don’t get compartmentalised.. Be very clear as early as you can what in marketing you are interested in”

Since its inception, Somanna has been steering the Marketing department of Chumbak. Tasked with generating buzz around the company, he is the brains behind all the cheeky and quirky campaigns we see of the brand. Primarily starting out as a souvenir brand, Chumbak has gradually progressed into a core lifestyle brand with a dedicated online platform and physical stores across the country. Somanna shared with us his marketing journey with Chumbak and the key insights he learned along the way. He opined that content should be the extension of the personality of a brand. Their main objective was to establish Chumbak as a place where you come for greatly designed products. They aimed at audience-engagement to move beyond the realms of traditional marketing by organizing cocktail-mixing, cake baking sessions where customers would walk into the store for fun activities. Another factor that Somanna stressed upon was identifying the core platforms for brand-promotion.

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