The Most Iconic Brand Logos Evolution

The Most Iconic Brand Logos Evolution

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The brand logos have evolved over the years and these famous brand logos evolutions has taken us all by surprise. These brand logos continue to rule our hearts with some of the prominent brand names being Apple, Xerox, IBM, Microsoft etc. You may call it a surprise or a transition over the years but some of these brand logos have definitely managed to woo us and catch our attention. You can talk about the Apple logo’s iconic revolution or IBM logo’s historical transition, each logo has a different story and is perhaps the more interesting one than the other.

For these brands, the brand logo evolution is a regular affair because it reflects the company’s ethics and also deeply relates to the products and services it offers. Whenever we see an advertisement of these brands the first thing that strikes our mind is the brand logo. Here are 10 corporate brand logo evolution of popular brands with a popular logo which you definitely need to see:


1. Apple

Apple iconic logo change

The Apple rainbow logo first created by Rob Janoff was the official Apple logo till 1998 and then it was changed into a present logo which officially looks like Apple fruit. The official Apple logo is now the most sought after logo in the tech world with almost every other company recognizing the logo as the most iconic brand symbol.

2. Ford

Ford logo iconic change

The different logo shapes of one of the leading automobile companies Ford founded by Henry Ford has changed several times since its inception. The present logo which was officially released in the year 2003 happens to be the last change among all the Ford logos.


3. Google

Google iconic logo change

The search engine giant Google’s logo has been changed 3 times till date with the present logo being designed by Ruth Kedar. The first logo was created by Sergey Brin himself after he learnt about a designing software and then it was changed to another logo in the same year with an exclamation mark which resembles the Yahoo logo.


4. IBM

IBM iconic logo change.

The present logo which has been the company’s identity since 1972 is designed by Paul Rand. The striped logo is the symbol of ‘speed and dynamism’ which is widely recognized by people all over the world.


5. Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes iconic logo change

The symbol which is identified as the symbol of luxury and  posh cars has been the company’s official logo since 1926 with a vast improvement in design over the years.


6. Microsoft

Microsoft iconic logo change

The tech giant with a punch-line ‘Your potential. Our Passion’has been the company’s official logo since 2008 and connects extremely well with the present day generation.


7. Nike

Nike iconic logo change

Nike logo happens to be one of the cheapest logos in the history since it’s first logo in the year 1971 was designed for just $35 by a designer named Caroline Davidson. The company had quite a few changes over the years till the time it finally came up with the present logo which is immensely popular worldwide.


8. Nokia

Nokia iconic logo change

The finnish company with a punch-line “Connecting People” has been into numerous businesses over the years namely television, shoes. The transition in the brand’s logo happened because of the company entering the new businesses in every few years of time.


9. Pepsi

Pepsi iconic logo change

The leading soft-drinks company has had numerous logo changes over the years with the first breakthrough coming in the late 1940s with the Pepsi CEO initiating the idea of a new bottle design with a pepsi logo on it.  The present logo has been created keeping in view the the idea of global mechanism which happens to be the 11th logo spanning more than a century.



10. Xerox

Xerox iconic logo change

Earlier known as the Haloid company had a similar logo from 1961 to 2004. After 2004 the company decided to re-invent a new logo with which the people associate today.







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