Women’s Day Special: Here’s How Top Brands Celebrated Women’s Day

Women’s Day Special: Here’s How Top Brands Celebrated Women’s Day

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This year women’s day was tad different than usual as the iconic brands did something truly special by creating advertisements dedicated to all the women. While Star Sports talked about women empowerment in its powerful short ad and encouraged men to check out women but with a twist in the tale, Amazon talked about the special women partnership in its women’s day campaign. Horlicks created another beautiful women’s day special ad which showed the everlasting bond between a mother and her daughter.

If simply put, these brands have taken their own initiative to celebrate the women’s day by paying the tribute to those women who have succeeded in different walks of life. The message was influential with the brand’s core message being beautifully portrayed in the different Women’s day advertisement campaigns, for instance Horlicks women’s day ad which showed a mother determined to make her daughter succeed in all walks of life also highlighted the USP of Horlicks drink. Let’s give a look at how these brands celebrated women’s day and kept people glued to their short but ecstatic advertisements:


1. Star Sports highlighted how powerful a women can get #CheckOutMyGame.

The strength, the perseverance, the endurance to succeed is what drives these successful women to achieve the heights which most women can only desire. Star Sports came up with a vigilant women’s day advertisement which makes it a must watch.

2. According to Amazon, these women have something in common which binds them together #EmpoweredByHer.

When we talk about women empowerment, lot of different aspects strikes our mind but Amazon has described exactly what women empowerment means in its women’s day special ad. The ad emphasizes on the strength of successful women entrepreneurs and notifies people that the women too is capable of making it big their life.

3. The heart-warming video portraying the unbreakable bond of a mother-daughter relationship #LoveYouMaa.

Horlicks came up with a beautiful ad on the eve of Mother’s day and hit the right spot by showcasing the unbreakable mother-daughter bond. This ad shows how mother sacrifices everything just to make her daughter grow successful in all walks of life. The heart-touching advertisement will strike your emotional chord and make you wonder about your mom at least for a a while.


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