Tips To Creating A Good Print Ad That Sells

Tips To Creating A Good Print Ad That Sells

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A picture and a few lines have enough potential to build a brand image in the consumer’s eye.An effective print advertising design is directed at outshining potential competitors while attracting new potential customers or clients.Your business’s print advertisements need to give readers a reason to be interested in your business; they must be clear, succinct, informative, and inviting. Your print ad has just a split second to attract attention and quickly explain why your product or service has some lasting benefit to those who read about it.If you’re creating an advertisement in a magazine or newspaper, here’s what you need to know to create a good advertisement that stands out:

  1. Construct the right headline

    Example: Reebok

    In practically all cases, the headline constitutes the  most-important element of a print ad. Headlines should be clear and precise. Don’t get so drowned in the temptation of making it so “creative” that your meaning or brand message is lost or obscured in the process.                                                                               As important is the content of the headline,so is its placing. The headline should dominate the ad and be quickly understood. It should not get lost in a muddle of too many type fonts, graphics, and other elements.

  2. Hammer out your subheads

    Mercedes-Benz just knows how to make its advertisements click.

    In addition to the main headline, a subhead can impart secondary information and explain the deal further. Attention should be paid to the fact that the ad doesnt end up looking too cluttered.

  3. Lay out your body copy

    McDonald’s frames it right,with a precise yet arresting body copy.

    Like everything else in a good print ad,the body copy should be kept brief.

  4. Decide your graphics

    Excellent use of graphics by Mentos.

    The graphic element of your ad is there to attract the readers’ eyes and generate enough interest to make them read your body copy. The graphic element should successfully call attention to your headline and should be relevant to what you’re selling.

  5. Test your Print Ad

    A clever print ad by Adidas.

    Print advertising should be recognisable at a hundred paces.A successful print ad is one where the lookers get to know whose ad it is without even seeing the brand name.


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