Now You Can Watch YouTube Videos Offline.

Now You Can Watch YouTube Videos Offline.

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The world’s largest video sharing service provider YouTube launched an offline viewing service which will allow users to download videos and watch them as much times they want in the next 48 hours. This service has been introduced in India, Philippines and Indonesia as of now wherein a user can enjoy the video without buffering. The company is known for its extensive collection of online videos across various genres and is in the talks to add more videos through content partnerships.

img_1It is estimated that Indian mobile users database will touch 300 million by the end of the year and the continuous growth of mobile customers is the reason why most online video sharing websites are launching offline applications. Youtube already has whooping 60 million users in the country with access to over 10,000 Indian films and 2,50,000 songs.

Some big companies say that it is illegal and would amount to content piracy.  If we go by what critics say, the low bandwidth and high data cost plans can pose several issues. But the offline service launched by the YouTube has rather created ease for large number of mobile internet users.

The advertisement would appear before the playback of the video similar to online video service which means advertiser interests have been protected. The innovation is a move to keep the video viewing services free from advertisements and let the users enjoy watching their favorite videos.





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