We Bet You Will Watch This Video Till The Very End.

We Bet You Will Watch This Video Till The Very End.

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The latest Fortune Oil advertisement which clocks for about 4.40 minutes is one of the most brilliant campaigns by Ogilvy India in the recent times. There are very few ads where you are not able to guess the product till the very end and this gratifying advertisement is one of them.

The film commences with an old woman carrying a Tiffin box in her hand taking the stairs and heads towards a hospital ward. She continuously debates on feeding home-made dal to her grandson even after nurse denying each time she carries the Tiffin with herself.  She is heart-broken one day as the anxiety is clearly visible in her face.  Despite several cut-offs, she bows that she will not back-out and next day her visit turns out to be nothing less than surprise.

A shot from the ad.

To please the annoyed nurse, she carries two Tiffin’s unusual like other days, the other one being for the nurse. The nurse appears to be disinterested visibly but she secretly pours the home-made dal and gets fascinated after having it. This time grand-mom doesn’t have to convince much as the nurse closes the door and poses her to quickly feed the dal to his grandson.

You might end up getting emotional in the end but somewhere down the line everyone will relate to this advertisement since the message is beautifully communicated in the video.


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