Best Examples Of The Advertisements Using Emotional Appeal.

Best Examples Of The Advertisements Using Emotional Appeal.

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Since advertisements are meant to communicate the brand’s core message and connect with the audience, some brands are using emotional appeal brilliantly in their advertisements. The emotions speak for the brand itself particularly in the manner they have conceptualized the entire product-line. Advertisements are funny, advertisements are creative and then there are certain advertisements which are quintessentially emotional. Below are some of the examples of the advertisements using emotional appeal to connect to their relevant audience which have created huge buzz recently and has enhanced the brand reach to quite a extent:

  1. Gulbadan Talkies brilliant tribute to Parle-G

The most admired biscuit brand of India which has served as the perfect partner for chai since years continues to be the most delightful and economical tea-time snack. Gulbadan Talkies  has paid tribute to Parle-G in the most spectacular manner and showed how being simple can really do wonders.


  1. Birla Sun Life Insurance Khud Ko Kar Buland Ad

Birla’s latest Khud Ko Kar Buland  TVC is a story about a man named Atul who finds inner strength to fight the odds of life and overcomes it through sheer determination. The ad campaign is beautifully conceptualized and scripted which ends with beautiful lines “Honi ko aap rok nahin sakte Par honi bhi aapko kahan rok sakegi.”

  1.   Thai Life Insurance Superhero Ad

The gratifying Thai Life Insurance Superhero Advertisement shows a street boy turning out to be a real-life superhero. The short advertisement is heart-warming and deeply touching where a teacher gets passionately surprised by the little boy’s sketch of a garbage man.

  1. Dabur Vatika Brave and Beautiful Advertisement.

This has to be one of the most touching and inspiring ads in the recent times. Dabur Vatika Brave and Beautiful Advertisement is a masterpiece which shows a woman suffering from cancer goes bald and is on the verge of losing hope that she will never look beautiful again. However, things take sharp turn when her loving husband and colleagues show faith and manage to bring smile on her face.



  1. Sri Lanka Eye Donation Society Advertisement.

It’s intense, it’s touching and at the same time it communicates the brilliant message to the users which is to donate the eyes for the sake of a blind person. The Leo Burnett  Sri Lanka’s creative team deserves applauds for the way they have conceptualized the entire advertisement and took the initiative to make people aware about the importance of eyes donation.






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