10 Advertising Slogans Which Would Have Been Extremely Funny If They Were...

10 Advertising Slogans Which Would Have Been Extremely Funny If They Were Brutally Honest.

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Advertisements were really never honest and if it will ever be, the consequences would be hilarious and insane. Most of the advertisements never persuade the customers much information except the benefit it provides (which is not true in most cases). We turned out to make a list of would be honest advertising slogans which are extremely funny and depicts the other side of these advertisements i.e. creative side. You can choose to like them, love them or share them but simply can’t miss to afford them.

Here are 15 honest slogans which will tell you why advertisements do not reveal everything about themselves which is also likely to be true.

1. Axe your Ex with Axe effect.

Axe Effect never affects

2. Which is the best beer you have ever tasted?

No, you can’t drink this with your mommy.

3. Who said air comes for free?

Nothing is for free, not even air.

4. One of the premium and only wearable napkins in the world.

Levi's- Wearable - Napkins
Now you too can wear the napkins.

5. Good News, McDonald’s offers food only at $4.

McDonalds- Only- $4
If you have $4, you can eat at McDonald’s.

6. The official drink for gamers, oops sports drink.

Mountain- Dew- the -sports- drink- for- gamers
Do the Dew with news sports drink- Mountain Dew.

7. First you have to buy it to do it.

Nike-Just- Buy- It
You can do lot more with it so just buy it.

8. You can do everything except pinning images on Pinterest.

Pinterest-recipes,-crafts -and- inspirational- quotes
There’s a lot more stuffs you can do on Pinterest.

9. It’s even bigger than encyclopedia for students.

Wikipedia- You're- welcome- college- students
The ultimate savior for students- Wikipedia

10. You can comment but you cannot read the comments.

YouTube- dont- read- the- comments
Subscribe, share and like but don’t comment.



  1. What is the funniest tagline/marketing slogan ever?

    Talking about honest slogans, brands advertise about themselves extensively just to attract the attention of the target audience. Most advertisers don’t care what they are featuring in the advertising believing people to be dumb and get influenced by…

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