Here’s The ‘Mauka Mauka’ team who have been doing the rounds on...

Here’s The ‘Mauka Mauka’ team who have been doing the rounds on Star Sports

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The World Cup themed ‘Mauka Maukaad has garnered incredible attention from cricket fans with over million views and tons of tweets within just few days of the launch of ads. The creative minds from Bubblewrap films with the likes of Ketaki Guhagarkar Surve(founder and producer), Suresh Triveni (director), Vinayak Salvi and Rohan Utpat (music directors) are already well known for delivering popular campaigns like McDonald’s ‘Oye Teri’ and Complan’s ‘Aakhir khata kya hai’ campaigns.

The Creative Team- Suresh Triveni, Vinayak Salvi, Ketaki Guhagarkar Surve and Rohat Utpat

The team deserves kudos for putting in really brave efforts by giving back to back hilarious Mauka Mauka videos amidst extremely tight schedule based on a refreshing and highly relatable concept. They have exhausted night-time and what not working rigorously throughout just to ensure that ardent cricket followers enjoy the ads with equal vigour as compared to the ongoing world cup matches. The well-planned, extremely well thought and supremely connecting ads have raised the bar of good advertisements by a notch and has won the hearts of many even non-cricket fans.



The very first ad which was based on the India Vs Pakistan match showed a man across 5 world cups vowing to celebrate Pakistan’s victory against India and burn crackers but failing to do so every time. The ad was instant hit and connected extremely well with the audience because emotional quotient was depicted beautifully in the advertisement. The overwhelming response from the viewers on series of Mauka Mauka films has enlightened the mood of the creative team from Bubblewrap films. The Mauka Mauka films are soulful at one end while attention grabbing and satirical at the other end. The team behind the Mauka Mauka ads never expected such overpowering response though they were aware that the platform is huge and if things are done right then the success is definite.

The ongoing world cup matches especially India going against the big guns like India Vs Pakistan and India vs. South Africa have already created a lot of buzz with the intelligently conceptualized mauka mauka ads only doubling the excitement amongst the cricketing fans. Interestingly, the creative team has already prepared the spot if India ends up on the losing side because there was an ‘Aane Do’ campaign during 2012 Asia Cup where India lost the series (hopefully history won’t repeat itself again). It seems Suresh Trivedi, the director of Bubblewrap films is all geared up to deliver another set of masterpiece ads for the upcoming India matches, meanwhile we can only sit back and keep guessing how the next Mauka Mauka ad would look like.

















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