The Alpino India Ad Campaign Because Sharing is Caring

The Alpino India Ad Campaign Because Sharing is Caring

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The Alpino ad which showcases a husband and a wife engaged in an conversation is emotionally touching and also showcases the brilliant use of the phrase ‘sharing’ in the entire ad. Nestle’s products have always been much talked about and quarter of their success credit goes to their creative advertisements which manages to surprise us every time. The Nestle ALPINO ad campaign which was launched few years back was an endeavor to enhance Nestle confectionery premium products among which one is Nestle Alpino. The TVCs are conceptualized towards the mutual theme ‘sharing’ with the core idea being ‘To love is to share’.


Nestle Alpino Ad

The creative team behind the TVC is JWT who have managed to communicate the entire message with the audience in entertaining and influential way. The theme based on the married couples in both the TVCs has worked in the favor of the Nestle with the ad commercials serving as the pleasant experience. The story highlights the Nestle’s central idea for the ad ‘Ye bhi koi share karne ki cheez hai’ in enchanting manner and it rightly connects with the audience.

Both the TVCs are created towards a centrally themed idea where the couples are engaged in the conversation. It was a challenging task for JWT who were ideating the ALPINO campaign because they had to make the ad interactive and commercially appealing without sounding sluggish at the same time.


Nestle ALPINO ad


Nestle Alpino TVCs

The first TVC starts with a couple going though their old pictures in a photo album and reviving the memories associated with them. The husband describes his feelings seeing the picture that he is glad his wife does not resemble her parents. Later the husband realizes he should not have spoken such words as his wife looks over with disappointing expression. The voice-over appears from the background with the punch line “Ye bhi koi share karne ki cheez hain” and then his wife rolls out the yummy chocolate bonbon. When she unwraps the chocolate, she finds a sweet romantic message written which shows her husband’s love. They both share an emotional moment and it amply justifies the central theme of the ad with sharing being the major idea.


Another Nestle ALPINO TVC revolves around a married couple where husband expresses his happiness over getting promotion to his wife. His wife gets accentuated on hearing this and asks her husband if he has communicated the same message to her father. Since he has not yet told her father about the promotion, she asks him to do it as it will raise his reputation in front of his father-in-law’s eyes because he considers him as loser. The voice-over with the message ‘Ye bhi koi share karne ki cheez hain’ again comes from the background with the focus being Nestle ALPINO and it again shows how beautifully the brand’s message is centralized and communicated with the audience.

The entire campaign has been initiated with the motive to make the advertisement interactive and ensure the central theme is appropriately communicated with the audience. The creative team behind the campaign have undone the herculean task with utmost perfection and came up with an advertisement which is capable of being shortlisted among the most appealing advertisements in the recent times.












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