Some Of The Really Bad TV Commercials Over The Years.

Some Of The Really Bad TV Commercials Over The Years.

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There are some really funny commercials which can make you laugh your heart out and then there are some really bad television commercials which will make you laugh or cry either.  The advertisers behind these bad-vertisements either do not know the meaning of creativity or they have intentionally tried to fool themselves. The bad commercials will really make you swap the channels because it’s simply next to impossible to tolerate them for more than few seconds. They are low-budget, they are absolutely non-sense and then they are really bad tv ads.

1. Is this a thumbs-up ad or a martial arts ad?

2. This Colgate ad will put you to doubt.

3. The raining Chocolate Fountain Cadbury Eclairs Ad.

4. The advertisement is bad as hell.

5. Hyundai Eon TVC is probably the most haphazardly shot car advertisement.

6. Watch this epic Economic Times advertisement (epic in other way round).

7. Rupa Xing: Rupa’s Worst Ad

8. You can only find the girl twirling in this JK Super Cement Super Miserable ad.

9. The only good thing about this ad is the background music.

10. Watch it to know it.


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