Incredibly Persuasive: Finest Persuasive Advertisements For Kids

Incredibly Persuasive: Finest Persuasive Advertisements For Kids

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Did you ever wonder what makes you watch advertisements and what is the most striking part about those advertisements which keeps revolving in your head for extended period of time? There’s something called persuasion which creates tingling sensation in your mind and immediately influences you to watch those advertisements again and again. Talking about the kids as a target audience for certain brands, they are quite easy to convince but even then only certain advertisements manage to create an everlasting impression. Be it a ZooZoo Vodafone ad which made us go crazy or Boomer ad with the tagline ‘Boom Boom boomer’ which became a heroic character for kids, there’s something unique about each of these advertisements which is responsible for their excellent brand positioning.

We bring to you the finest and most comprehensive example of persuasive advertisements for kids which are highly addictive and responsible for the brand image where it stands today:

1.  Every time you watch ZooZoo, you feel like watching it again.

2. The utterly butterly delicious amul girl visited the dreamland.

3. He is the savior and kids call him boomer-man.

4. This is the one superhero gems advertisement which every single kid loved.

5. Voadafone ads have a special connection with the kids and especially the pup.

6. Kids surely love cartoon characters and Hippo made smart use of it.

7.  The best punch a kid can get, fruit punch.


8. Compilation of best persuasive advertisements for kids.

9. The adventurous Ronald McDonald character: The fun has just begun.

10.  The Jackson generation loves to drink Pepsi.


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