The Award Winning Funny Newspaper Job Ads.

The Award Winning Funny Newspaper Job Ads.

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We take out some precious moments from tedious schedule to applaud some of the funny newspaper ads which are not just comical but hilariously humorous. It’s really difficult to make people laugh especially with the job advertisement but there are quite a few folks on earth who have managed to make it possible. Next time you will surely dig deep to find that witty piece of newspaper ad amongst the several newspaper job ads after reading the anthology of these funny classified ads.

1. Waitress needed. Anyone willing to apply?

restaurant waitress needed
funny newspaper ad

2. Company is recruiting staff in accountant.

recruit staff in accountant
funny newspaper ad


3. Can you grind hay for horse with bad teeth?

grind or chew hay
funny newspaper ad

4. This is most epic newspaper job advertisement.

go back in time with weapons
funny newspaper ad

5. Only those female candidates are eligible who can disappear when other female candidates show.female companion


6. Looking for energetic individuals to replace lazy individuals.energetic people replacing lazy people


7. Only cab drivers with criminal record can


8. Air traffic control job, are you the one?air traffic control


9. Vacancy in advertisement firm.advertising company special staff recruitment


10.  TV Repairman, yes you heard it right. 
surgeons wanted



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