Redefining The Print Advertisements: Amul Girl Print Advertisement

Redefining The Print Advertisements: Amul Girl Print Advertisement

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Most people believe that print advertisements has reached in its declining stages and will soon have no existence in the advertisement industry. However, Amul has continued to mesmserize people with the bold and highly infleuntial print advertisements in the past 47 years and it still continues to do so. Amul has also faced severe criticism several times from various brands and political parties for created whacky advertisements, but they do not seem to conflict public opinion with their creativity. The satire is very diligently used in the Amul advertisements as the humor is one of the most potent advertising tool these days. The highly influential Amul print advertisements proves that though newspaper media is considered to be the oldest forms of advertising but still the fictitious character combined with the daily happenings continues to impact wide mass of people deeply.

Let’s have a sneak-peek into the most influential Amul print advertisements which us people never get tired of watching.

1. The slapstick scandal: Bhajji on the ground and Amul girl off the ground.



2. 3 Idiots: Divided by ranks, united by Amul.



3. Yoga guru Ramdeo Baba and social activist Anna Hazare’s revamped look by Amul



4.The Amul girl magic wand turned Pranab Mukherji to Pranab Makhan ji.img_4


5. Since Ghajini is suffering from short-term memory less, he eats Amul better every 15 minutes.img_5


6. Mamata Di needs to calmofy because Amul tastes rail-ly good.img_6


7. Gold medals are outdated, from now on-wards there will be gold Amul butter.




8. If you are angry nobody cares but if you are hungry you can always have Amul Butter.



9. Vicky Donor has officially started donating yummilicous butter to kids.



10.  Our Amul girl hates working out alone, he got Yuvraj as her new workout partner.












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