Ogilvy Genius: Google’s India Pakistan reunion advertisement will move you to tears.

Ogilvy Genius: Google’s India Pakistan reunion advertisement will move you to tears.

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We are all aware what Google search is capable of doing but no one would have ever wondered that it has the capability to unite two long lost friends living across different corners of the world. The Google India ad which is the brain child of Ogilvy & Mather depicts a heart throbbing story of how it two hearts get connected and they get rejuvenated seeing each other.


Long-lost friends meeting after 66 years.


The advertisement went viral within just few hours of it going live with staggering million hits. The advertisement depicts the story of two long lost friends around 66 years back and how their grand children helps them unite again through the clever use of Google search. This re-union advertisement is one of the most gratifying ads you will ever see because it will not only move you to tears but also make you think deep if you happen to have one such friend too.


Google India Reunion ad


The story tracks the lives of childhood friends who used to fly kites together and also steal candies from the Yousaf’s family run candy shop. The two friends Baldev and Yousaf almost became hopeless about their chances of ever being able to meet again after the partition.  The advertisement is high on emotions and has the magic element makes it an even more fascinating affair.


Google India ad


The advertisement has been depicted in the storytelling format and is tremendously influential without being too lousy at any point. Since the majority of people in India are acquainted to using Google in some or the other format, the Google India advertisement will relate pretty well with the target audience. The philosophy used in the advertisement is to strike a smart and emotional conversation with the audience which Google managed to did.


The ad also showcased the importance of Google being more than just a search engine. Google served itself as an extremely emotional brand and since it wanted to use the same tone in its advertisement, they conceptualized the entire advertisement in the storytelling format. The audience in general have given overwhelming response to the Google’s endeavor and experts have also given thumps up because of the advertisement’s ability to connect with the people.


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