The Finest World Cup Ads: ICC Cricket World Cup

The Finest World Cup Ads: ICC Cricket World Cup

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This World Cup advertisement has done more favor than the rest of the cricket world cup edition which only shows the dramatic increase in change of advertising trend. People are seemingly more excited about the launch of new world cup ads than watching their favorite teams play matches. The ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 has been the perfect platform for advertisers to promote their brands with estimated world cup advertising revenue likely to be around Rs 1200 crore. The advertising rates have gone on all time high while cricket experts, celebrities and fans from all over the world are busy tweeting and putting updates on social media platforms. There have been numerous attention-grabbing world cup commercials over the years but we decided to feature some of the best world cup ads that have won the hearts of fans all over the world. The Mauka Mauka commercials have particularly paved the way for creativity and showed exactly how an advertising campaign should be in this world cup.

India quickly emerged as the favourites in no time by defeating the rival teams one after another and putting brilliant performances on the board. India being the defending champions have started the cup exactly the way it should have been and the series of brilliant advertisements has uplifted the mood by a notch higher this world cup season. Here are some of the most talked about world cup advertising commercials which created maximum curiosity in the cricketing world.


1. The colors of Indian fans brilliantly displayed in this Gillette ad.

The advertising genius by Gillette with punchline ‘The Best A Fan Can Get’ shows a retired man talking about his love for cricket and how how he had never missed a single match since 1983 world cup.

2.  The popular ‘India vs Pakistan‘ fevikwik ad for the cricket world cup 2015.

This is one hilarious ad which was launched before ‘India vs Pakistan’ match in World Cup 2015 showing Indian army and Pakistan army marching against each other. Hilarity ensues when the Indian commander diligently fixes the broken part of his rival’s shoe which is also an excellent illustration of brand positioning by Fevikwik.

3. Deepika Padukone’s Nike #BleedBlue Campaign which quickly became the talk of the social media world.

Nike World Cup Ad

Nike ads has always been amongst the most prominent advertisements when it comes to sports  and this time too it has hit the right spot with Nike #BleedBlue campaign which went viral within no time on twitter.




4. The dynamic collaboration of Amitabh Bachchan and Kapil Dev popularly called #WontGiveItBack & Shamitabh Ad

The voice of the nation lends his voice to the match of the world cup 2015 in this elegantly conceptualized #WontGiveItBack World Cup Ad. Kapil Dev and Amitabh Bachchan have come together for the very first time in an ad which makes it a must watch commercial.

5. ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Countdown Ad.

Back in 2011 when 14 teams participated, this was the countdown ad which drew everybody’s attention with out-of-the-box concept showing all the participating teams.





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