Because They Deserve To Be Called Classics.

Because They Deserve To Be Called Classics.

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Because classics will simply always be classics

When we talk about classics, we talk about those advertisements which have taken Indian advertisement industry to a completely new level. The classic advertisement jingles of brands like Close Up- “Kya aap Close-Up karte hain”, Essel World- “Essel World me rahunga main, ghar nahi nahi jaunga main”, Lifebuoy- “Lifebuoy hain jahan, tandrusti hai wahan, Lifebuoy” continue to soar our minds.┬áIn this video, AIB has merged with Voctronica to create a sensational compilation of most popular Indian advertisements jingles. You can smile, you can sing along but simply you cannot afford to miss this breathtaking video which recaptures the golden era of advertisement.



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