This Cadbury ‘Shots’ Ad Is For Those Who Are Willing To Get...

This Cadbury ‘Shots’ Ad Is For Those Who Are Willing To Get Lucky.

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The Cadbury Dairy Milk Shot TVC featuring filmmaker Anurag Kashyap is a fresh and unique concept which will connect to every youth. The brand’s youth-targeted advertisement has the core message which is to celebrate even smallest moments of happiness with Cadbury Shots. The idea of Bollywood connect has worked in the favour of the brand and has made this campaign easily recognizable with the booming intention of ‘mann mein ladoo phoota’.

In this hilarious Cadbury Shots advertisement, Anurag Kashyap is quarrelling with one of his fellows over the phone about the struggle to cast probable actresses for his next flick. The not-so male centric advertisement turns out to be extremely funny when he discovers that the 4 girl characters he is looking for are exactly the group of 4 girls sitting in the next table. The dream cast getting discovered in a cafe is nothing less than a miracle and this is probably the reason why the Bollywood director’s stint in this advertisement has received huge appreciation.

The girls realizing that they have probably all the qualities Anurag Kashyap is looking for in his flick is the most delightful moment of the advertisement. ‘Kuch meetha ho jaye’ metaphor by Cadbury has received overwhelming response from the audience and this Cadbury shots advertisement is another instance of the positive emotions Cadbury’s advertisement generates amongst the people.

Anurag Kashyap really got lucky in this advertisement and who knows you might also get lucky if you grab Cadbury Shots.







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