A Vacant Ad Space is never a WASTE

A Vacant Ad Space is never a WASTE

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There are some people who just refuse to accept any flexibility.

My favorite hypothetical example is of the types advertisers that I work with; Tabong, a fashion start-up, highly flexible organization and another is Syntra, a renowned fashion brand, strict on their deadlines.

I admire Syntra for its highly strategized and structured campaigns. They never go off-beat their campaign calendar schedules. Once a campaign planned and passed by the management, all we had to do as their media buying agency was to get their Ads released on the scheduled dates by negotiating on the market rates. Everytime we released an Ad for Syntra, all I could think was, “I’m sorry I could save you only 25% ,if you allowed I could have saved more.”

You must be wondering why do I need Syntra’s permission to save on their Ad investment. That, my friends, is because I as an agency was given no flexibility on campaign release dates.

What’s the big deal about it….Tabong will explain.

Tabong launched their e-commerce fashion portal about a year ago and their primary motive with advertising was maximum returns to scale by optimizing their Ad cost to the fullest. They had campaigns planned but were open with their Ad release dates (for about a week duration) and you know what I always told them satisfactorily;  “You can never have made a better buy than this….it saved you over 65% than the current rate”.

I understand you must be wondering what magical powers was I bestowed with Ad release dates flexibility.

Media is a perishable property. Everyday crores worth of advertising inventory goes unsold, canceled and unutilised across various media platforms like newspaper, radio, cinema, tv, magazine and outdoor. The unused  Ad inventory is an opportunity loss in real terms for the media owner. Therefore, these remnant Ad inventories are sold at considerably lower rates when approached by an advertiser.

The entire system of liquidating Ad inventory at lower price works similar to the hospitality industry wherein empty hotel rooms are sold by vendors across portals at lower rates than its actual rate card.There’s been so much conflicting data around the word “Unused Ad inventory.” While it’s something that most of the advertisers should be knowing of, there has also been skepticism that advertisers take remnant inventory as waste or useless inventory. That’s not true. Just cause it was not bought doesn’t make it useless, infact it’s a blessing for an advertiser in disguise.

This remnant Ad inventory is a win-win situation for both the media owner as well as the advertiser- the advertiser gets it for a considerable lower rate and the media owner is saved from running into losses by it going unutilised.

You would be surprised to know that for some of our advertisers we have bought these Ad inventories at over 70% less than its market value. Fascinating?

But an advertiser can only leverage these unsold or canceled inventories by being flexible on their campaign dates. I understand you can’t be flexible for your every Ad campaign but for the one’s you can, you should. Ask your media buying agency to grab these opportunities for you to save you from breaking the bank.

releaseMyAd, the largest smart media buying agency of the India is trying to create that ecosystem wherein it can help advertisers optimize their cost and assist media houses to liquidate their property. With over 35+ years in the media buying industry we have access to access to all Ad inventory availability details and whenever given the opportunity we leverage these to help our advertisers “Buy Media Smartly at the Lowest Rates.”

Planning to have an Ad campaign…..get your hands on remnant Ad inventory as Tabong does and be amazed.




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