12 Kinds Of Advertisements You Will Ever See

12 Kinds Of Advertisements You Will Ever See

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What is the first thing which strikes your mind when you watch an advertisement? An advertisement is conceptualized and created based on the product’s USP and for a particular target audience. Did you ever felt while watching AXE commercial that you can really get laid or do you feel like dancing while watching Evian baby commercial? If yes, then these advertisements actually managed to lure you with their key objectives and probably created the impact they actually wanted to amongst the target audience.

While watching the advertisements, people experience different moods depending upon the nature of the advertisements which can be emotional, persuasive, funny, creative or heart-touching. We get to see various kinds of advertisements on daily basis in the form of different advertising mediums like magazine ads, television commercials, newspaper ads, banner advertisements etc. Here are the 12 kinds of advertisements you will ever see:

1. The Demo Format Advertisement.


2.  The “Show the Need” Ad.cingular-ad

3.  The overemphasized Graphic Problem Ad.


4.  The Comparison Advertisement.comparison ads


5. The typical story advertisement.

6. The benefit causes story advertisement.

7. The “tell it or talking head” advertisement.

8. The “ongoing characters and celebrities” advertisement.

9. The “symbol/overemphasized graphic benefit” ad

10. The “associated user imagery” advertisement.

11. The “Unique Personality Property” Advertisement.

12. The Parody Ad.


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