#CelebrateBlogging By BlogAdda Connects Indian Bloggers To Share And Create Stories.

#CelebrateBlogging By BlogAdda Connects Indian Bloggers To Share And Create Stories.

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The last decade has noticed tremendous growth in he Indian blogging scenario since story-tellers from diverse backgrounds have taken up blogging to share their experiences and stories with the world.

From food, to fashion, to travel, the Indian blogosphere is as diverse as the nation itself. But it has all been fragmented till date. People are churning out stories and articles but it has majorly been in isolation.

BlogAdda seems to have brought a considerable change by getting all the bloggers together to connect & create stories as a community with their #CelebrateBlogging initiative for the month of September.

The campaign was all about cherishing the concept of blogging and bringing all the bloggers on one page so that they can work together and, as a result, grow together. It’s an avenue for the blogging community to showcase their prowess and garner fame while working as a tight knit team.


Game for Storytellers

As a part of #CelebrateBlogging, “Game of Blogs” allowed bloggers to come together and create stories every week based on the characters that were announced at BlogAdda.

The bloggers were paired with other bloggers to form a team and they competed with other teams to curate stories that were interesting and showcased the team’s creative skills.

The key here was to work together as a team and create great stories every week.

The jury, comprised of very promising authors from India, include Ashwin Sanghi, Natasha Badhwar, Ravi Subramanian, Meghna Pant, Raksha Bharadia and Kiran Manral who went through each story and shortlisted the winning teams who progressed to the next round.

One never knew who they will partner with which actually turned out to be a good thing since the main idea was to get out of the comfort zone and come across team members who might add a different perspective to the blogging style.

It was all about connecting with fellow bloggers and creating remarkable stories to compete with others.

In the final round, one would have seen top teams standing tall with their stories and the best ones out of them will get published in a book by BlogAdda in association with the publishing partners for #CelebrateBlogging – LeadStart Publishing.

What’s in it for the Bloggers?

Nirav Sanghavi, CEO BlogAdda, says that “The Team at BlogAdda endeavors to bring new and innovative opportunities for bloggers and brands. #CelebrateBlogging was an attempt to empower the bloggers of our country and gratify them with much deserved accolades and appreciation. And to do justice towards the immense creativity of bloggers, we had a highly talented Jury Panel for “Game of Blogs”. There are a lot of celebrations and excitement in store for bloggers in the upcoming months at BlogAdda”

Well, as the name suggests, #CelebrateBlogging is for bloggers who are passionate about their craft and love telling stories. If you want to connect with fellow bloggers and showcase your storytelling skills to the world, this is the most apt platform for you.

Not only will you achieve fame, you will also get to interact with influencers who can help you grow as a blogger and become successful.

Moreover, the campaign will see gift vouchers from FabFurnish.com worth 2.5 lakhs given out to bloggers at different levels of activities.

All in all, BlogAdda’s #CelebrateBlogging was a great platform for the Indian blogging community to showcase its creative skills.

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