These are the 10 most influential advertising agency blogs you should read...

These are the 10 most influential advertising agency blogs you should read right away

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The digital age has taken the advertising world by storm because majority of the people nowadays like to get things done digitally and also prefer to read online. The advertising agencies around the world also have to adapt to the fast changing trend and in order to cope with the changing trend almost all the ad agencies had decided to establish a strong digital presence through their own blogs. These blogs are a great source of learning for all the aspiring professionals who want to become a part of advertising and even for those who are already into this profession. From most trending campaigns to upcoming market trends, you will probably find every piece of information relating to advertising and marketing on these blogs. Here are the 10 most influential ad agency blogs which you should read right away:

1. DDB Blog

DDB ad blog

DDB is one of the leading ad agencies which covers articles on various topics related to social media strategies, branding news and everything else related to the world of advertising.


Draft FCB ad blog

One of the largest ad agencies in the world covers various advertising and technology related news in their in-house blog.


3. Emerging Experiences Blog

Emerging Experiences ad blog

The Emerging Experiences blog showcases some of the most creative ad campaigns which also happens to be the official Razorfish blog.


4. The Marketing Arm blog

The Marketing Arm Ad Blog

Everything you ever wanted to know about promotional strategies and their impact on advertisements, you will discover them in The Marketing Arm blog. This blog mostly brings news from sports and entertainment industry and is also responsible for the “Twitterview” which is popular for being a very interesting concept.


5. Merkle blog

Merkle ad blog

If you are deeply enthusiastic reading about mobile strategies and customer relationship management then Merkle is the hotspot for you as it covers various news and analysis related to big data and analytics.

6. MindShare blog

Mindshare ad blog

This is one another giant agency which focuses on news catering to brand media strategies, consumer insights and communications planning

7. Mullen blog

Mullen ad blog

Mullen is another largest ad agency which mainly covers opinion articles, insights and highlights about the campaigns from different ad agencies and much more.


8. Wieden+Kennedy blog


Wieden+Kennedy ad blog

This agency has offices in multiple continents and employees from respective continents publish their thoughts and ideas on advertising campaigns, advertising insights and much more.


9. Acquity group blog


Acquity group blog


Acquity group is a spot for marketing and IT professionals but it also covers information about new technologies and also covers some deep insights through uber cool infographics.

10. 360i blog


360i ad blog

The agency offers 360o solutions like search engine marketing, media planning services and also creative services. The blog covers insights and news catering to latest marketing trends, case studies and also excellent video content.










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