What Were The Best Digital Advertisement Campaigns Of 2014?

What Were The Best Digital Advertisement Campaigns Of 2014?

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The year 2014 saw some of the best advertisements, brand-vertisements, social media campaigns and then digital campaigns which went viral and became the talk of the advertising world. If we start featuring the best digital media campaigns of 2014, the list would be endless so we decided to feature some of the most prominent digital advertisement campaigns.

1. Tata Docomo Bhalai Ki Supply Campaign– ‘Selfie khich kar phone jeb me rakh liya, kitni selfish hain aap’, this phrase sums up the entire idea behind the campaign and explains how Tata Docomo is doing bhalai ki supply. It tempts the users to not just stick to selfies but send unlimited pictures and browse unlimited internet through tata docomo unlimited internet pack.


2.  HCL Hiral Video Campaign- HCL Hiral Video where a man adopts the most unconventional ways to recruit potential candidates for the vacant position and people in the video are doing hilarious steps to propagate the skills company is actually looking for in the candidates. The video campaign by HCL is one of the smartest digital campaigns of the year 2014 which went viral within just a few days of going live on YouTube.


hcl hiral

3. MTS Internet Baby Campaign– This video is so addictive that you won’t be able to resist but watch the video  multiple times and it has to be the best digital campaign of the year. The idea behind the campaign was simple and that was to reach all the data hungry consumers and the campaign worked brilliantly with over 27 million views on youtube.

mts internet baby4. 5 Star Jo Khaaye Kho Jaye Campaign- Jo Khaaye Kho Jaye Campaign by 5 Star is exceptional in more than one ways because the creative video describes the entire process of how YouTube gets uploaded on the web, buffers for few minutes and then get user views .This digital campaign is one of the most intelligently conceptualized and ideated campaigns of the year.

5 star

5. Times Of India The Great Indian Chamcha Campaign- Supreme Devotion, Undying Love, The Great Politician Chamcha, The Great Musician Chamcha, The Great Corporate Chamcha. TOI timed it brilliantly and took the most creative route to commemorate the usually found chamchas in the everyday lives.

TOI great indian chamcha

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