Get humorous With Barclays – Student Campaign ‘Sound Da Big Ting’ Radio...

Get humorous With Barclays – Student Campaign ‘Sound Da Big Ting’ Radio Campaign

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Barclays, ‘sound da big ting’ stands out as the most popular radio advertisement campaign. It is listened by wide variety of demographics and brought smile on the faces of each one of them.

Barclays Advert Audio

Barclays radio ad is basically aimed at students works well because of its humorous and it has more than enough credentials to grab the target audiences attention. Another major part of this advertisement is it works well as it has highlighted the fact that students are often patronized in adverts for banks.



Newsreader voiceover: Sound da big ting. Barclays Student Account has been voted number one by students in the Moneyfacts Awards. And because students helped to make the account, and did a fabberdazzer job B-T-W, the peeps at Barclays asked them to help write this radio commercial too. Skillimanjaro. The account is bad-boy ballistic, so, totes, check it out on Barclays’ website. The Barclays Student Current Account. Awesome sauce. Ciaoabunga dude roosters.

Creative Team: Mat Joiner, Matt Powell-Perry, Adam Oppenheimer & Joe Oppenheimer






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