Believe in Inbound being the key marketing strategy? Seconded! Watch Aniket Thakkar-VP...

Believe in Inbound being the key marketing strategy? Seconded! Watch Aniket Thakkar-VP Coverfox share his insights.

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As part of our Industry Leader Series for releaseMyAd’s Intern App endeavor, this week we bring to you Coverfox’s VP- Marketing, Aniket Thakkar. Aniket takes us through this session by familiarizing us with Coverfox’s journey, speaking in depth about inbound marketing and highlighting the differences between inbound and traditional media.

About The Brand- Coverfox is an online platform to search, manage, compare and buy insurance policies. They have a dedicated support team to ensure the customers understand the policies fairly, claims team with licenses that can act as an official intermediary between customers filing claims.


Aniket Thakkar




What They Said- “Content is the King”

Being the very first employee of Coverfox, Aniket gives us the insider view of the beginning days of the brand and how it eventually grew up to be a name to reckon with in such a competitive market. He gives us a detailed idea about Inbound Marketing, how it’s not just about closing a sale but fostering relationships to convert your customers to brand ambassadors. Aniket views content to be the champion ingredient in turning any campaign successful and the key factor in channeling consumers. He further goes on to highlight the chief differences that demarcate traditional from inbound marketing practices. He opines that many new tools and techniques have arrived in marketing and a single person being simultaneously logged on to so many devices has created a stage where traditional practices might no longer work. It is important to know the interconnection that exists between each channel, its working and which tool to use at what part of the campaign. Aniket has true wisdom for our interns which is symbolic of his years of profound industry knowledge. He advises our interns not to have any preconceived notions and to learn as much as they can and find their niche which can be polished in the later years.

Catch here Aniket Thakkar talking about All Things Marketing in this interview with us

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